Your Friendly Neighborhood Ikea

Guess what we are doing!!  Landon and I are building a beautiful dresser for our bedroom.  And by that I mean Landon is.  Not a very good picture and ignore the fact that I look ridiculous.  But, to be fair, I totally screwed the top on.  That's right.  Ten screws were taken care of by my hands.  And I plan to help with the drawers as well.  We have the problem of only one hammer and well, me not being good at hammering.  So, that solves that problem.  This was our Christmas gift from my wonderful parents.  They kept asking Landon and me what we wanted and all we could think of was a dresser because the one we were using was sort of falling apart. Plus Landon has so many clothes....We needed something bigger.  So the plan was to go to Ikea today and buy the dresser after the BYU game.  No pressure, not much of a schedule.  We already knew what dresser we wanted so we weren't in much of a rush.  So I had just barely finished doing my hair when I decided to check to make sure they had the dresser is stock.  I get ornery when I drive places that far and have to come back empty handed. So I get on Ikea's website and they have ONE LEFT!  So I start yelling to Landon, I'm all, "LANDON! WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!" and Landon's all, "What? You want me to shower now?"  And I come running out in a flailing frenzy and I'm like, "No! We have to go NOW! They only have ONE! DRESSER! LEFT!!"  So Landon jumps up and throws some jeans and a hoodie on and I grab my purse and we leave Skyler sitting on our couch in confusion yelling back to make sure he locks the door when he leaves.  Now people, if you have never been to Ikea I don't know that I will be able to properly portray the size of the freaking building.  It. is. humongous.  We have only been there a couple times before, so we know it's upstairs somewhere.  
We book it up the escalators and start weaving through show rooms.  Kitchens, offices, baby rooms, bathrooms, desks, beds, toilets, sinks, stuffed animals, couches, lamps, rugs, computers, but WHERE ARE THE DRESSERS! I can see them in my mind.  The people who are looking for the same dresser we are.  They know that there is only one left as well and are just as desperate to get their grimey little fingers all over it.  I start shoving elderly people to the ground not stopping to see if they're ok, pushing small children out of my way because for all I know, they are trying to steal MY dresser.  
FINALLY, Landon and I find our dresser on display.  In all it's wonderous glory, I kneel down and hug it.  When I realize, just because it's on display doesn't mean that it's still in stock.  I grab Landon by the arm and shove through the crowds some more. Searching, searching for the warehouse.  We get there, we find the aisle, we find the serial number, look for the color.  Blue, white, gray, no, No, NO! Ah, there it is, black/brown...gone.  I fall to my knees is despair. Pounding my fists on the floor crying out.  When Landon looks closer at the tag, "More on center aisle." I looked up at him through my tears, "Center? Aisle?"
  I turned around at looked at the displays on the center aisle with the boxes behind them.  I jumped to my feet and started running down the center aisle and stopped in front of the Hemnes 8-drawer Dresser.  I glance behind it and there it is.  The 2-piece box set.  Only. One. Left.  I jump over the display and lay my body over the boxes, tears still spilling over my eyes.  Landon comes over and looks at the sizes of the boxes and is all, "I guess we'll need a cart."  I told him to get the cart while I protected OUR dresser.  People walking passed were admiring the dresser in all its glory and then would scurry away when they saw me behing it growling and foaming at the mouth, eyes glowing red.  In the end, Landon and I got our dresser.  Last one.  We are the champions of Ikea.  And now we have it in our room.  So, I guess I better go help set it up.  Peace out homies

Best Christmas cont...

Just got back From good ol' St George.  We had a BLAST with the fam down there!! It sucks that they live that far away, but I am not gonna lie.  I love being able to have an excuse to go down there every couple weeks.  We got spoiled. Again.  This seriously has been one of the best Christmas's on record.  We got down there and hung out for awhile and we headed over to watch The Help on Landon's Grandma Janice's ballin' new tv.  That is such a great movie.  A little long, but I never got sick of it.  We were all in our jammies and cuddled up with each other and had some popcorn.  So fun.  Then yesterday, Landon's Dad took us out to see the dinosaur tracks.  Fun Fact about me: I LOVE DINOSAURS!!  Seriously, I always have and always will.  In pre-school my teacher even thought I was weird because all the little girls would have tea parties and play house while I was off in the corner playing with the dinosaurs.

The tracks were ridonculous.  They were huge!!  The whole time we were there we were trying to figure out how the tracks were so well preserved and in such a random spot.
 My hand right there <--- wasn't even on the ground, don't ask me why I didn't get an accurate measurement of the foot print, but I didn't.  Sue me.  This is my awesome husband pretending to be the raptor.  Now can you see why I love him.  And perhaps why we are weirdly meant for each other?
We also went to Fort Pearce which is this random fort in the middle of no where and no one knows really what it's purpose was... I think they were just building forts for fun, but they didn't have pillows and blankets so they just used rocks and mud.  Which I have totally done before....   Here is my too cool for school spouse playing in said fort.
When we got home from our little field trip Mr. Street and I took his Dad's new side-by-side out for a joy ride in the river bed and up in the hills.  We had so much fun!  I love those things and I told Landon we will be getting one in the near future.  We watched Warrior that night.  SUCH a good movie.  So sad, but seriously one of the best movies I have ever seen.  I highly suggest you go watch it.  Like, right now.
This morning we stopped over at my Grandma El've and Grandpa Jerry's house.  We sat and visited with them and my aunt and uncle and my ridiculously awesome Great Grandma June.  I love those people.  Landon and I were laughing so hard and some of the stuff they were telling us about.  I got talking to my Grandma June about school and how I LOVE poetry.  She was so tickled because she writes poetry.  She made me promise to send her some stuff so now I need to get to work.  After that, we headed back up to Provo.  It's nice that Landon and I still don't need to go back to work til Tuesday.  We almost don't know what to do with all our time.  It has been fantastic though.  
PRAYING for snow here.  I am pretty sure what little snow was at Sundance is gone now since it rained today.  So sad.  Come on Motha Nature!!  Help us out here.
Anyways, that's what Boo and I have been up to.  Having a great time.  Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas!!  Anyways... Imma go now... Night poodles.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Christmas holiday has been good to Mr. Street and me.  We both agreed that it was by far the best Christmas ever.  And it isn't even over yet.  We'll start with Friday.  We went skiing with Landon's familia at Sundance.  So. Fun.  Sky-man took it upon himself to give me snowboarding lesson's 2.0 and it helped HUGELY.  I feel like a pro.  We are going again tomorrow so maybe I will have my husband/videographer film me again and give you another update on my progress.  Anyways,  Friday was gorgeous.  Such a great day to hit the slopes and get this:  totes got my picture with Robert Redford.  He doesn't know it and I will be honest I didn't actually know who Robert Redford was at first.  I thought he was a president.  I didn't watch a lot of movies when I was younger.  Watching a Robert Redford movie is now on my bucket list.  Here is the photo of us together...

Pretty legit, right?  None of us were brave enough to acutally go talk to him.  But at least I got this baby.
Friday night we headed up to Ogden for the Hendrickson Family Christmas partay.  The chickadees acted out the Nativity.  We have been doing that since I was a wee little one and I feel as though it was taken a lot more seriously.  Though I can't say I don't enjoy how it has evolved over the years.
The brown dog thing is supposed to be a donkey.  And the adorable blonde in the back is the baby Jesus who refused to lay in the manger.  Gets me every time.
Saturday was Christmas Eve and mine and Mr. Street's 6 month anniversary.  We celebrated by finishing some last minute shopping and grabbing some lunch at the Brick Oven.  It was such a fun day.  Then that night we participated in the Border family traditions of reading the Christmas orange story and eating a chocolate orange, finding the pickle ornament in the trees and exchanging pajamas!  Landon has never done the p.j. tradition so he was pretty stoked.  And he did VERY well with finding me some delightful jammies.
We got up this morning around 8:30 to find Santa spoiling us all.  We opened presents all morning and couldn't be more pleased.  After presents and the traditional omelette and cinnamon rolls we headed up to Heber to have Christmas #2 with the in-laws.  Again, we were spoiled to our hearts delight.  We had a delicious dinner with everyone, watched Skyler and Kenyon duke it out for about thirty minutes straight and finished the night up with a hilarious game that had us in tears.  Now, we are two minutes to midnight and I am ready to crawl into bed.  Like I said, best Christmas ever.  We are so lucky to have the radical families that we do.  And as I mentioned before, it's not over yet.  Christmas #3 is happening in St. Geezy on tuesday.  We are taking the dirt bikes down and hangin' with everybody.  Love it.
Merry Christmas everyone!!
Love Mr. and Mrs. Street

Let It Storm

Just got home from the BYU basketball game against Buffalo.   It was a shaky start, but we ended up crushin' em in the end.  Skyler, Landon and I were a little nervous because every time we go to a BYU bball game, they lose.  And by every time, I mean the one time... Anyways, we decided our one-time curse was broken after tonight.

This last weekend was spent doing all kinds of things.  Most of which had nothing to do with the upcoming holiday... which is kind of a big one.  And now Landino and I are scrambling.  We totes deserve it though.  I don't even feel bad for us.  Friday night we went up to Layton to our work party.  We had a delightful dinner at Roosters and chatted it up with our co-workers.  Landon and I each got a Wii as our Christmas bonus.  So if any of you reading this are hard up for a Wii, we are selling our spare for $150 straight.  That was a lot of fun though.  We stopped by the Rent's house for about an hour  afterward.  We got there and nobody was home.  So we sat in the living room playing with the pooch for about ten minutes when we heard a noise upstairs.  Turns out Mariah had been home the whole time, she was just passed out and managed to stay unconscious through the garage door opening and Landon and me yelling hello over and over.  I swear that kid dies when she sleeps. Everyone else came home not long after that.  It was fun to hang out with the fam even if it was just for a minute.  Landon and I had to get home though because we wanted to play on our Wii.

Saturday morning Landonious and I FINALLY broke out the ol' season passes and hit up the resort for some good ol' fashioned snowboarding.  Now remember everyone, that I have only been snowboarding, like, four times before this season, so I really don't know what I am doing.  But according to Landy and Sky I am progressing very quickly.  And I feel like I am.  Though this is what I was feeling Saturday morning-------> Stoked, right?

and this is what I promise you I looked like the very second I stood up off the chair lift.
<-------- Pathetic, really...

We went night boarding last night, Skyler, Landon and I.  And I felt like I had major improvement since Friday.  Though, I crashed and I kinda banged up my already bad wrist.  So, my magnificent husband bought me some wrist guards and knee pads that should be here by tomorrow which is good cause we are all going night boarding again tomorrow night.  I had never been night boarding until last night.  I definitely wasn't expecting it to be as much fun as it was.  But let's be honest, who CAN'T have fun when you're spending your evenings with people like this?  It was a little icy in some parts which I am still trying to deal with, and it was a tad nippy.  But once ya got goin, man, it got hot. I was dying, I had to go hide some of my extra layers under the Christmas tree in the lodge.  I already love snowboarding though.  I am stoked that we have so many opportunities to go during the week with the night skiing.  We are totes going to get our money out of these passes.  Now we just need to LET IT STORM!!
And for you dear readers, I made the Mr. video me on Friday so I could show off my natural talent. *sarcasm*  Enjoy!

I'm a firm believer in "Sandstorm" making any video 500% more epic than it really is.  I mean, come on, it felt like I was about to start throwin' back flips.  Am I right? I am.
p.s. totally rocked my biology final aka my Pre-Final Ritual is completely valid and now I am free, Free, FREE!!

Pre Final Ritual

Most professional athletes, politicians, and dark wizards have a Pre *insert event* Ritual.  Whether it's praising the name of one's idol, mentally (and maybe physically) sabotaging your opponent in the parking lot, or brutally sacrificing  someone or something with the flick of one's wand to get one pumped.  However, I came up with my own Pre-Final Ritual.  It involved me chugging a can of Dr. Pepper 10  [The fact that women aren't supposed to drink it empowers me] while blasting, wait for it, MORTAL COMBAT on the stereo and punch dancing while still in my seat belt. at 6:15 this morning.  I dunno... seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  And I will be honest, I think I may have destroyed that final.  Perhaps it was the fact that I had female forbidden 10-cal elixir running through my veins, or that the intensity and ferocity of the song, nay, anthem thumping in my bones.  Or maybe, I dunno.... I studied? No. Not at all.  It was definitely the song/drink combo.  And if I ace this final, this will forever be my Pre-Final Ritual.  Never again will I take notes or stay up to all hours of the night cramming.  I will have the confidence and faith that my Pre-Final Ritual will bring me through it.  I wish you all luck with this week's tests.  Just hold out for a little longer and you will have a whole two weeks to do whatever the heck it is you do.  And here is the song in case you want to try your luck at my ritual.

The Eclipse

Saturday morning....wait, let me back up here.  Friday morning the moon was spectacular as I was driving to work.  It was almost a full moon, but the haze gave it this magical glow.  I tried to take pictures of it from my car, but everytime I do that (I do it more that you would think) I am always disappointed. Exhibit A:
Side note* I totally had this photo saved on my computer as carmoon and when I read it I sang, "Where in the world is Carmoon Sandiego?" ah ha ha ha....ahem.
 Anyways, I get to work and I'm all, "Guys, did you see the moon this morning?  It was radical!"  And they were like, "Yeah, it was awesome!" and then this guy named George (who has been waiting and waiting for me to blog about him, so shout out to George) was all, "Well, there is a lunar eclipse tomorrow morning." And I got all excited because the last lunar eclipse I knew about was wayyy early in the morning, like 3 am and Landon didn't want to stay up with me. haha Can't blame him, so anyways we both missed it.  So I didn't want to miss this one.  So George and I spent like, 15 minutes just trying to find out what time Universal Time was.  Which, it was good George was there because when it said it was at 14:00 UT, I just assumed that meant Utah time.  I would've missed that one too. haaa..... Anyways, I was all excited to see it and I wanted to wake up early and watch it and stuff.  But by the time Landon and I went to bed on Friday, I was all, "There is no way I am waking up that early on a Saturday."  And I went to bed without setting my alarm. 

Saturday morning comes and I woke up randomly by myself and I looked at the clock and it was 6:30 and I was all, "What the heck, I'll go check it out for a minute."  So I wrapped my yellow fleece blanket around me and put on some slippers and went outside.  Sure enough, the moon was eclipsing and I was completely astounded.  I ended up staying outside with my dumb blanket and slippers for almost an hour.  I had to keep moving around because the moon kept setting behind trees and houses and stuff.  By the time it was in total eclipse I was across the street outside the Maverik by the bus stop.  People were driving in to get gas and stuff and looking at me like I am a crazy person.  I am sure lots of them thought I was on Ambien or something.  People do weird things when the are on Ambien.  Just ask Steve here....

Anyways, I held out for the eclipse just until it got bright enough you could barely see the moon.  A guy named Vinny came and talked to me at the bus stop.  He didn't know much about eclipses, so I took the time to educate him on the subject.  But after an hour outside at 7 in the morning with just a blanket and slippers, I was ready to go home.  I krept back inside, and not a creature was stirring, not even a vole. HA psych, I made Landon take the vole back.  I folded up the blanket and put my slippers away and crawled back into my warm bed with my slumbering husband.  That is, until I put my feet on his legs to warm up.  He jumped out six feet in the air. haha He was all, "What the heck!! Have you been outside?!"  And I was like, "Yes." and he was like, "Wait, really?"  And then I told him about the lunar eclipse and about my new friend Vinny, but I am pretty sure he fell back asleep in the middle of my story.
And then we went to Brant's wedding.  So fun.

Need Some Holiday Cheer?

So Landon doesn't get home for like, another hour and I am so lonely.  I am sick of the tv, and I am sick of homework and studying, and we just got our tree set up yesterday so I am feeling all Christmassy.  Totally a word.  So, since no one is around, I thought I would sing some songs.  Or at least lip sync.  And this is proof, dear readers, that I value your entertainment as much as my own.

judge me.  I dare you.

You're probably wondering at this point, "Where is Landon!?  This poor girl is losing her MIND!"  Well, you better not come to that conclusion until you watch that last and probably the least of the Christmas Lip Sync party that I rocked by myself.

Don't tell Landon I used his hoodie. 
And a Merry Christmas to all.


Today is the last day of school!  Kinda, I have finals next week so I am not really done, but as far as sitting in class and taking notes to study for the finals, today is the last one.  I should be excited, shouldn't I?  Feeling a sense of accomplishment?  Well, I don't.  In fact, today isn't even half way over yet and I already look like this. -------->

And now you're all like, "Suck it up Whit, everyone else is going through the same thing.  Why do you always got to make it about you?"
And now I'm like, "Shut up.  This is my blog, so yeah, I'm going to make it about me."
And you're like, "Geez, sensitive.... Are you sure there isn't anything else bothering you?"
And I drop my head and sigh lethargically.  "Yeeeesssss.... There is something else bothering me.  I decided to take up crocheting last night and it didn't go so well."
And you're all, "Well, you can't expect to be an expert right away.  It is going to take some practice."
And I'm like, "Yeah but I was doing so well until I tried to start and new row and then my masterpiece ended up looking like this!!"
And now you're like, "Pfffffhahahah!!!"
And I'm all, "It's not funny!! I worked really hard and I wanted to make a blanket that I could cuddle up with and feel like I am actually good at something for once!!"
And now you feel bad for laughing at me while I continue on my rant.
"And I wanted to maybe crochet something for Landon and my sister and maybe my mom and Landon's mom and Skyler will probably want something and I'll probably want another blanket just another color and now I can't do anny of iiiiiiitttt!!!! Waaaahhhh!"
Ok, so that is not how I react to a challenge but I did end up looking something like this:
I am just going to keep trying though. Don't worry.  I actually did pick it up rather quickly, I am struggling with turning the row though.  So if anyone is reading this that knows how to crochet and you want to give me some pointers, any and all tips are appreciated.  I think my biggest problem is the yarn I bought.  It's really poofy and I am having a hard time seeing the v's in the chain that I need to crochet through.  So I may just have to go get some smaller stuff.  I will keep you posted.
Landon is all excited because he wants me to have a hobby that I can do while he plays Mass Effect 3.  What a nerd. Speaking of the nerd, he wants me to clear somethings up about my post yesterday.  He said that he didn't think I was "creepy" crazy.  He thought I was "bubbly" crazy, which he had never really been exposed to apparently? I dunno... Heber people are weird.  Totes joking if you're from Heber.  I love Heber. And I love my nerdy, weird though ridiculously hot, Heber-ite husband.

And I love that it's the last day of taking notes to get ready for finals school.  And when finals are over I can promise you, you will see me looking like this:

How the Mr. and I Met

So today I was thinking, "Wow, it's been two years since Landon and I met."  I don't know if today is the actually two year mark.  All we know is we met a few days before I went on a cruise and I went on the 8th, so it was sometime between the 5th and the 7th that we met.  Neither of us bothered to remember since we didn't know that one day we'd end up together.  What's that? You want to know the story of how we met?  Ok, but I am warning you, there are two sides to this story and only one is true (mine) but I will let you decide which one you choose to believe (mine).

The date was December 5, 6, or 7th, as we discussed earlier I don't remember which exactly, I was in my apartment getting ready to go to work at the Brick Oven.  My roommates and I had been living in our new apartment for the past five months and the entire semester we didn't have neighbors across the hall.  My roommates and I were so awesome and such good friends that we didn't venture much farther than across the hall to find friends.  So that semester we kept pretty much to ourselves and longed for neighbors across the hall.  Though, it wasn't all bad.  Before I worked at Brick Oven I worked for the complex we lived at, so I jacked a key to the apt across from us and we were constantly putting it to use.  When our fridge was too full, we would keep our food in the "spare" fridge across the hall.  When we were rough housing and we broke our couch, we switched it with our "spare" couch across the hall.  When we had friends and family from out of town visit, they were more than welcome to spend the night in our "spare" bedrooms across the hall. So, things weren't that bad, in fact it was nice to have all the extra stuff, but still, we longed for friends.  Anyways, I was getting ready for work when I heard voices outside and the door open and close.  This meant one thing: someone was interested in the apt across the hall!!!  I didn't want to just bust open the door so I peeked out the blinds to see what was going on.  Unfortunately the door had closed, but I could tell people were most definitely in there.  So I did what any friendly potential neighbor would do.  I popped on over to say hello.  This is where the stories begin to change.  Because in my
version of the story, I am nice and friendly and very welcoming in the least creepy possible way.  I went and introduced myself to Landon and his friends. And asked them where they were from and kind of got to know them for a few seconds, you know, letting know that they would have nice neighbors if they chose to move in.  But Landon tells the story that the crazy girl from next door came in and was all crazy and stuff.  Which maybe I could see from his point of vie- no, you know what? I was completely normal.

Anyways so we were talking and they were asking me if it was a fun place to live and I totally knew how to talk it up because, duh, I used to work there and that was my job.  The only thing weird about me was that I was wearing my Brick Oven uniform.  That was the only weird thing.  But, apparently I came off like this:

which is totally not what I was going for.  And I thought the guys I was talking to were like cool, down to earth dudes who would definitely be awesome across the hall neighbors.  ------>
Especially the one in the blue because I thought he was cute.  But in Landon's story this is what I looked like and this is how <----- they reacted.
Now by this point, I think we both who knows who is right.  Right?  It's totally me, because: A. They moved in across the hall, they must not have been THAT scared. and B. Landon and I got married in the end.  In fact if I'm not mistaken I do remember seeing Landon act somewhat like this in the parking lot after the tour.
True story.

And the Day Isn't Even Over Yet!!

So there is this chick in my Intro to Literary Criticism class.  She is from some distant land that I can't remember what it is... All I remember is first day of class the professor was trying to find out who moved the farthest to come to UVU.  I was totally winning until she stood up and was like, "Uruguay." or something and then I lost the game. Boo.  Anyways, she is in my workshop group and she is really intelligent and everything, her papers always have really profound observations and whatnot, so I guess I have been subconsciously holding her on this pedestal of sorts.  So today, we are workshopping everyone's   paper when she leans over to me and whispers, "Oh, I have to tell you this knock, knock joke I heard yesterday." And I'm all, "ok.." So she whispers, "Knock, Knock." and I answer, "who's there...?" and she's all, "Mary." [all the while she has this huge grin on her face so I'm expecting this gut busting punch line] and I'm like, "Mary Who?" and she's like, "Mary Christmas!" and proceeds to stifle her laughter while I'm sitting there dumbfounded.  I was thinking, Ok, really smart girl just told me one of the lamest jokes I have ever heard.  Either she is new to the whole knock, knock joke thing or there is a deeper more intelligent humor to this joke and I am not smart enough to understand.   I decided to stick with the whole "she's new to knock, knock jokes" theory.

After class, Landon calls me to tell me about the Vole he had just caught.  Wondering what a vole is? I was too.  This is how he descibed it.

Landon: I just caught a vole. v-o-l-e.
Me: A vole? What the heck is that?
Landon: It's like a mouse but it has way bigger teeth and it's claws are GIGANTIC! and it has a really short tail.
My imagination putting those images together:
Me: Ew! I hate rodents with big teeth and claws!! They freak me out!
Landon: But it's so CUTE!!
Me: *goes home and googles "Vole":
Me: O-oh! He IS cute!!
Me: You know, Mariah actually caught one of these guys in our back yard once.  We named him Soft Taco and then my mom put him in a little box and she left him outside over night on accident and he died.
Landon: :(
Me: Yeah, that was sad.  You should name him Soft Taco Dos.

And then Landon wanted to watch a video on youtube about Riley Nelson, so that was pretty much the end of the conversation.  But as we speak, Landon has Soft Taco Dos in a five gallon bucket in his work truck and is feeding it bread crumbs.

What a nice guy.

This is a Completely True Story

This is me. Ice skating on the job site.  Not entirely intentional. I won't deny that I love ice. I love to slide on it, I like to break it with my steel toe-d boots, heck I even like to eat it. (Freezer ice of course, not the stuff on the ground) But I shouldn't be messing around on the ice up here because the bosses don't like it when you get hurt on the job because it costs them money. Though there I was in front of the washed sand pile (yet, again) making sure not to swallowed up by the ominous quick sand monster that I only just discovered, when I realized I was standing on a frozen lake.  Perhaps lake is the wrong word, but I feel pond is also wrong and puddle?  Well, puddle just doesn't do this body of water justice.  I'm sticking with lake. So, I started treading carefully because I can just imagine slipping and impaling myself with the shovel, though I don't know if that is entirely possible, maybe a cut or a gash, but impaling may be a bit extreme...  But then I begin to slide around more WHEN SUDDENLY, I realized this story was going absolutely no where.   Basically I played on the ice for a minute and then I just got my samples and went back to the lab... huh.  Well, for the sake of my 11 followers, I will create an ending for you.
*ahem* I was sliding around when suddenly the ground opened up and the huge gust of wind started sucking me into the dark hole. I tried stabbing the shovel into the ground to free myself from the unexpected pull of the sudden wormhole, but it was to no avail.  I threw my bucket in the hole and it disappeared from sight.  I was screaming but nobody could here me over the grinding of the crusher.  I could see the headlines the following day. 
"21 Year-Old Sucked into Sand Wormhole:
Never To Be Seen Again."
When suddenly I heard a high pitched cry coming from the hole. It was hard to hear over all the sucking of the wormhole and what not but the cry grew louder and louder and right as I was pulled into the hole, a magestic unimoosgon scooped me up.  [Which later I found out is a unicorn mixed with a moose-dragon hybrid. And is, in every sense of the word: magestic.]       

The Unimoosgon flew up from the abyss of the wormhole and scooped me up before I was sucked into a parallel universe.  We landed with a thud safely on the frozen sand.  I gazed up in wonder at the beast in front of me.
I then had the following conversation with the Unimoosgon:
Me: Wow!! You saved me from the washed sand worm hole!!
Unimoosgon: MeeMeeMeeMeeMeeMee
[which in unimoosgon means: Oh it was nothing, that is what I am bred for.]
Me: Is there anyway I can repay you?
Unimoosgon: MeeMeeMeeMeeMee Mee-Mee
[Yes, I will be needing the next 20 of your following paychecks]
Me: Ummm... I kind of need those.
Me: Ok, Ok Unimoosgon, I will give you my next 20 paychecks!! Please don't put me back in the wormhole!!
Unimoosgon: MeeMeeMeeMeeMeeMeeMee!
[You have chosen wisely young padawon, I will have my secretary set you up with my paypal information and we will just have the money wired through that.  Live Long and Prosper.]

and with that the Unimoosgon was gone.  Along with my next 20 paychecks.

Don't Get Your Hopes Up With This One...

Landon and I have been working out at the gym lately.  He is such a party to work out with. haha I definitely can say I enjoy it a lot more and I work a lot harder when that guy is around.  I dunno...maybe I'm just trying to impress him.  And by maybe, I mean I am.

Today was a lazy day, not gonna lie.  It's the first Saturday he and I have been home together without any plans. And it was so NICE!! We are usually either in Heber or Layton doing something with our families which is awesome, we have some ballin' fams but just not having to drive anywhere and sleeping in til nine and whatnot. It rocked.  And, it will be the last Saturday we will be able to do that for a LONG time because next Saturday is bff Brant's wedding and after that- Sundance opens up and we'll be boarding every Saturday for the rest of the winter. HOLLA!! So stoked.

Well, let's all stop pretending like this post is even the slightest bit interesting.  Ok, but you know what, I just got back from the gym AND it's almost midnight. sue me.

I will bid you goodnight on this note.

You can't tell me that didn't about knock you out.

An End of an Era

I don't really know what to say about the whole thing.  Heart broken. No closure. A void really....
Tired of my vagueness? Me too. ok I will tell you.
Tasty's in Layton closed last night. Forever.
And now you're all, "Whitney, restaurants close all the time.  What's the big deal?"
And then I'm all, "What's the big deal? WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL??" I will TELL you what the *insert profanity* 'big deal' is!  Tasty's in Layton was my first job."
And now you're all like, "Whoa, chill Whit. It was just a place you used to work years ago."
Now my face is flushed and my fists are shaking, "JUST A PLACE I USED TO WORK AT!!!!"
*your computer screen should have just shook a little bit. a new feature from blogger that if you use more than three exclamation points, your screen will shake.  But they haven't worked out all the bugs so just make sure you don't use more than five.  You'll have some angry followers.*
Then I'm all, "Tasty's in Layton was not just a place i used to work at.  It was where I learned the meaning of hard work.  Where I learned how to create, albeit subs, they were truly a work of art. It was a safe haven from creepy guys who were following me at midnight, it was a hang out when you weren't on the clock, it was a war zone of donuts and ice and water fights.  We were all friends, we were all beautiful [we decided you had to be attractive to be allowed to work there] we were all being paid freaking $5.15 and stoked about it.  We took on different identities while working drive thru, we drew pictures on the walls with stainless steel cleaner, EV-ER-Y single one of us biffed it on the wet floors. If someone spilled grease while cleaning the fryer, we had contests to see who could slide the furthest.  Getting locked in the freezer was a daily occurance.  Newbies had to clean the drains while everyone else stood around and watched. And remember that time someone spilled a bag of sprinkles and Scott put on the donut costume and went outside with the spoiled sprinkles and danced around whilst throwing said sprinkles in the air.  Magical, really.  Or that time Marcus and I were cleaning the floors in the bakery, Marcus got frustrated and threw the mop at the floor, I kicked it before it hit the ground and it flew back in the air and Marcus caught it and we were all, 'whooooaaaa.'  And that time Chirelle and I were cleaning the bakery and we put bluberries from the bluberry frosting on our teeth and it looked like we were missing teeth. Or how about when minimum wage went up to $5.85 and we thought we were rich.  Who remembers the lady who wanted all of our extra donuts at the end of the day to feed to her animals? And we were all, 'who feeds their animals donuts?' It was the best when Jeff would make his homemade guac out of the condiments from the sandwich bar and deep fry tortillas to make tortilla chips.  We went there to play, we went there to work, Jeff even slept in his car outside sometimes.  That place was more than just a first job.  It was a home.
It's a shame to let a place with such a legacy close it's doors forever, but the friends and memories made are what will keep it alive."
And now you're all, "I get it now...but hey, at least there is a Tasty's in Kaysville..."
And I'm like, "Tasty's in Kaysville sucks.  They have no idea what they're doing."

Thanksgiving Week!!

Ok, so before I get started telling you about my Thanskgiving break, I have to tell you a funny thing that just happened.  So, I am at work and I was out collecting my dirt samples and I walk up to the stock pile of washed sand which is probably around 80 feet tall.  I have my shovel and bucket and I go the the spot where the new sand is like always and I go to grab my sample and suddenly I sink literally up to my knees in sand! I tried running up the stock pile but I just kept sinking deeper and deeper! haha I must have looked like an idiot, in fact I know I did because I had to do freaking high kicks just to get my legs out of the sand. How embarrassing. I finally just stopped when I got waist deep and turned around.  My pants and boots are full of wet sand now.  haha what a way to start the day.  Anyways, Thanksgiving....

We left for St. George on Wednesday and got there around 7 pm that night.  We stayed half the time with Landon's dad and the other half with my fam.  It was nice that we were able to go back and forth and be able to have fun with both families over the holiday. On Thanksgiving, we had lunch at 12 with Landon's dad and his family and then lunch again with my family at 1:30.  Landon and I were in pain by the time the second lunch was over and we didn't even eat that much at either. haha Luckily, I wore my fat shirt so no one could tell.
After lunch with my family, we all headed out on a fun litttle hike in the red rocks.  It wasn't really anyone's idea of a good time after eating a Thanksgiving lunch, but we all were really glad we did.  It was perfect weather and it was fun to play around on the rocks with everyone.  Even Grandma and Grandpa Border got climbing around.  So fun.

On Friday, Landon, Skyler, Dad-in-law, my broseph and I all went shooting out in the hills.  We were just shooting targets, but it was way fun to get to try all the different guns they had.  Landon's grandpa bought a gun for him a couple years ago and Landon finally got to shoot it and bring it home.  And now Landon is getting all into guns and stuff.  My broseph brought his AR 15 that he bought on his mission and it had this scope on it that made it feel like you were cheating.  I firmly believe I could hit anything with that gun.  We had a great time and right after we went shooting, Landon, Sky, Broseph and I loaded up the bikes and headed out to go riding. 

By the time it was over, we all were covered in red dirt.  It was so dusty out there that we were filthy by the time we were done. 

As you can see -------->

Now these beauts are my new running shoes.  This girl I visit teach swears by them.  She says they help your body so much when it comes to running.  Landon's step bro works at Shoe Carnival, so we got a deal on them.  And that- was the extent of my Black Friday shopping.  We didn't even shop on Friday, we got those on Saturday.  But I will keep you updated if they truly help.
Friday night we went to The Muppets with my family.  My uncle Chet was sitting next to me and he was just as funny as the movie was.  He was cracking up through the entire thing!  I am pretty sure at one point he shed a few tears too.  Haha  I know I did, that movie was so funny!!  I def recommend it.
And there you have it.  The first Thanksgiving that Landon and I were married.  Definitely a success.

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