Sunny Day

It was a lovely Saturday.
Spent by the pool with my girl Morgan. The sun kissed us today.
We are crispy and bronzed now.
That- is the life.



Beiber Acid Trip

Is it me, or does it feel incredible after a long day of wearing socks, to just take them off?  It's not just me. It straight-out feels amazing though irrelevant.
Went to Bed Bath and Beyond to register again.  Did you know they have fans now that don't have blades? They are completely radical!
Right?? Like, what is that? Blew my mind.  Had to keep sticking my hand through the middle just to make sure there weren't any invisible blades going round in there.

So, let's talk about June 20th and why it is such a significant date, shall we? June 20th is the day that Justin Beiber's perfume hits the shelves. You read me right, perfume. For women. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the Beibs and often times enjoy him, but the commercial introducing the [women's perfume] is very disturbing.

click HERE to watch it.

it's like, JB on acid.
...Actually, I may be onto something with that...

Whit ♥
no idea what to blog about.
so. tired.

I know, how about a shout out to Maddi Denson for introducing me to the band NeedtoBreathe.  And by introducing, I mean I facebook stalked her about a year ago and found them.  So thanks Maddi. I love them.

and Maddi, if you're reading this and you have no idea who NeedtoBreathe is and I somehow made some huge mix-up, you can either A.) still take credit for having fantastic taste in music, or B.) let me know so I can further progress in my suspicions of having early on-set Alzheimers.  

Whit ♥

STD Pillow

Finished registering at Target today.  Brought my good ol' buddy Kayleigh with me.  We had all sorts of adventures. About as many as you can have making a wedding registry anyway.  Including....wait for it....
finding an STD Pillow.  Don't know who would want it, but it was cheap....Guess you get what you pay for.

Crazy right?? And for only $2.50 it can be yours today!
If you're attending my wedding and you don't know what to get me.
Just go with a gift card rather than an STD pillow.


Operation : Girl's Night and Corndogs

Had an AWESOME night with the girls.  We watched the Bachelorette and at corn dogs in my new apartment that doesn't have furniture.  We sat in a pile of blankets and pillows. Very comfy.

It was so much fun laughing at commercials and telling Ashley [the bachelorette] how stupid she is.  Ofcourse Bentley is lying to her. The corn dogs were prime, and the company was good.
But now I can't get over the way one of the bachelors [Ames] looks like Quasimodo.  Take a looksie and tell me I'm won't.

uncanny, right?
Minus the hump.



It's time for bed....

What am I doing right now, at almost 11 pm on a Sunday night? I am watching, The Return of Jafar.
This movie is not as good as I once thought it to be.  Most Disney movies need to stop with the original. Although I am feeling like I'm watching some sort of rendition of The Lord of the Ring III. With the lava scene and what not.Perhaps I shouldn't compare this second rate sequel to the world famous movies though.... I know the Mister wouldn't really appreciate that.  He worships the LOTR. Well, goodnight.

Whit ♥

Introducing.....THE MISTER!!

I rather enjoy this man. He makes me smile. And he tells me I'm pretty. Annnnd he loves country fried steak and mashed potatoes. And he's hot. I'm one lucky gal.


Farewell Miss Scarlet

It's a goal of mine to keep up and actually make this blog interesting. Alas, I have had no time lately. I'm getting married in 3 weeks [from yesterday] and have been quite busy.  Like today for instance, I began to pack up some little things that I could do without for the next couple weeks and take them to my new apartment. and then suddenly it looked like my room had literally exploded. I knew I had a lot of stuff, but I am amazed at how much stuff is hidden.  So now I have four large boxes filled to the rim sitting by my door and it looks like nothing has changed in my bedroom. Pathetic.

Today I realized that I won't be able to bring my pet rat Scarlet to my new apartment.  The contract says no animals of any kind.  Which the place I live at now allows pets, but you have to pay out to butt for it.  But, I just didn't tell them because the complex is so big, they'd never find out I have a caged rodent you know? But we're moving into a four-plex, so the landlord-tenant relationship is much more personal. He'd find her.  So now, my sister is going to inherit my baby. I'm so sad.

So, you have stumbled upon my blog, eh? Good for you, you won't be sorry...or depending on who you are, you might. So, my apologies ahead of time. Honestly, I don't want to go into my background because there is just so much that is awesome about me that I don't want to type it all out.  If you're interested, go ahead and glance at my old blog,

So, come on in, look around, there will be lots more to come. 

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