Farewell Miss Scarlet

It's a goal of mine to keep up and actually make this blog interesting. Alas, I have had no time lately. I'm getting married in 3 weeks [from yesterday] and have been quite busy.  Like today for instance, I began to pack up some little things that I could do without for the next couple weeks and take them to my new apartment. and then suddenly it looked like my room had literally exploded. I knew I had a lot of stuff, but I am amazed at how much stuff is hidden.  So now I have four large boxes filled to the rim sitting by my door and it looks like nothing has changed in my bedroom. Pathetic.

Today I realized that I won't be able to bring my pet rat Scarlet to my new apartment.  The contract says no animals of any kind.  Which the place I live at now allows pets, but you have to pay out to butt for it.  But, I just didn't tell them because the complex is so big, they'd never find out I have a caged rodent you know? But we're moving into a four-plex, so the landlord-tenant relationship is much more personal. He'd find her.  So now, my sister is going to inherit my baby. I'm so sad.

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