Operation : Girl's Night and Corndogs

Had an AWESOME night with the girls.  We watched the Bachelorette and at corn dogs in my new apartment that doesn't have furniture.  We sat in a pile of blankets and pillows. Very comfy.

It was so much fun laughing at commercials and telling Ashley [the bachelorette] how stupid she is.  Ofcourse Bentley is lying to her. The corn dogs were prime, and the company was good.
But now I can't get over the way one of the bachelors [Ames] looks like Quasimodo.  Take a looksie and tell me I'm wrong....you won't.

uncanny, right?
Minus the hump.




  1. sorry i couldn't come/didn't respond very well to your voicemail. i love you. i'm glad the corn dogs were good.

    and i agree with you about the quasimodo thing.


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