Beiber Acid Trip

Is it me, or does it feel incredible after a long day of wearing socks, to just take them off?  It's not just me. It straight-out feels amazing though irrelevant.
Went to Bed Bath and Beyond to register again.  Did you know they have fans now that don't have blades? They are completely radical!
Right?? Like, what is that? Blew my mind.  Had to keep sticking my hand through the middle just to make sure there weren't any invisible blades going round in there.

So, let's talk about June 20th and why it is such a significant date, shall we? June 20th is the day that Justin Beiber's perfume hits the shelves. You read me right, perfume. For women. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the Beibs and often times enjoy him, but the commercial introducing the [women's perfume] is very disturbing.

click HERE to watch it.

it's like, JB on acid.
...Actually, I may be onto something with that...

Whit ♥


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