Please bear with me as I am blogging from my cell phone, and while I will proof read to the best of my abilities, but alas there are bound to be more typos than usual.
So I know no one really cares but I don't have much more to talk about aside from married life (which I love, thanks for asking). 
My hunka hunka burning love is the best h-band ever. And I just attached a photo of us and I'm not really sure where it will end up on this post.
I'm just at worky work right now. I'm a lab technician for granite construction. I test the asphault products and soils...aka I wash dirt. It's all very exciting...not really, but I actually do enjoy it...
Sorry for the blog post that lacks pizazz. It's been a long day.
Love you all, my poodles.
<3 whit


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