95% of the time...

The thoughts in my head are poetic.

Never would've guessed that, would you?



I haven't really understood what all the hype for this "pinterest" site is all about.  So I decided to take a look.... and I love it.  And, I really want to make one of these...
I'm so jealous of those little girls right now.

and with the autumn season falling upon us, 
I am daring to try making seasonal treats of deliciousness. 
 It's taking all of me to stay in class instead of running to the store
to buy a bunch of apples and making these...

No one knows...

I have been sitting in the UVU library for an hour and forty minutes now. reading the world's funniest blog and eating a ridiculously large amount of Big League Chew.  Seriously, it's disgusting.  I was busy reading, laughing my arse off while absentmindedly shoveling the bubble gum in my mouth.  As you can see from the picture below, the gum handicaps my smile.  Once I realized how much gum I was chewing, I decided to see how big I could blow bubbles.  I am still not satisfied with my results.  But since I have no shame, I will post my biggest bubbles.  Now keep in mind that I am in a very public place, so sometimes I can't hold back from laughing.  Enjoy.

hearts: part V [because someone you love is in Fresno]

Come Back

Come back often and take hold of me,
beloved feeling come back and take hold of me,
when the memory of the body reawakens,
and old longing once more passes through the blood;
when the lips and skin remember,
and the hands feel like they're touching once again.

Come back often and take hold of me at night,
when the lips and skin remember . . .

-C.P. Cavafy

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