No Point in Sleeping in Alone.

Yesterday Landon had to work.  I hate it when he works on Saturdays because then I have to stay home all alone for most of the day, and I don't like it.  So finally, I decided I would just go with him.  He is working on the Mountain View Corridor project out in West Jordan.  He samples and tests the earth work to make sure it is safe and sound to build a road on.  His job is very important.  Now, I work for the same company as him, but I work up in a lab in Cottonwood Heights.  I sample and test the materials that they are going to make the road out of.  I make sure that they aren't too coarse or too fine.  They have to be just right or else your roads you drive on won't be very well built and potentially dangerous. You're welcome.  Anyways, since we work for the same company, and I am certified in all of the safety procedures, Landon didn't see why it would be a problem if I tagged along for the day.  So fun. This is the sunrise from yesterday morning. 

After driving around taking tests for a couple hours we stumbled upon this glorious machine.  A brand new track hoe that only had 4.1 hours logged on it.  Landon and I were very delighted to find it to say the least.  Sometimes, I wish it was my job to drive this puppy around.  I asked this guy what you had to do to be able to have that as your job.  He simply said, "Don't go to college."  

So that is Landon's work, mine isn't quite as scenic seeing as I have to stay in the lab most of the day testing the asphault and the aggregates, but sometimes, it gets slow and I have to make water balloons out of my gloves and draw faces on them.  Soon after this picture was taken, the poor guy exploded soaking me.  Does Landon get to have fun like that?  The answer is no.  


  1. everything about this post made me laugh. and you're such a geologist! all this business you're talking about is crap we learn in my stupid geology class. you so smart.

    uncers: when you can't say the "l" in "uncle" you use this world.

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