ok, so I realize that I just posted below, BUT I really want to show you what my husband just bought me for the upcoming winter.  If you think I am bragging about it... then you are right. Don't judge. Or do. Whatevs.

Just for the record, I have skiied all my life but unlike the rest of my familia, it hasn't ever really been my thing.  I blame my friends for not doing it with me as the reason why I wasn't a die-hard.  It's not as fun skiing by yourself.  Anyways, when I started dating Landon, I also started dating a winter lover and if I wanted to stay with him, well, I was going to have to start at least liking it as well.  So, I strapped on my dad's old snow pants and my coat I've had for far too long, hopped on my ski's that debuted in the mid-90's and hit the slopes with my beau.  To my astonishment, I didn't hate it.  We went skiing/snowboarding more last winter than I have been probably in the last 5 years.  Then, he got really daring and strapped me on his snowboard when he decided to take up skiing.  That was when I realized, perhaps the reason I hadn't enjoyed skiing as much was because I was meant to be on a BOARD! And the boarder inside me came alive.  We decided if I was going to keep that up this year the I would probably need my own stuff, new not-from-the-previous-century kind of stuff.  It was Landon's mission to turn this ski-hobo into a ski-bunny.  And I believe he has succeeded.

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