Such a Good Weekend

What happened this weekend you may ask? Well, first, we went to the BYU game on saturday.  I got sunburned on the right side of my face, which kinda sucked but that game sure didn't.  56-3. so sad. for idaho state. ha! Then, we immediately headed up to Ogden so we could go to dinner with the fam. i.e. all of the Borders.  We went to Golden Corral.  We are a buffet kind of people, I guess.  I dunno, I basically eat a mountain of the crab salad. and that's it. Then, we went and rode the FLOWRIDER!! That's only like one of my top ten favorite things ever.  The next day was my cousin Keegan's farewell.  He is going on his mission to Fort Worth, Texas.  He gave one of the most inspiring and touching talks I have ever heard.  And believe me, I have been to A LOT of farewell talks.  I am so proud of Keeg.  He is going to do great things.  But I am going to miss that kid.  Who am I going to rough house with at Thanksgiving this year?  Then! Yesterday, although it wasn't the weekend, it was mine and Landon's 4 month anniversary and we went to SUSHI!! I love sushi. I could eat it everyday. Best night ever.  Well maybe not the best night of all time, but sushi can make any ordinary night extraordinary. And my husband is the greatest.  I love that guy. After dinner last night, we sat on the couch and just made each other laugh.  really hard.  I married this guy because he makes me happy.  Plain and simple. Oh yeah, and he is smokin'. Now prepare yourself, because here comes a lot of random pictures of him and me.


  1. I seriously love you two! Im glad you had a fun weekend. Love the pictures, you are one gorgeous lady Whitnerd:)

  2. thanks mcCool!! :) i love you and you're beautiful family. :)


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