Blast from the Past...aka 5 Months Ago

So today I was reading this darling girl's blog and realized how special her post about her wedding day was.  And I thought to myself, "Whit- you daft little thing, why didn't you blog about your wedding??"  So here I am.  Five months late to describe to you the very best day of my life. *ahem*

The day was the 24th of June two thousand eleven.  I woke to a cloudless morning with the sun shining warm and loving.  I went downstairs and ate a little breakfast before my wonderful friend Hailey came to do my hair and make up.  My sister sat on the toilet and kept us company while we chatted and filled the room with hairspray.  It was so girly and fun, I felt like I was getting ready for prom...except that I was getting reading for my wedding.  I got dressed in my white skirt and my purple sweater with my bright yellow heels.  A brand new outfit courtesy of my grandmama.  So sweet.  She is always spoiling me.  And it was off to the temple we went.  The temple was so incredibly special.  In the bride's room, my mom was there to help me with anything I needed.  Including reminding me to use the restroom before putting on the big ol' dress.  That room was gorgeous.  The flowers and the ornate rugs were beautiful and they even matched my wedding colors (yellow, lavender, and green) it was truly my day.  I remember sitting in the Celestial room with Landon before the sealing.  We were so happy.  Hand in hand, I sat there in a loving silence with my soon-to-be eternal companion.  The spirit was so strong and I knew with every fiber of my being that I was in the right place with the right person.  The sealer was so sweet.  Everything he said was everything we needed to hear.  I remember sitting directly across the room from my dad.  I winked at him, which made him cry.  :) How cute is that?  After the sealing, I went and freshened up for the pictures.  I waited in the lobby for my brand new husband who took way longer to get ready than the bride, weird right?  He came out and the look on his face when he saw me there was priceless.  I litereally fell in love with his face all over again.  We went outside, it was a beautiful morning and we took  many wonderful pictures.  As you can see...  We went and grabbed a quick bite to eat with the fam at The Olive Garden and then my mom told Landon and me to go do whatever while everyone else went set up the reception.  My mom was so awesome. She wanted my wedding day to be absolutely perfect which I can say with confidence that it was.  I was worried that it was going to be stressful, going from the temple to go set up, but my mom had it all under control and sent us to have a relaxing afternoon before the reception.
ahh the reception... again, it was a creation by my mother straight from her magical imagination.  I wish I had the skill of planning such beautiful things but I don't, which is why I am SO thankful I had her.  Seriously, just check out these decorations....She made them all. With the help of my sister and my sweet, sweet neighbors and friends.

 How CUTE are these?? I remember I came home one day and our garage was FILLED to the ceiling with these willow tree branches.  I go inside and I was like, "Mom, why is the nieghbor's tree in our garage?" and she was like, " I have the cutest idea for some decoations!" She explained to me over and over what she had in mind and I just couldn't picture it until she made it.  They were beautiful! We had one over the cake and one over the line. People were dying over them.
Shout out to my mom! you rock.

The reception was the part of the century.  We literally tried to bring the roof down with our dancing.  This was our wedding song, "All about Us" by He is We.  When I told Landon that I liked that song and he listened to it, he said, "We don't have to look for a song anymore.  This is it."  The cake was gorgeous.  The bottom was rasperry swirl and the middle and the top were fudge marble.  It was a shame we each only got one piece.  Though we still have the top tier for our one year.  It was the same with the ice cream.  We had Leatherbys's come and cater the party.  Everyone told it was delicious, but alas, Landon and I were too busy dancing the night away that we somehow missed the ice cream.  We had such a good time.  The reception was everything I wanted and more.  My friends and family that came and partied hard with us made it what it was.  And after the dancing was my personal favorite, again it was the doing of my mother, we let lanterns go in the sky, just like in Tangled.  Landon and I released a giant red heart-shaped lantern first and then everyone followed with their own. People were pulling over on the highway just to watch the lanterns in the sky.  It was so amazing.  My wedding day was in every sense of the word, magical.



  1. love this post Whit! Weddings are so special

  2. Oh my God I need a good cry after watching that video. That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! Love that the DJ played the song from Tangled, one of my favourite films!
    You looked absolutely beautiful and it sounds like a beautiful day!
    Jazz xx

  3. Awww, that sounds so wonderful and sweet :3 I love that song, and Tangled is one of the cutest movies ever.


  4. Shoot, your wedding was really beautiful.

  5. How have I missed this post??? Also, I wished you had bigger pictures in this post and that I had your mom to help me get ready for my wedding!

    It really looks like a dang perfect day =)


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