Giving Credit Where Credit is Due...

This is my brother (in-law) Skyler.  He is one cool dude.  He was the deal sealer when deciding if I could spend eternity with Landon.  I was like, "Could I really be married to this man forever??...Yes, I could be, because he has the coolest brother EVER!" minus my brother. And that, dear readers, is mine and Landon's love story.  Ok, so maybe that isn't totally true, BUT I will give Skyler some credit.  Maybe not to the decision on my husband, but definitely in the decision to snowboard.  When skiing wasn't proving enough, he and Landon decided to prove to me that snowboarding was the path chosen for me.  Skyler took the day helping me figure out the stance, teaching me how to carve and helping me up when I would fall.  Not metophorically either, for some reason, I couldn't stand up when I was sitting. 
By the end of my first day, I had virtually figured out the technique of snowboarding.  I'm not saying that I was a pro after my first day, because that is not even close to being true, but thanks to Skyler's instruction and faith in my ability I realized that perhaps skiing wasn't meant to be my snow forte´.  So here I am, a year later with all new snow clothes and a shiny new snowboard, ready for the first snowfall, thanks to Skyler and Landon.  But mostly Skyler.  :)  Now, enjoy a video from my first day snowboarding.  Also, this was towards the end-ish of the day and Skyler had taken on Landon's new skis just to try them out.  As you can see, Skyler and I are naturals.  :)  Enjoy!

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