First of all, there was My Fair Lady this week with my mom, sister and grandmama. So. Fun.  We went to Chilis for dinner and headed to the show.  It was a great performance.  I never get sick of a classic musical.  and I especially love that one.

Next, there was the moon on Friday.  This was early in the morning and you can't tell really in the picture, but seriously, it was huge. and the colors in the sky made it that much more beautiful.  Then Landon, Sky, his girl Emily and I went to Sushi Ya! Only because it's my favorite and Sky needed to write a paper about how restuaraunt rip you off or something... Anything that gives you an excuse to get sushi, right?

Then there was the BYU game on Saturday night.  It was a destruction of sorts.  Of course we won. We had a good time with the in-laws going to din-din before the game and bundled up tight for the rest of the night because take it from me, it was cold!!

 And yesterday.  Yesterday was a busy one.  Landon and I headed to my dear friend/old roommate Lynlee's mission farewell.  She did so wonderful and I am so proud of her. :) She will do amazing.  Then we proceeded to Layton to spend the day with the fam.  That night, my friends Brant and his fiance Autumn and Andy came over for a crepe night.  We used to have a crepe night on Sundays back in high school.  We'd make delicious food (and by we, I mean my mom) and play games and have a good ol' time.  As you can see --->

What a great and much needed weekend it was.

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