Thanksgiving Week!!

Ok, so before I get started telling you about my Thanskgiving break, I have to tell you a funny thing that just happened.  So, I am at work and I was out collecting my dirt samples and I walk up to the stock pile of washed sand which is probably around 80 feet tall.  I have my shovel and bucket and I go the the spot where the new sand is like always and I go to grab my sample and suddenly I sink literally up to my knees in sand! I tried running up the stock pile but I just kept sinking deeper and deeper! haha I must have looked like an idiot, in fact I know I did because I had to do freaking high kicks just to get my legs out of the sand. How embarrassing. I finally just stopped when I got waist deep and turned around.  My pants and boots are full of wet sand now.  haha what a way to start the day.  Anyways, Thanksgiving....

We left for St. George on Wednesday and got there around 7 pm that night.  We stayed half the time with Landon's dad and the other half with my fam.  It was nice that we were able to go back and forth and be able to have fun with both families over the holiday. On Thanksgiving, we had lunch at 12 with Landon's dad and his family and then lunch again with my family at 1:30.  Landon and I were in pain by the time the second lunch was over and we didn't even eat that much at either. haha Luckily, I wore my fat shirt so no one could tell.
After lunch with my family, we all headed out on a fun litttle hike in the red rocks.  It wasn't really anyone's idea of a good time after eating a Thanksgiving lunch, but we all were really glad we did.  It was perfect weather and it was fun to play around on the rocks with everyone.  Even Grandma and Grandpa Border got climbing around.  So fun.

On Friday, Landon, Skyler, Dad-in-law, my broseph and I all went shooting out in the hills.  We were just shooting targets, but it was way fun to get to try all the different guns they had.  Landon's grandpa bought a gun for him a couple years ago and Landon finally got to shoot it and bring it home.  And now Landon is getting all into guns and stuff.  My broseph brought his AR 15 that he bought on his mission and it had this scope on it that made it feel like you were cheating.  I firmly believe I could hit anything with that gun.  We had a great time and right after we went shooting, Landon, Sky, Broseph and I loaded up the bikes and headed out to go riding. 

By the time it was over, we all were covered in red dirt.  It was so dusty out there that we were filthy by the time we were done. 

As you can see -------->

Now these beauts are my new running shoes.  This girl I visit teach swears by them.  She says they help your body so much when it comes to running.  Landon's step bro works at Shoe Carnival, so we got a deal on them.  And that- was the extent of my Black Friday shopping.  We didn't even shop on Friday, we got those on Saturday.  But I will keep you updated if they truly help.
Friday night we went to The Muppets with my family.  My uncle Chet was sitting next to me and he was just as funny as the movie was.  He was cracking up through the entire thing!  I am pretty sure at one point he shed a few tears too.  Haha  I know I did, that movie was so funny!!  I def recommend it.
And there you have it.  The first Thanksgiving that Landon and I were married.  Definitely a success.


  1. good thing you wore your fat shirt. haha. glad thanksgiving was good. date on tuesday. be ready.

  2. hope your pants dry soon Whit! thats really funny! glad you had a happy thanksgiving.

  3. i NEED those running shoes.
    u r 2 kewl 4 skewl.


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