And the Day Isn't Even Over Yet!!

So there is this chick in my Intro to Literary Criticism class.  She is from some distant land that I can't remember what it is... All I remember is first day of class the professor was trying to find out who moved the farthest to come to UVU.  I was totally winning until she stood up and was like, "Uruguay." or something and then I lost the game. Boo.  Anyways, she is in my workshop group and she is really intelligent and everything, her papers always have really profound observations and whatnot, so I guess I have been subconsciously holding her on this pedestal of sorts.  So today, we are workshopping everyone's   paper when she leans over to me and whispers, "Oh, I have to tell you this knock, knock joke I heard yesterday." And I'm all, "ok.." So she whispers, "Knock, Knock." and I answer, "who's there...?" and she's all, "Mary." [all the while she has this huge grin on her face so I'm expecting this gut busting punch line] and I'm like, "Mary Who?" and she's like, "Mary Christmas!" and proceeds to stifle her laughter while I'm sitting there dumbfounded.  I was thinking, Ok, really smart girl just told me one of the lamest jokes I have ever heard.  Either she is new to the whole knock, knock joke thing or there is a deeper more intelligent humor to this joke and I am not smart enough to understand.   I decided to stick with the whole "she's new to knock, knock jokes" theory.

After class, Landon calls me to tell me about the Vole he had just caught.  Wondering what a vole is? I was too.  This is how he descibed it.

Landon: I just caught a vole. v-o-l-e.
Me: A vole? What the heck is that?
Landon: It's like a mouse but it has way bigger teeth and it's claws are GIGANTIC! and it has a really short tail.
My imagination putting those images together:
Me: Ew! I hate rodents with big teeth and claws!! They freak me out!
Landon: But it's so CUTE!!
Me: *goes home and googles "Vole":
Me: O-oh! He IS cute!!
Me: You know, Mariah actually caught one of these guys in our back yard once.  We named him Soft Taco and then my mom put him in a little box and she left him outside over night on accident and he died.
Landon: :(
Me: Yeah, that was sad.  You should name him Soft Taco Dos.

And then Landon wanted to watch a video on youtube about Riley Nelson, so that was pretty much the end of the conversation.  But as we speak, Landon has Soft Taco Dos in a five gallon bucket in his work truck and is feeding it bread crumbs.

What a nice guy.


  1. Just found your blog =) Yay! Happy to see what's in the life of whitney!


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