The Eclipse

Saturday morning....wait, let me back up here.  Friday morning the moon was spectacular as I was driving to work.  It was almost a full moon, but the haze gave it this magical glow.  I tried to take pictures of it from my car, but everytime I do that (I do it more that you would think) I am always disappointed. Exhibit A:
Side note* I totally had this photo saved on my computer as carmoon and when I read it I sang, "Where in the world is Carmoon Sandiego?" ah ha ha ha....ahem.
 Anyways, I get to work and I'm all, "Guys, did you see the moon this morning?  It was radical!"  And they were like, "Yeah, it was awesome!" and then this guy named George (who has been waiting and waiting for me to blog about him, so shout out to George) was all, "Well, there is a lunar eclipse tomorrow morning." And I got all excited because the last lunar eclipse I knew about was wayyy early in the morning, like 3 am and Landon didn't want to stay up with me. haha Can't blame him, so anyways we both missed it.  So I didn't want to miss this one.  So George and I spent like, 15 minutes just trying to find out what time Universal Time was.  Which, it was good George was there because when it said it was at 14:00 UT, I just assumed that meant Utah time.  I would've missed that one too. haaa..... Anyways, I was all excited to see it and I wanted to wake up early and watch it and stuff.  But by the time Landon and I went to bed on Friday, I was all, "There is no way I am waking up that early on a Saturday."  And I went to bed without setting my alarm. 

Saturday morning comes and I woke up randomly by myself and I looked at the clock and it was 6:30 and I was all, "What the heck, I'll go check it out for a minute."  So I wrapped my yellow fleece blanket around me and put on some slippers and went outside.  Sure enough, the moon was eclipsing and I was completely astounded.  I ended up staying outside with my dumb blanket and slippers for almost an hour.  I had to keep moving around because the moon kept setting behind trees and houses and stuff.  By the time it was in total eclipse I was across the street outside the Maverik by the bus stop.  People were driving in to get gas and stuff and looking at me like I am a crazy person.  I am sure lots of them thought I was on Ambien or something.  People do weird things when the are on Ambien.  Just ask Steve here....

Anyways, I held out for the eclipse just until it got bright enough you could barely see the moon.  A guy named Vinny came and talked to me at the bus stop.  He didn't know much about eclipses, so I took the time to educate him on the subject.  But after an hour outside at 7 in the morning with just a blanket and slippers, I was ready to go home.  I krept back inside, and not a creature was stirring, not even a vole. HA psych, I made Landon take the vole back.  I folded up the blanket and put my slippers away and crawled back into my warm bed with my slumbering husband.  That is, until I put my feet on his legs to warm up.  He jumped out six feet in the air. haha He was all, "What the heck!! Have you been outside?!"  And I was like, "Yes." and he was like, "Wait, really?"  And then I told him about the lunar eclipse and about my new friend Vinny, but I am pretty sure he fell back asleep in the middle of my story.
And then we went to Brant's wedding.  So fun.


  1. oh my gosh you make me laugh laugh laugh.

  2. p.s. is there any way to make your comments so that they pop up elsewhere? because i can't do the word verification thing so easily anymore. not that you have to cater your blog comments to me. but just sayin'.


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