An End of an Era

I don't really know what to say about the whole thing.  Heart broken. No closure. A void really....
Tired of my vagueness? Me too. ok I will tell you.
Tasty's in Layton closed last night. Forever.
And now you're all, "Whitney, restaurants close all the time.  What's the big deal?"
And then I'm all, "What's the big deal? WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL??" I will TELL you what the *insert profanity* 'big deal' is!  Tasty's in Layton was my first job."
And now you're all like, "Whoa, chill Whit. It was just a place you used to work years ago."
Now my face is flushed and my fists are shaking, "JUST A PLACE I USED TO WORK AT!!!!"
*your computer screen should have just shook a little bit. a new feature from blogger that if you use more than three exclamation points, your screen will shake.  But they haven't worked out all the bugs so just make sure you don't use more than five.  You'll have some angry followers.*
Then I'm all, "Tasty's in Layton was not just a place i used to work at.  It was where I learned the meaning of hard work.  Where I learned how to create, albeit subs, they were truly a work of art. It was a safe haven from creepy guys who were following me at midnight, it was a hang out when you weren't on the clock, it was a war zone of donuts and ice and water fights.  We were all friends, we were all beautiful [we decided you had to be attractive to be allowed to work there] we were all being paid freaking $5.15 and stoked about it.  We took on different identities while working drive thru, we drew pictures on the walls with stainless steel cleaner, EV-ER-Y single one of us biffed it on the wet floors. If someone spilled grease while cleaning the fryer, we had contests to see who could slide the furthest.  Getting locked in the freezer was a daily occurance.  Newbies had to clean the drains while everyone else stood around and watched. And remember that time someone spilled a bag of sprinkles and Scott put on the donut costume and went outside with the spoiled sprinkles and danced around whilst throwing said sprinkles in the air.  Magical, really.  Or that time Marcus and I were cleaning the floors in the bakery, Marcus got frustrated and threw the mop at the floor, I kicked it before it hit the ground and it flew back in the air and Marcus caught it and we were all, 'whooooaaaa.'  And that time Chirelle and I were cleaning the bakery and we put bluberries from the bluberry frosting on our teeth and it looked like we were missing teeth. Or how about when minimum wage went up to $5.85 and we thought we were rich.  Who remembers the lady who wanted all of our extra donuts at the end of the day to feed to her animals? And we were all, 'who feeds their animals donuts?' It was the best when Jeff would make his homemade guac out of the condiments from the sandwich bar and deep fry tortillas to make tortilla chips.  We went there to play, we went there to work, Jeff even slept in his car outside sometimes.  That place was more than just a first job.  It was a home.
It's a shame to let a place with such a legacy close it's doors forever, but the friends and memories made are what will keep it alive."
And now you're all, "I get it now...but hey, at least there is a Tasty's in Kaysville..."
And I'm like, "Tasty's in Kaysville sucks.  They have no idea what they're doing."


  1. i know i said there's a tasty's in kaysville, but i hope you know that i know it will never replace the other one. i promise. i'm not a lame friend.

    fills: totally a real word. wtf.

  2. Dearest Whitney... I love that you always comment on my blog. Makes my day :) Hope life is wonderful!

  3. Okay this was the most entertaining post I have read all day...not to mention funny because I can picture it all :) Thanks for making me laugh and I am sorry that they closed but you are right the memories live on thank goodness! And thank you for posting on my blog too I love reading your comments and no one else ever comments so that makes it even better! Miss ya


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