How the Mr. and I Met

So today I was thinking, "Wow, it's been two years since Landon and I met."  I don't know if today is the actually two year mark.  All we know is we met a few days before I went on a cruise and I went on the 8th, so it was sometime between the 5th and the 7th that we met.  Neither of us bothered to remember since we didn't know that one day we'd end up together.  What's that? You want to know the story of how we met?  Ok, but I am warning you, there are two sides to this story and only one is true (mine) but I will let you decide which one you choose to believe (mine).

The date was December 5, 6, or 7th, as we discussed earlier I don't remember which exactly, I was in my apartment getting ready to go to work at the Brick Oven.  My roommates and I had been living in our new apartment for the past five months and the entire semester we didn't have neighbors across the hall.  My roommates and I were so awesome and such good friends that we didn't venture much farther than across the hall to find friends.  So that semester we kept pretty much to ourselves and longed for neighbors across the hall.  Though, it wasn't all bad.  Before I worked at Brick Oven I worked for the complex we lived at, so I jacked a key to the apt across from us and we were constantly putting it to use.  When our fridge was too full, we would keep our food in the "spare" fridge across the hall.  When we were rough housing and we broke our couch, we switched it with our "spare" couch across the hall.  When we had friends and family from out of town visit, they were more than welcome to spend the night in our "spare" bedrooms across the hall. So, things weren't that bad, in fact it was nice to have all the extra stuff, but still, we longed for friends.  Anyways, I was getting ready for work when I heard voices outside and the door open and close.  This meant one thing: someone was interested in the apt across the hall!!!  I didn't want to just bust open the door so I peeked out the blinds to see what was going on.  Unfortunately the door had closed, but I could tell people were most definitely in there.  So I did what any friendly potential neighbor would do.  I popped on over to say hello.  This is where the stories begin to change.  Because in my
version of the story, I am nice and friendly and very welcoming in the least creepy possible way.  I went and introduced myself to Landon and his friends. And asked them where they were from and kind of got to know them for a few seconds, you know, letting know that they would have nice neighbors if they chose to move in.  But Landon tells the story that the crazy girl from next door came in and was all crazy and stuff.  Which maybe I could see from his point of vie- no, you know what? I was completely normal.

Anyways so we were talking and they were asking me if it was a fun place to live and I totally knew how to talk it up because, duh, I used to work there and that was my job.  The only thing weird about me was that I was wearing my Brick Oven uniform.  That was the only weird thing.  But, apparently I came off like this:

which is totally not what I was going for.  And I thought the guys I was talking to were like cool, down to earth dudes who would definitely be awesome across the hall neighbors.  ------>
Especially the one in the blue because I thought he was cute.  But in Landon's story this is what I looked like and this is how <----- they reacted.
Now by this point, I think we both who knows who is right.  Right?  It's totally me, because: A. They moved in across the hall, they must not have been THAT scared. and B. Landon and I got married in the end.  In fact if I'm not mistaken I do remember seeing Landon act somewhat like this in the parking lot after the tour.
True story.


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