Don't Get Your Hopes Up With This One...

Landon and I have been working out at the gym lately.  He is such a party to work out with. haha I definitely can say I enjoy it a lot more and I work a lot harder when that guy is around.  I dunno...maybe I'm just trying to impress him.  And by maybe, I mean I am.

Today was a lazy day, not gonna lie.  It's the first Saturday he and I have been home together without any plans. And it was so NICE!! We are usually either in Heber or Layton doing something with our families which is awesome, we have some ballin' fams but just not having to drive anywhere and sleeping in til nine and whatnot. It rocked.  And, it will be the last Saturday we will be able to do that for a LONG time because next Saturday is bff Brant's wedding and after that- Sundance opens up and we'll be boarding every Saturday for the rest of the winter. HOLLA!! So stoked.

Well, let's all stop pretending like this post is even the slightest bit interesting.  Ok, but you know what, I just got back from the gym AND it's almost midnight. sue me.

I will bid you goodnight on this note.

You can't tell me that didn't about knock you out.


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