Let It Storm

Just got home from the BYU basketball game against Buffalo.   It was a shaky start, but we ended up crushin' em in the end.  Skyler, Landon and I were a little nervous because every time we go to a BYU bball game, they lose.  And by every time, I mean the one time... Anyways, we decided our one-time curse was broken after tonight.

This last weekend was spent doing all kinds of things.  Most of which had nothing to do with the upcoming holiday... which is kind of a big one.  And now Landino and I are scrambling.  We totes deserve it though.  I don't even feel bad for us.  Friday night we went up to Layton to our work party.  We had a delightful dinner at Roosters and chatted it up with our co-workers.  Landon and I each got a Wii as our Christmas bonus.  So if any of you reading this are hard up for a Wii, we are selling our spare for $150 straight.  That was a lot of fun though.  We stopped by the Rent's house for about an hour  afterward.  We got there and nobody was home.  So we sat in the living room playing with the pooch for about ten minutes when we heard a noise upstairs.  Turns out Mariah had been home the whole time, she was just passed out and managed to stay unconscious through the garage door opening and Landon and me yelling hello over and over.  I swear that kid dies when she sleeps. Everyone else came home not long after that.  It was fun to hang out with the fam even if it was just for a minute.  Landon and I had to get home though because we wanted to play on our Wii.

Saturday morning Landonious and I FINALLY broke out the ol' season passes and hit up the resort for some good ol' fashioned snowboarding.  Now remember everyone, that I have only been snowboarding, like, four times before this season, so I really don't know what I am doing.  But according to Landy and Sky I am progressing very quickly.  And I feel like I am.  Though this is what I was feeling Saturday morning-------> Stoked, right?

and this is what I promise you I looked like the very second I stood up off the chair lift.
<-------- Pathetic, really...

We went night boarding last night, Skyler, Landon and I.  And I felt like I had major improvement since Friday.  Though, I crashed and I kinda banged up my already bad wrist.  So, my magnificent husband bought me some wrist guards and knee pads that should be here by tomorrow which is good cause we are all going night boarding again tomorrow night.  I had never been night boarding until last night.  I definitely wasn't expecting it to be as much fun as it was.  But let's be honest, who CAN'T have fun when you're spending your evenings with people like this?  It was a little icy in some parts which I am still trying to deal with, and it was a tad nippy.  But once ya got goin, man, it got hot. I was dying, I had to go hide some of my extra layers under the Christmas tree in the lodge.  I already love snowboarding though.  I am stoked that we have so many opportunities to go during the week with the night skiing.  We are totes going to get our money out of these passes.  Now we just need to LET IT STORM!!
And for you dear readers, I made the Mr. video me on Friday so I could show off my natural talent. *sarcasm*  Enjoy!

I'm a firm believer in "Sandstorm" making any video 500% more epic than it really is.  I mean, come on, it felt like I was about to start throwin' back flips.  Am I right? I am.
p.s. totally rocked my biology final aka my Pre-Final Ritual is completely valid and now I am free, Free, FREE!!


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