Pre Final Ritual

Most professional athletes, politicians, and dark wizards have a Pre *insert event* Ritual.  Whether it's praising the name of one's idol, mentally (and maybe physically) sabotaging your opponent in the parking lot, or brutally sacrificing  someone or something with the flick of one's wand to get one pumped.  However, I came up with my own Pre-Final Ritual.  It involved me chugging a can of Dr. Pepper 10  [The fact that women aren't supposed to drink it empowers me] while blasting, wait for it, MORTAL COMBAT on the stereo and punch dancing while still in my seat belt. at 6:15 this morning.  I dunno... seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  And I will be honest, I think I may have destroyed that final.  Perhaps it was the fact that I had female forbidden 10-cal elixir running through my veins, or that the intensity and ferocity of the song, nay, anthem thumping in my bones.  Or maybe, I dunno.... I studied? No. Not at all.  It was definitely the song/drink combo.  And if I ace this final, this will forever be my Pre-Final Ritual.  Never again will I take notes or stay up to all hours of the night cramming.  I will have the confidence and faith that my Pre-Final Ritual will bring me through it.  I wish you all luck with this week's tests.  Just hold out for a little longer and you will have a whole two weeks to do whatever the heck it is you do.  And here is the song in case you want to try your luck at my ritual.


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