Today is the last day of school!  Kinda, I have finals next week so I am not really done, but as far as sitting in class and taking notes to study for the finals, today is the last one.  I should be excited, shouldn't I?  Feeling a sense of accomplishment?  Well, I don't.  In fact, today isn't even half way over yet and I already look like this. -------->

And now you're all like, "Suck it up Whit, everyone else is going through the same thing.  Why do you always got to make it about you?"
And now I'm like, "Shut up.  This is my blog, so yeah, I'm going to make it about me."
And you're like, "Geez, sensitive.... Are you sure there isn't anything else bothering you?"
And I drop my head and sigh lethargically.  "Yeeeesssss.... There is something else bothering me.  I decided to take up crocheting last night and it didn't go so well."
And you're all, "Well, you can't expect to be an expert right away.  It is going to take some practice."
And I'm like, "Yeah but I was doing so well until I tried to start and new row and then my masterpiece ended up looking like this!!"
And now you're like, "Pfffffhahahah!!!"
And I'm all, "It's not funny!! I worked really hard and I wanted to make a blanket that I could cuddle up with and feel like I am actually good at something for once!!"
And now you feel bad for laughing at me while I continue on my rant.
"And I wanted to maybe crochet something for Landon and my sister and maybe my mom and Landon's mom and Skyler will probably want something and I'll probably want another blanket just another color and now I can't do anny of iiiiiiitttt!!!! Waaaahhhh!"
Ok, so that is not how I react to a challenge but I did end up looking something like this:
I am just going to keep trying though. Don't worry.  I actually did pick it up rather quickly, I am struggling with turning the row though.  So if anyone is reading this that knows how to crochet and you want to give me some pointers, any and all tips are appreciated.  I think my biggest problem is the yarn I bought.  It's really poofy and I am having a hard time seeing the v's in the chain that I need to crochet through.  So I may just have to go get some smaller stuff.  I will keep you posted.
Landon is all excited because he wants me to have a hobby that I can do while he plays Mass Effect 3.  What a nerd. Speaking of the nerd, he wants me to clear somethings up about my post yesterday.  He said that he didn't think I was "creepy" crazy.  He thought I was "bubbly" crazy, which he had never really been exposed to apparently? I dunno... Heber people are weird.  Totes joking if you're from Heber.  I love Heber. And I love my nerdy, weird though ridiculously hot, Heber-ite husband.

And I love that it's the last day of taking notes to get ready for finals school.  And when finals are over I can promise you, you will see me looking like this:

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