Your Friendly Neighborhood Ikea

Guess what we are doing!!  Landon and I are building a beautiful dresser for our bedroom.  And by that I mean Landon is.  Not a very good picture and ignore the fact that I look ridiculous.  But, to be fair, I totally screwed the top on.  That's right.  Ten screws were taken care of by my hands.  And I plan to help with the drawers as well.  We have the problem of only one hammer and well, me not being good at hammering.  So, that solves that problem.  This was our Christmas gift from my wonderful parents.  They kept asking Landon and me what we wanted and all we could think of was a dresser because the one we were using was sort of falling apart. Plus Landon has so many clothes....We needed something bigger.  So the plan was to go to Ikea today and buy the dresser after the BYU game.  No pressure, not much of a schedule.  We already knew what dresser we wanted so we weren't in much of a rush.  So I had just barely finished doing my hair when I decided to check to make sure they had the dresser is stock.  I get ornery when I drive places that far and have to come back empty handed. So I get on Ikea's website and they have ONE LEFT!  So I start yelling to Landon, I'm all, "LANDON! WE HAVE TO GO NOW!!" and Landon's all, "What? You want me to shower now?"  And I come running out in a flailing frenzy and I'm like, "No! We have to go NOW! They only have ONE! DRESSER! LEFT!!"  So Landon jumps up and throws some jeans and a hoodie on and I grab my purse and we leave Skyler sitting on our couch in confusion yelling back to make sure he locks the door when he leaves.  Now people, if you have never been to Ikea I don't know that I will be able to properly portray the size of the freaking building.  It. is. humongous.  We have only been there a couple times before, so we know it's upstairs somewhere.  
We book it up the escalators and start weaving through show rooms.  Kitchens, offices, baby rooms, bathrooms, desks, beds, toilets, sinks, stuffed animals, couches, lamps, rugs, computers, but WHERE ARE THE DRESSERS! I can see them in my mind.  The people who are looking for the same dresser we are.  They know that there is only one left as well and are just as desperate to get their grimey little fingers all over it.  I start shoving elderly people to the ground not stopping to see if they're ok, pushing small children out of my way because for all I know, they are trying to steal MY dresser.  
FINALLY, Landon and I find our dresser on display.  In all it's wonderous glory, I kneel down and hug it.  When I realize, just because it's on display doesn't mean that it's still in stock.  I grab Landon by the arm and shove through the crowds some more. Searching, searching for the warehouse.  We get there, we find the aisle, we find the serial number, look for the color.  Blue, white, gray, no, No, NO! Ah, there it is, black/brown...gone.  I fall to my knees is despair. Pounding my fists on the floor crying out.  When Landon looks closer at the tag, "More on center aisle." I looked up at him through my tears, "Center? Aisle?"
  I turned around at looked at the displays on the center aisle with the boxes behind them.  I jumped to my feet and started running down the center aisle and stopped in front of the Hemnes 8-drawer Dresser.  I glance behind it and there it is.  The 2-piece box set.  Only. One. Left.  I jump over the display and lay my body over the boxes, tears still spilling over my eyes.  Landon comes over and looks at the sizes of the boxes and is all, "I guess we'll need a cart."  I told him to get the cart while I protected OUR dresser.  People walking passed were admiring the dresser in all its glory and then would scurry away when they saw me behing it growling and foaming at the mouth, eyes glowing red.  In the end, Landon and I got our dresser.  Last one.  We are the champions of Ikea.  And now we have it in our room.  So, I guess I better go help set it up.  Peace out homies


  1. hahah you sit there and look good for the camera and "help" set up the dresser, while landon really sets it up. you're my kind of girl. keep up the frequent blogging. i love it too much.

    (and yes, those are the fillmore hot pots. you are too good)

  2. Lol I was giggling so hard reading that post. Thanks for the laugh :D

  3. Good story whit! You crack me up. I can just see you hugging the dresser once you found it. You are seriously one of the funniest people I know.


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