At Least I Didn't Look Fat in my Harvest Pictures...

This is my comfort food.  Mostly I am here because I need comfort. and free wi-fi until my appointment for my MRI.  That's right ladies and gentlemen.  The correct answer to the last post's game is A.  I tore my ACL.  Not completely in half or else I wouldn't be walking but bad enough the doc is talking surgery.  We won't really know the extent of the damage until we get the MRI back next week, but basically I will need the surgery eventually.  So, right now is a better time than any, really.  But yeah.  Sucks.
I cried for about an hour, I looked like a mess and I had the WORST headache on the planet.  So I broke my pop fast (sorry Bryce) and ordered myself a large coke.  I needed a large dose of caffeine.  And even though I felt like throwing up (still do) I hadn't eaten anything all day so I ordered a small fry.  
I can't tell you how scared I am to get surgery.  I had to get an I.V. once back in high school just because I was really dehydrated and that was one of the worst experiences ever.  Haven't really been back to the doctor since.  Now compare getting a measly little I.V. to getting knee surgery. I think I will probably have a panic attack.  Not even lying.

Update:  MRI has been rescheduled because I messed up my insurance info. Blah.  I forgot that I had insurance through my work and now they have to pre-authorize through them to get me the MRI.   

All I want is for my knee to be fixed!! Why with all the run around?!

Sorry, I am super depressed right now.  I can promise more positive posts in the future.  But for now, I am going to cry.


So, my spirits are somewhat higher than when I was last here.  Though I won't be totally at ease until I get the news from the doctor tomorrow.  So let's play a game shall we?  Lets play
What Ligament Did Whitney Tear???!!!!
(I typed that in a deep and dragged out game show host voice)
Is is:
A. her ACl
B. her Meniscus
C. her PCL
or D. None of the above
Personally, I am hoping for D.  But go ahead, leave your guess, if you are right, you win a bazillion dollars.   Things have gotten better since I have been bed ridden on Saturday.  When Landon got home he got me out of bed and took me to dinner and we went and saw The Grey.  Which-was fabulous by the way.  And we taught the lesson in Sunday school yesterday.  We were called as the Marriage and Family Relations teachers.  I made cookies which of course as you all know, makes me the cool teacher, ammiright?  And tonight is going to be awesome as well.  Brenden (my broseph), his girly friend Erica, Landon and I are going out to dinner and going back to our apartment to play games.  I am super stoked because I haven't seen Brenden in like, a month.  So we are about to have a blast.  Anyways, everyone wish me luck for tomorrow.  I am seriously scared out of my mind and I kind of cry a little whenever I start thinking about what could be in store for me.  At least no matter what happens, I got this guy takin' care of me.

I've Been Putting This One Off...

I have been kind of nervous to blog about my current situation for fear of coming off self pitying and depressed.  Though, I have kind of just come to terms with it.  It's my blog, right? I'll cry if I want to...That was a terrible cliche, I apologize.  Before I explain, let me show you.
That is my leg.  On a stack of about six pillows.  I am currently doing the R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  This ladies and gentlemen is due to a crash I suffered on the slopes two days ago.  I was so excited to skip school and go snow boarding and I had a great time.  Until this happened anyways.  I was tearing up the mountain with my music blasting in my helmet having the time of my life. Seriously, I was shocked at how much fun I was having.  It was just after twelve and I was getting a little hungry and I had a turkey sandwich waiting for me in my truck so I decided to take the lift that brought me back to the front side of the mountain. I was getting off the lift when my back foot slipped off the front of my board and I totally ate it in the most humiliating way.  Arms and legs flailing about.  Except for my left leg which was somehow stuck in a sideways position dragging painfully in a direction it shouldn't be pointing.  I felt a pop on the inside of my knee and I layed there in the snow trying to stay composed.  And get this, this hideous display happened right in front of the ski patrol lodge and a ski patrol guy walked out, literally stepped OVER my crumpled body and put on his skis nonchalantly and skied away.  Didn't even ask if I was ok.  That's fine though, it's not like it's his JOB or anything.  Sorry, still bitter about that. After a couple minutes of lying there in agony, I don't know how, but I managed to get my snow board on and board back down the mountain.  I thought, hey maybe since I can do this, then I'm not as hurt as I thought.  It wasn't until I got to the bottom and bent over to unclasp my binding when I crumpled into a ball of sobs.  I limped my way back to the truck and drove home in tears.  I was able to go to work yesterday, but I hobbled around like a broken old lady all day.  After extensive googling  my symptoms, I am afraid it's either a torn meniscus or ACL aka my snowboarding days are done for awhile.  I haven't completely submitted to that conclusion though.  I am waiting out this weekend to see if I should go see a specialist.  So here I am, in bed with my leg ten feel above my head while I watch cheesy low budget films on Netflix eating carrots and pringles. And I even showered and put on mascara and deodorant.  I feel pretty accomplished about that.  Oh and where is Landon, you ask?  Oh he is just up on the mountain with his family snowboarding. Without me. NBD.  And no, even though it sounds like it I'm not bitter.  I told him to go.  Though I am very jealous.  It's a beautiful day to be on the mountain, and where am I? In my cold basement apartment. And there it is.  The self pitying and depressed feeling I was trying so hard to steer clear from.  Anyways, that's about all I got for now.  I am just hoping and praying that I start to feel better.  I will go to the doctor here in the next few days, but I am just looking for better news that I am expecting.  Wish me luck.

Night Boarding Chronicles

Hello my lovelies.  Sooo...totally about to hit up the slopes.  Yes it may be a blizzard outside, but you know what? We. Don't. Care.  And that- is how you know you really love something.  Plus, they got 20"+ up at Sundance this weekend.  Can't let that go to waste.  Monday night is the best night to go because first of all, it's night so there will be like, a 1/4 of the amount of the usual crowd AND it's Monday so everyone who would be there for night skiing is doing family home evening.  So there is even less.  Night boarding is our family home evening. So anywho, I will continue this post when we get back.  You know, give you an update on how it went.

ok.... so that was last night.  By the time we got home and I got all showered and stuff, I was exhausted.  So yes, I guess I will be telling you about it now...


That is how I feel.  I have never snowboarded in powder before, I really have only ever had crappy snow at my disposal.  I have skied in powder before, but I didn't really enjoy skiing most of the time so I don't think I really appreciated it. But believe you me, those of you who don't snowboard, it's 100% different when the snow is like that.  It was as though I was flying.  It was quiet, there was no scraping and grinding of ice, and it was soft.  I fell a couple times and my goodness it was like I landed on a cloud.  I've been padding myself up with knee pads and wrist guards but last night? I didn't need em.  Still wore them, but they weren't necessary.  And it was snowing pretty hard so nothing was icing over.  It was just staying fresh.  I am convinced we were on the mountain at the most perfect time.  It was pretty crowded for a Monday night, I blame the film festival that's going on, plus I am sure there were people who were just as excited for the new snow and Landon and me.  It wasn't bad though because we started going on some runs that weren't lit.  It wasn't too dark though and we were able to enjoy even better snow because everyone else was staying on the groomers and the lit runs.

I love the hush that falls over the world when it is snowing.  Not a blizzard, but a heavy and constant snowfall.  I don't know how it happens, but it seems so much more quiet.  And I love the way it isn't as dark.  Landon and I were trying to figure out why it's not as dark at night when it snows and we decided it is because the clouds trap the light in and the snow reflects the light through each falling snowflake.  I am a fan of summer, always have been.  But I don't think I have ever felt the peace that I felt last night. Magical, really.

Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon.

On facebook this morning, I saw a beautiful quote by my old roommate Lindy's man.  I am assuming it was from her man anyway, since she quoted it from "Travy J." aka her bf Travis.  If you are reading this Lind, and I am wrong, let me know.  Anyways, he said,
"Happiness is found in-between the walls of the previous second, and the one to come. In the heartbeat. In the now. 
-Travy j"

Now how amazing is that?  It makes me think of all the time I get to spend with this guy...

We're in our jammies right now, just enjoying our relaxing Sunday afternoon.  We just ate a bowl of kettle corn which is our latest favorite thing ever and now we are snuggled up loving this time we have together.  Sometimes we get caught up in work and school and just day to day responsibilities, but like Travy said, happiness is in the NOW.  You can't wait for happiness to come later, when all the work is done.  It is happening right before your eyes and if you can't see or choose to wait to look for it, then you're going to miss it.

Almost Good News...

So, we went to the Auto Expo last Saturday for Landino's birthday, right?  And right before we left there was this booth that was like, "WIN YOUR DREAM VACATION!!" And there were all these stoked people around and so Landon and Skyler were all, "Why not?!"  So they enthusiastically filled out the little papers and we went on our way.  So today, in between my classes, I was sitting in the library across the table from this random, albeit very friendly stranger girl when Landon calls me and was like, "Guess what." and I was all, "What." and he was like, "I just won three vacations."  And I'm like, "Shut up... where to?"  And Landon was like, "Florida, the Bahamas and Cancun." And I'm thinking whatever, he is just yankin' my chain, but he was like, "I'm totally serious.  That contest I entered just called me and said I won!"  And now I'm starting to freak out and kind of squeak and make flippy hand motions and not really breathing.. While friendly stranger girl has this look on her face like that ^ only less deformed.  She was stoked for me.  And Landon is going on and on about all the places we get to go and the coolness of it all, meanwhile, I am hyperventilating and trying not to scream in the middle of the library.  After he gets done telling me all this stuff, he's all, "I don't know... It all sounds too good to be true.  I just don't think we should get too excited about it until we know it's for real."  And I'm like, "OF COURSE it's for real!! You are just really lucky!! That's how you ended up with a wife like me!" So, I hang up with Landon and call Kayleigh (BFF) up and gloat about how awesome our trip is going to be, and I call my parents and tell them the good news.  My mom was off her rocker, though Dad was very skeptical.  He, just like Landon, thought it was too good to be true.  So I am on my way home from school when Landon calls me and he is like, "So I just got off the phone with Skyler..."  And I'm like, "yeah....?"  and he goes, "Well, I called him up to brag about winning the vacations and he was all, 'they called you too?'"  And my stomach dropped because he needed to say no more.  We knew we had been dooped.  Landon was like, "When I get home, we'll get online and check it out, but I'm thinking we just got scammed."  Now you're all probably thinking, "Oh my gosh, Whitney.  You guys are so dumb.  You never believe anyone when they call you telling you that you won the dream vacation!" And this is all I have to say to you. I KNOW THAT!!  But the fact that they entered to win it at the Auto Expo where you wouldn't think they would set up a scam booth like that at such a legit event is what made us think otherwise.  We really thought that out of ALL those people somehow we got lucky and won!  At least it made me think that... Landon was more skeptical.  So  anyways, Landon gets home and we look up the website and yes, it's a real thing, but all the fine print we read was what made it completely scandalous. We googled what people thought about it and they're all, "I got sucked into it, I lost all this money, blah blah-blah blah BLAH!  So, we called them up and cancelled it and we aren't stuck in a situation that would have ended up costing us like, $700 or more, but you know what? More than being mad about being sucked into such a stupid scam, I am seriously bummed about not getting to go on the vacation.  I was super stoked about it.

Ah well. At least we are still in the running for HGTV's 2012 Dream House...

Double Post Day

Don't you love it when you get two posts in one day?? I know I do! I am mostly doing it because I have a busy, busy day tomorrow and probably won't be able to blog.  So here is me thinking ahead. :)  Just got back from the Jazz game.  It was great, Jazz smoked 'em from beginning to end.  The food was delish and Landon bought me a hat. We had so much fun.  Here's the pics to prove it.
Front Row Joes. Minus we aren't on the actual front row.  But the front row in the suite...Still counts.
Also, I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Sky.

Here is me in the stereotypical "I think I know what I'm doing with Photoshop" picture and my new hat.  Mostly I like the hat and the laughing child that appears to be sticking out of the side of said hat.

Landon is focused on the game, and I'm focused on him.  As always. :)

Here's the Birthday Boy! We FINALLY got to sing to him.  Also, take note of what he is wearing. Again. :) I love that guy.

Landon's Birth-Week [Day 4]

My husband has been spoiled these past couple days.  He and I had a little birthday party for him last night, just him and me.  I got home after Landon and when I walked in, he was on the couch wearing his Jimmer jersey.  I started laughing so hard.  I don't know if I will ever get him out of that thing.  I made him boneless buffalo wings and pepperoni pizza with stuffed crust.  When I told him that's what was for dinner he got so excited and was like, "I'm almost as excited about that as I was about the Jimmer jersey."  He was really hungry I guess.  I gave him his birthday basket of his favorite things which consisted of grapefruits, Dr. Pepper 10, beef jerky, salt and vinegar chips, kettle corn, orange creme gum (sounds gross, looked good) Reeses hearts and Sour Patch Kids.  He is always teasing me about things I do and blames my "Layton Traditions." Which most of the things I do he thinks are weird have nothing to do with Layton.... But last night when I gave him his birthday basket he said, "You know, I'm always making fun of your Layton Traditions, but they are actually pretty cool."  He will probably deny ever saying that, but now it's on my blog. And everything on my blog is 100% true. 100%.
Playing Star Wars: the Force Unleashed II
Then I gave him Star Wars: the Force Unleashed II.  I scoured the entire valley trying to find a copy and I am completely convinced I found the last available copy in all of Utah Valley.   He was so excited about it and actually ended up beating the game last night.  And now he wants the expansion pack that's worth all of $0.99.  I told him we could splurge.  His big present from me was a reserved PS Vita.  It's the new PSP and it's coming out in about a month.  He has been telling everyone all he wants for his birthday is money so he can save up for one.  But the past couple days he has been saying he probably won't end up getting it because it's expensive.  And after all the birthdays and Christmas' that he has beyond spoiled me, I wouldn't have that.  So I put $50 down on one and told him there's not backing out now. :)
All of his spoils
 The lady at Game Stop wouldn't give me the box that said "Reserved Vita" because it was for "Display Only" so I punched her out and took the box anyways.  Not. But I was bummed because then I didn't have anything to wrap.  So I just took the receipt and put it in one of his old Jack Johnson cd cases thinking I was funny.  He didn't even fall for it a little bit. I had to tell him to laugh.  He opened up the case and pulled out the receipt like he knew it was in there.  He was so stoked! And I was pleased.  I am genuinely happy with myself that I surprised him with all of the gifts I gave him.  He usually has one thing in mind and that's all he wants so it's really hard to surprise him.  And I gave him some suspenders because a dude at church had some and Landon said if he had suspenders he would wear them all the time.  So we will see.
We woke up this morning and I was finally able to say "Happy Birthday" and have it be legitimate.  We have been laughing that we have been doing all this stuff and it STILL isn't his birthday.  So, here we are. Finally made it.  We are going to the Jazz game tonight with Kenyon and his dad in his company's suite.  We are pretty excited about it.  And then his Birth-Week will come to a close.  I don't know if he will be able to adjust to being a commoner after being treated like a king for so long. :) Only joking.  I treat him that way every day.  Happy Birthday Landoodle!!

Landon's Birth-Weekend [day 1]

What a day we had yesterday!! It was so much fun! Landoodle's birthday is on Tuesday, but we will be at the Jazz game that night, so we are having a birth-weekend for him up here in Heber.  We got up yesterday morning and hung out for awhile, got ready and headed to Sandy to the Auto Expo.  Now for those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting my smokin' hot husband, you wouldn't know that he is like, the BIGGEST car enthusiast on the planet.  He'd deny it if you asked him, saying he doesn't know that much, but he does.  If you ever have a question about a car, ask me and I will relay it to Landon and I guarantee he knows the answer.   Bryce and I were laughing about it the other day at work because he remembers every. little. detail he reads about every car.  We wonder how he manages to know anything else because his brain is full of cars.  I have never been to a car show before and I was loving watching Landon, he was in heaven.  And he was sure to answer everything we wanted about every car.  Look how focused he is! :) I love how passionate he gets about certain things.  He is the same way about BYU.

I found my dream car there.  I always tell Landon I want a yellow camero.  And we found this beaut there in the Chevy section.  It was the Transformers version though. I don't really want black stripes on my camero, but this one was pretty awesome with all the Transformer jargon it had on it.  One day, right?

After the car show, Landon's mom treated us all to Joe's Crab Shack which was also a first for me. SO GOOD!! I LOVE seafood and that place.... wow.  I died and went to crab heaven.  Landon and I were quick to put on our bibs which was good, because we were so messy.  I even left the place with a couple battle wounds.  The crab fought back, that's for sure.  I can say without a doubt that January 14, 2012 will go down in history as the Joe's Crab Shack Massacre.

Then, we went over to Costco to look at T.V.s and play "your favorite things" game where you go pick your favorite thing and Landon's mom bought it for us.  So fun.  It was Landon's birthday but we ALL got spoiled.  This was my favorite thing.  I was trying to figure out how to make the picture not show it backwards and the mirror effect was the only solution, so ignore the fact that I look ridiculous.
Dark Chocolate covered Pomegranates.
Oh. My. Gosh.  Seriously the most heavenly thing that Costco sells.  Delish.  We were chowin' down on them all night. 

 Don't worry, the night isn't over yet.  We got home and Skyler and I decided to give Landon a present from us.  It was a Jimmer Fredette jersey for the Sacramento Kings.  I was so happy that we surprised him, because once he saw it when it was wrapped, he said he knew what it was.  But when he opened it he was totally shocked! I was just delighted.  And so was he.  Landon is Jimmer's #1 fan.  I got it for him thinking it would just be a collector's item or something, I didn't think he would actually be wearing it, but he put it on last night and hasn't taken it off.  He loves it.
Not much longer after that, Landon's friends JJ, Jace and Kale came over to have a little shindig with us.  JJ brought strawberry cheesecake over because Landon loves cheesecake as much as he loves me.  And they gave him some sweet BYU basketball shorts, a BYU toothbrush and a Utes flag. haha  Love those guys.  Then we played the Game of Things.  Where you all answer questions and then try to guess who's answers belonged to who.  It is such a funny game, especially with those guys.  They had some weird answers.  We were dying.  Everyone went home around midnight and Landon, Skyler, Sunny and I played one more round with just us.  When we just couldn't keep our eyes open any longer, we hit the sack.  Like I said, it was such a good day.  Landon's birth-weekend isn't even close to being over though.  We are still having his favorite dinner tonight, I'm taking him out for a birthday date night on Monday and then Tuesday we are going to the Jazz/Clippers game with Landon's broseph Kenyon and his dad in the suite.  He is one lucky birthday boy I tell you.
 I love him so much. 

Typical Thursday

I promise this isn't going to take the whole post but please, allow me to vent for a couple sentences...


Thank you.  That was just to express my fear of this semester. I have a TON of work ahead of me.  Though I am not at 18 credits anymore, because after hashing it out with my utterly useless counselor, one of the classes she suggested I take was unnecessary for my major.  AND she is now telling me about certain classes that I still need to take before I can get into the teaching program.  So now, instead of applying to the program this fall, I won't be able to apply til next spring.  I once thought counselors to be helpful.  I feel as though I am still waiting for an experience with mine that actually makes me feel good when I leave her office.  Like I am actually going somewhere.  Anyways, I'm done now.  Thanks for listening.

Yesterday, I was at work, you know, just doin' my thing.  It hasn't been as slow as I had anticipated it to be this winter.  Maybe it is because not actually winter... But we have had stuff to do.  Plus, on the down time, I have PUH-LENTY to read.  But yesterday, yesterday was special.  Bryce (co-worker) let me drive the Bobcat.  I was so excited. :)  Didn't do much with it, drove it around, moved some dirt... that's about it. But, I was stoked.  Definitely the highlite of the day.  So thank you Bryce.  If teaching doesn't work out for me, I know I could have a solid career in playing in the dirt. 

I am so excited because tonight Landon and I get to go Flowriding.  We haven't been for awhile because it's pretty expensive.  But Landon's mom's friend is having a party there tonight so we get to go for free.  I am stoked.  I am fairly confident the reason I picked up snowboarding as quickly as I did was because of my background in surfing.  So, that is going to be awesome.

Anyways, that's about all I got for right now.   Oh, I am posting a video about skiers.  I think it's SO funny.  Mostly because I have said at least HALF of what is said in the video.  Enjoy!!

Too School for Cool.

We've all been there.  The first day of a new semester and this time you're like, "I'm going to be organized! I'm going to be efficient!  This time, I'm NOT going to wait until the night before a 5 page essay is due to get started!"  You're rejuvinated and ready to begin with a clean slate.  But generally, four months later you are found in a state similiar to this:

Ladies and gentlemen I am currently in the "stoked about school" phase.  I went to my Romantic British Literature class last night and I was all, "Man, this class is going to be AWESOME!! My teacher seems chill, William Blake was part of the Romantic period and I love him...What could go wrong?"  I know for a fact that this semester is filled with wonderful teachers.  I have learned to 100% rely on after having some absolutely wretched experiences with bad professors.  And I kinda want to brag for a sec, if you go here you will find how much people love my dad.  :) He basically is the greatest man alive.  Anyways, my point is, I love rate my professor. And my dad.
I was trying to compile a list of what could possibly steer my mindset down the road to my aforementioned death. What is going to ingnite the fire of procrastination? What would I rather do and where would I rather be than doing homework? What will be the cause of my doom? I came up with this:

1. Facebook and Pinterest
2. The Bachelor
(Still not sure if I want to keep watching though.  So this is only a potential threat)
3. Snowboarding
4. Landon
5. Going to Heber or Layton on weekends
6. Facebook and Pinterest
7. Blogging
8. Naps
9. Baking cookies
10. Facebook and Pinterest

And that's only a rough list and assuming something doesn't happen that suddenly makes me detest the material.  Because if somethings arises that irks me? It's dead to me.  So, now that I have the list, you would think the right thing to do would be just get rid of that stuff for the next four months.  But we all know that isn't even physically possible for me. Like I could get rid of this guy for four months, 
So I guess what I am saying is that those distrations will be inevitable.  I guess all things in moderation is what will keep me from dying.  I really do plan on trying to be more organized and efficient. Hopefully all goes well.  Good luck everyone.  Only 105 more days til summer. :)

High Hopes for the Weekend

Hello again.  So this week has been...kinda sucky...not gonna lie. Just a few things on my mind that have been stressing me out.  Some I can't really talk about yet because it could just be a product of paranoia or it could be legit.  Not gonna explain until it really happens for fear of looking like a fool.  But also, I have school starting up next week. 18 freaking credits that I have to nail to be able to get into the teaching program next semester. and then gosh dang it, I got really sick Monday night.  Seriously, I never get sick, let alone THAT sick.  I have a theory of what caused it.  I was watching The Bachelor on hulu and I fell asleep right at the end.  Then, when I woke up, I was sicker than a dog.  It wasn't food poisoning so it had to be the Bachelor that did it to me.  Judge me if you wish, but I love the Bachelor...Usually.  This season's bachelor though....bleh.  Kaesi, give me your thoughts on this, but I think he is the most boring dude ever to be on this show. And I think the producers were trying to make up for his boringness by putting crazier than usual women on the show.  So, we'll see.  I will give it another chance or two to see if it will be worth scheduling my Mondays around.  While I was sick though, Landon was a perfect dream.  He went to the store multiple times to get me medicine, crackers, and sprite and sat right next to me the entire time in case I needed anything.  I was so hot that I needed to have the ceiling fan on full blast and Landon didn't even complain, but when he nuzzled me his ears were freezing! I felt so bad, but he was so sweet and insisted we kept the fan on as long as I needed it.  I fell asleep on the couch and I woke up around 2 am and he stayed out on the couch with me.  Didn't even go to bed without me.  He was all curled up on the foot rest.  Even though I was sick, it made me giggle.   And in the morning, I wasn't sure if I should just suck it up and go to work, but Landon "forbid" it.  Which I am so happy I ended up staying home.  That would have been the worst working day of my life. So, lucky for me, I got someone watchin' out for me.  Best part of having a husband.  Well, after this crappy week, I'm hoping for a nice, relaxing weekend.  And energy to begin and destroy next semester.  Wish me luck!  Happy Friday!

2011 Recap!!

I have read quite a few darling blogs today that are recapping 2011 and I thought, "Not a bad idea, I had a pretty good year..." And by pretty good, I mean, BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!  So dear friends, family and people in Germany that read my blog, enjoy the recap of my 2011.
*ahem*  It all started in JANUARY.... When I whipped out this puppy to get some extra credit in my 2nd attempt of Biology.
She will do great things....

In FEBRUARY, I had my very first Valentine.  And I had my pet Miss Scarlet help me wish Mr. Street a happy Valentines day. We also made our yearly trip up to Bear Lake.  I brought my roomie Shelise with me.  As you can see, we really know how to have a good time.

In MARCH, nothing that important happened... PSYCH!! Mr. Street and I celebrated our one year anniversary annnnd HE PROPOSED!! eeehehehehe still makes me giddy just thinking about it.  If you want to read the proposal story, click here!!! It's a good one. :)
Now where were we... Ah yes, APRIL, April was a bitter sweet month.  Landon's contract at Ventana ended so he moved back up to Heber until we got married.  I didn't get to spend nearly as much time with him.  Though, it wasn't all bad.  It was sort of a last hoorah with these goons.

Sometimes I still miss them.

In MAY, there was a lot of wedding plans underway, I found us an apartment, engagements, bridals, invitations, showers, registry's and we still managed to get out riding, and going to St. George and my darling cousin Brittlyn got married.
june, June, JUNE!! Madness I tell you, the good kind though.  Basically, we can sum it all up with this:
Best. Day. Ever.
If you want to read about it, I did a HUGE blog post on it, click here!!

 JULY was our honeymoon in Vegas.  So much fun! We went all around town and tried not to die of heat in the 111 degree weather.  And my awesome dad paid for us to go see the Lion King and Blue Man Group!!

It was also my 21st BIRTHDAY!! Landon bought me roses, Tangled and a flow board and took me to flowrider.  He knows just how to make my birthday the best day EVER!!

AUGUST didn't entail much besides getting everything settled down and working a WHOLE LOT.  I was pretty bummed that I only went boating once this summer as opposed to other summers where I go at least once a week.  But I have a good job and we are very blessed so I can't complain.

SEPTEMBER brought the start of BYU football.  A sport I didn't care much about before I met Landon.  And upon marrying him, I have married into the love of football.  Especially, BYU football.
What a stud.  I still think he is hot covered in make-up.  Also, shout out to Kayleigh for being the make-up artist.

OCTOBER started the reign of lonely Whitney.  Because Landon started his math class which lead to me being home alone from 3-9:30 and I got SO bored.  Weekends were all I had to hold onto because by the time Mr. Street would get home he barely had time to eat, do a little homework and go straight to bed.  I was a sad wifey.  We had the most low-key Halloween ever.  Consisting of NOT dressing up and watching low budget horror films.  And it was one of the greatest Halloweens. Ever.

NOVEMBER brought us a Thanksgiving feast of a life time.  Having two Thanksgiving dinners one right after the other down in St. George.  It was so fun to have both our families in the same place for the holiday.

DECEMBER not gonna lie...I feel as though I am being a bit repetitive talking about December when December ended 16 hours ago.  But I will reiterate that it was THE best Christmas of my life.  I have been snowboarding and loving it, we have had a great break from school and work...OH!! annnd I passed Biology after my 3rd attempt.  Take that Biology.  Stupid Science.

So, there you have it.  The recap of 2011.  Great year huh?  I would say the best thing I got out of it was the dresser.  Juuust kidding.  It would be my husband.  The love of my life and the best friend I could ever ask for.  Here is a quick vid of us ringing in the new year.  Don't pay any attention to how obnoxious I am after 10 pm.  Believe me, midnight is WAY past my bed time.
Happy New Year poodles.  May 2012 bring you love, laughter and a ballin' end of the world.

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