2011 Recap!!

I have read quite a few darling blogs today that are recapping 2011 and I thought, "Not a bad idea, I had a pretty good year..." And by pretty good, I mean, BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE!!  So dear friends, family and people in Germany that read my blog, enjoy the recap of my 2011.
*ahem*  It all started in JANUARY.... When I whipped out this puppy to get some extra credit in my 2nd attempt of Biology.
She will do great things....

In FEBRUARY, I had my very first Valentine.  And I had my pet Miss Scarlet help me wish Mr. Street a happy Valentines day. We also made our yearly trip up to Bear Lake.  I brought my roomie Shelise with me.  As you can see, we really know how to have a good time.

In MARCH, nothing that important happened... PSYCH!! Mr. Street and I celebrated our one year anniversary annnnd HE PROPOSED!! eeehehehehe still makes me giddy just thinking about it.  If you want to read the proposal story, click here!!! It's a good one. :)
Now where were we... Ah yes, APRIL, April was a bitter sweet month.  Landon's contract at Ventana ended so he moved back up to Heber until we got married.  I didn't get to spend nearly as much time with him.  Though, it wasn't all bad.  It was sort of a last hoorah with these goons.

Sometimes I still miss them.

In MAY, there was a lot of wedding plans underway, I found us an apartment, engagements, bridals, invitations, showers, registry's and we still managed to get out riding, and going to St. George and my darling cousin Brittlyn got married.
june, June, JUNE!! Madness I tell you, the good kind though.  Basically, we can sum it all up with this:
Best. Day. Ever.
If you want to read about it, I did a HUGE blog post on it, click here!!

 JULY was our honeymoon in Vegas.  So much fun! We went all around town and tried not to die of heat in the 111 degree weather.  And my awesome dad paid for us to go see the Lion King and Blue Man Group!!

It was also my 21st BIRTHDAY!! Landon bought me roses, Tangled and a flow board and took me to flowrider.  He knows just how to make my birthday the best day EVER!!

AUGUST didn't entail much besides getting everything settled down and working a WHOLE LOT.  I was pretty bummed that I only went boating once this summer as opposed to other summers where I go at least once a week.  But I have a good job and we are very blessed so I can't complain.

SEPTEMBER brought the start of BYU football.  A sport I didn't care much about before I met Landon.  And upon marrying him, I have married into the love of football.  Especially, BYU football.
What a stud.  I still think he is hot covered in make-up.  Also, shout out to Kayleigh for being the make-up artist.

OCTOBER started the reign of lonely Whitney.  Because Landon started his math class which lead to me being home alone from 3-9:30 and I got SO bored.  Weekends were all I had to hold onto because by the time Mr. Street would get home he barely had time to eat, do a little homework and go straight to bed.  I was a sad wifey.  We had the most low-key Halloween ever.  Consisting of NOT dressing up and watching low budget horror films.  And it was one of the greatest Halloweens. Ever.

NOVEMBER brought us a Thanksgiving feast of a life time.  Having two Thanksgiving dinners one right after the other down in St. George.  It was so fun to have both our families in the same place for the holiday.

DECEMBER not gonna lie...I feel as though I am being a bit repetitive talking about December when December ended 16 hours ago.  But I will reiterate that it was THE best Christmas of my life.  I have been snowboarding and loving it, we have had a great break from school and work...OH!! annnd I passed Biology after my 3rd attempt.  Take that Biology.  Stupid Science.

So, there you have it.  The recap of 2011.  Great year huh?  I would say the best thing I got out of it was the dresser.  Juuust kidding.  It would be my husband.  The love of my life and the best friend I could ever ask for.  Here is a quick vid of us ringing in the new year.  Don't pay any attention to how obnoxious I am after 10 pm.  Believe me, midnight is WAY past my bed time.
Happy New Year poodles.  May 2012 bring you love, laughter and a ballin' end of the world.


  1. bio- dum dum dum dum- biology- dum dum dum dum. you are so funny. and that isnt even sarcastic. you and the harmonica. oh man i love it. reminds me of that time we went to salt lake together.

  2. that was by far the best time I've ever had in that city. still think we need to go to seven peaks.


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