At Least I Didn't Look Fat in my Harvest Pictures...

This is my comfort food.  Mostly I am here because I need comfort. and free wi-fi until my appointment for my MRI.  That's right ladies and gentlemen.  The correct answer to the last post's game is A.  I tore my ACL.  Not completely in half or else I wouldn't be walking but bad enough the doc is talking surgery.  We won't really know the extent of the damage until we get the MRI back next week, but basically I will need the surgery eventually.  So, right now is a better time than any, really.  But yeah.  Sucks.
I cried for about an hour, I looked like a mess and I had the WORST headache on the planet.  So I broke my pop fast (sorry Bryce) and ordered myself a large coke.  I needed a large dose of caffeine.  And even though I felt like throwing up (still do) I hadn't eaten anything all day so I ordered a small fry.  
I can't tell you how scared I am to get surgery.  I had to get an I.V. once back in high school just because I was really dehydrated and that was one of the worst experiences ever.  Haven't really been back to the doctor since.  Now compare getting a measly little I.V. to getting knee surgery. I think I will probably have a panic attack.  Not even lying.

Update:  MRI has been rescheduled because I messed up my insurance info. Blah.  I forgot that I had insurance through my work and now they have to pre-authorize through them to get me the MRI.   

All I want is for my knee to be fixed!! Why with all the run around?!

Sorry, I am super depressed right now.  I can promise more positive posts in the future.  But for now, I am going to cry.


  1. Holla at the title. Sorry you don't feel good. And sorry about your acl.

  2. dont worry, be happy.

    turn that frown upside down.

    i hope your surgery goes well, my friend.


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