Double Post Day

Don't you love it when you get two posts in one day?? I know I do! I am mostly doing it because I have a busy, busy day tomorrow and probably won't be able to blog.  So here is me thinking ahead. :)  Just got back from the Jazz game.  It was great, Jazz smoked 'em from beginning to end.  The food was delish and Landon bought me a hat. We had so much fun.  Here's the pics to prove it.
Front Row Joes. Minus we aren't on the actual front row.  But the front row in the suite...Still counts.
Also, I think this is one of my favorite pictures of Sky.

Here is me in the stereotypical "I think I know what I'm doing with Photoshop" picture and my new hat.  Mostly I like the hat and the laughing child that appears to be sticking out of the side of said hat.

Landon is focused on the game, and I'm focused on him.  As always. :)

Here's the Birthday Boy! We FINALLY got to sing to him.  Also, take note of what he is wearing. Again. :) I love that guy.

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