High Hopes for the Weekend

Hello again.  So this week has been...kinda sucky...not gonna lie. Just a few things on my mind that have been stressing me out.  Some I can't really talk about yet because it could just be a product of paranoia or it could be legit.  Not gonna explain until it really happens for fear of looking like a fool.  But also, I have school starting up next week. 18 freaking credits that I have to nail to be able to get into the teaching program next semester. and then gosh dang it, I got really sick Monday night.  Seriously, I never get sick, let alone THAT sick.  I have a theory of what caused it.  I was watching The Bachelor on hulu and I fell asleep right at the end.  Then, when I woke up, I was sicker than a dog.  It wasn't food poisoning so it had to be the Bachelor that did it to me.  Judge me if you wish, but I love the Bachelor...Usually.  This season's bachelor though....bleh.  Kaesi, give me your thoughts on this, but I think he is the most boring dude ever to be on this show. And I think the producers were trying to make up for his boringness by putting crazier than usual women on the show.  So, we'll see.  I will give it another chance or two to see if it will be worth scheduling my Mondays around.  While I was sick though, Landon was a perfect dream.  He went to the store multiple times to get me medicine, crackers, and sprite and sat right next to me the entire time in case I needed anything.  I was so hot that I needed to have the ceiling fan on full blast and Landon didn't even complain, but when he nuzzled me his ears were freezing! I felt so bad, but he was so sweet and insisted we kept the fan on as long as I needed it.  I fell asleep on the couch and I woke up around 2 am and he stayed out on the couch with me.  Didn't even go to bed without me.  He was all curled up on the foot rest.  Even though I was sick, it made me giggle.   And in the morning, I wasn't sure if I should just suck it up and go to work, but Landon "forbid" it.  Which I am so happy I ended up staying home.  That would have been the worst working day of my life. So, lucky for me, I got someone watchin' out for me.  Best part of having a husband.  Well, after this crappy week, I'm hoping for a nice, relaxing weekend.  And energy to begin and destroy next semester.  Wish me luck!  Happy Friday!


  1. whitney whitney whitney.
    a few things...
    1. landon is a perfect husband.
    2. im very sad you are sick. i hope you get better.
    3. and the bachelorette... i totes agree. it has only been one week and i am already semi disappointed. ben f. hes not even cute. hes boring. the girls are all skanks. and dramatic. and not cute really. and this season just seems like its not gonna be that great.
    4. i hope this weekend is great for you.
    5. thanks for linkin me up in yo blog gurl.


  2. dudette, good luck.
    parker and i may be stopping by tonight. we gots something for you and landy. :)

    sorry you got sick. i feel bad, because that's the night you bailed us out. you are a rockstar.


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