Typical Thursday

I promise this isn't going to take the whole post but please, allow me to vent for a couple sentences...


Thank you.  That was just to express my fear of this semester. I have a TON of work ahead of me.  Though I am not at 18 credits anymore, because after hashing it out with my utterly useless counselor, one of the classes she suggested I take was unnecessary for my major.  AND she is now telling me about certain classes that I still need to take before I can get into the teaching program.  So now, instead of applying to the program this fall, I won't be able to apply til next spring.  I once thought counselors to be helpful.  I feel as though I am still waiting for an experience with mine that actually makes me feel good when I leave her office.  Like I am actually going somewhere.  Anyways, I'm done now.  Thanks for listening.

Yesterday, I was at work, you know, just doin' my thing.  It hasn't been as slow as I had anticipated it to be this winter.  Maybe it is because not actually winter... But we have had stuff to do.  Plus, on the down time, I have PUH-LENTY to read.  But yesterday, yesterday was special.  Bryce (co-worker) let me drive the Bobcat.  I was so excited. :)  Didn't do much with it, drove it around, moved some dirt... that's about it. But, I was stoked.  Definitely the highlite of the day.  So thank you Bryce.  If teaching doesn't work out for me, I know I could have a solid career in playing in the dirt. 

I am so excited because tonight Landon and I get to go Flowriding.  We haven't been for awhile because it's pretty expensive.  But Landon's mom's friend is having a party there tonight so we get to go for free.  I am stoked.  I am fairly confident the reason I picked up snowboarding as quickly as I did was because of my background in surfing.  So, that is going to be awesome.

Anyways, that's about all I got for right now.   Oh, I am posting a video about skiers.  I think it's SO funny.  Mostly because I have said at least HALF of what is said in the video.  Enjoy!!


  1. I LOVE flowrider. I haven't been there sense high school because it's for rich people :-) Whitney you are just too funny. I think we need to set up a double date. I know I'd be entertained! :-) haha

    1. Totally agree!! Landon and I need more married friends! haha

  2. Sweet! Next time the two of you are about to do something fun that would be more fun with 2 other peeps text me! 529-6221


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