I've Been Putting This One Off...

I have been kind of nervous to blog about my current situation for fear of coming off self pitying and depressed.  Though, I have kind of just come to terms with it.  It's my blog, right? I'll cry if I want to...That was a terrible cliche, I apologize.  Before I explain, let me show you.
That is my leg.  On a stack of about six pillows.  I am currently doing the R.I.C.E. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  This ladies and gentlemen is due to a crash I suffered on the slopes two days ago.  I was so excited to skip school and go snow boarding and I had a great time.  Until this happened anyways.  I was tearing up the mountain with my music blasting in my helmet having the time of my life. Seriously, I was shocked at how much fun I was having.  It was just after twelve and I was getting a little hungry and I had a turkey sandwich waiting for me in my truck so I decided to take the lift that brought me back to the front side of the mountain. I was getting off the lift when my back foot slipped off the front of my board and I totally ate it in the most humiliating way.  Arms and legs flailing about.  Except for my left leg which was somehow stuck in a sideways position dragging painfully in a direction it shouldn't be pointing.  I felt a pop on the inside of my knee and I layed there in the snow trying to stay composed.  And get this, this hideous display happened right in front of the ski patrol lodge and a ski patrol guy walked out, literally stepped OVER my crumpled body and put on his skis nonchalantly and skied away.  Didn't even ask if I was ok.  That's fine though, it's not like it's his JOB or anything.  Sorry, still bitter about that. After a couple minutes of lying there in agony, I don't know how, but I managed to get my snow board on and board back down the mountain.  I thought, hey maybe since I can do this, then I'm not as hurt as I thought.  It wasn't until I got to the bottom and bent over to unclasp my binding when I crumpled into a ball of sobs.  I limped my way back to the truck and drove home in tears.  I was able to go to work yesterday, but I hobbled around like a broken old lady all day.  After extensive googling  my symptoms, I am afraid it's either a torn meniscus or ACL aka my snowboarding days are done for awhile.  I haven't completely submitted to that conclusion though.  I am waiting out this weekend to see if I should go see a specialist.  So here I am, in bed with my leg ten feel above my head while I watch cheesy low budget films on Netflix eating carrots and pringles. And I even showered and put on mascara and deodorant.  I feel pretty accomplished about that.  Oh and where is Landon, you ask?  Oh he is just up on the mountain with his family snowboarding. Without me. NBD.  And no, even though it sounds like it I'm not bitter.  I told him to go.  Though I am very jealous.  It's a beautiful day to be on the mountain, and where am I? In my cold basement apartment. And there it is.  The self pitying and depressed feeling I was trying so hard to steer clear from.  Anyways, that's about all I got for now.  I am just hoping and praying that I start to feel better.  I will go to the doctor here in the next few days, but I am just looking for better news that I am expecting.  Wish me luck.


  1. oweee. i hope your leg feels better. and landon can come home soon and make it feel better.


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