Landon's Birth-Week [Day 4]

My husband has been spoiled these past couple days.  He and I had a little birthday party for him last night, just him and me.  I got home after Landon and when I walked in, he was on the couch wearing his Jimmer jersey.  I started laughing so hard.  I don't know if I will ever get him out of that thing.  I made him boneless buffalo wings and pepperoni pizza with stuffed crust.  When I told him that's what was for dinner he got so excited and was like, "I'm almost as excited about that as I was about the Jimmer jersey."  He was really hungry I guess.  I gave him his birthday basket of his favorite things which consisted of grapefruits, Dr. Pepper 10, beef jerky, salt and vinegar chips, kettle corn, orange creme gum (sounds gross, looked good) Reeses hearts and Sour Patch Kids.  He is always teasing me about things I do and blames my "Layton Traditions." Which most of the things I do he thinks are weird have nothing to do with Layton.... But last night when I gave him his birthday basket he said, "You know, I'm always making fun of your Layton Traditions, but they are actually pretty cool."  He will probably deny ever saying that, but now it's on my blog. And everything on my blog is 100% true. 100%.
Playing Star Wars: the Force Unleashed II
Then I gave him Star Wars: the Force Unleashed II.  I scoured the entire valley trying to find a copy and I am completely convinced I found the last available copy in all of Utah Valley.   He was so excited about it and actually ended up beating the game last night.  And now he wants the expansion pack that's worth all of $0.99.  I told him we could splurge.  His big present from me was a reserved PS Vita.  It's the new PSP and it's coming out in about a month.  He has been telling everyone all he wants for his birthday is money so he can save up for one.  But the past couple days he has been saying he probably won't end up getting it because it's expensive.  And after all the birthdays and Christmas' that he has beyond spoiled me, I wouldn't have that.  So I put $50 down on one and told him there's not backing out now. :)
All of his spoils
 The lady at Game Stop wouldn't give me the box that said "Reserved Vita" because it was for "Display Only" so I punched her out and took the box anyways.  Not. But I was bummed because then I didn't have anything to wrap.  So I just took the receipt and put it in one of his old Jack Johnson cd cases thinking I was funny.  He didn't even fall for it a little bit. I had to tell him to laugh.  He opened up the case and pulled out the receipt like he knew it was in there.  He was so stoked! And I was pleased.  I am genuinely happy with myself that I surprised him with all of the gifts I gave him.  He usually has one thing in mind and that's all he wants so it's really hard to surprise him.  And I gave him some suspenders because a dude at church had some and Landon said if he had suspenders he would wear them all the time.  So we will see.
We woke up this morning and I was finally able to say "Happy Birthday" and have it be legitimate.  We have been laughing that we have been doing all this stuff and it STILL isn't his birthday.  So, here we are. Finally made it.  We are going to the Jazz game tonight with Kenyon and his dad in his company's suite.  We are pretty excited about it.  And then his Birth-Week will come to a close.  I don't know if he will be able to adjust to being a commoner after being treated like a king for so long. :) Only joking.  I treat him that way every day.  Happy Birthday Landoodle!!

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