Lazin' on a Sunday Afternoon.

On facebook this morning, I saw a beautiful quote by my old roommate Lindy's man.  I am assuming it was from her man anyway, since she quoted it from "Travy J." aka her bf Travis.  If you are reading this Lind, and I am wrong, let me know.  Anyways, he said,
"Happiness is found in-between the walls of the previous second, and the one to come. In the heartbeat. In the now. 
-Travy j"

Now how amazing is that?  It makes me think of all the time I get to spend with this guy...

We're in our jammies right now, just enjoying our relaxing Sunday afternoon.  We just ate a bowl of kettle corn which is our latest favorite thing ever and now we are snuggled up loving this time we have together.  Sometimes we get caught up in work and school and just day to day responsibilities, but like Travy said, happiness is in the NOW.  You can't wait for happiness to come later, when all the work is done.  It is happening right before your eyes and if you can't see or choose to wait to look for it, then you're going to miss it.


  1. Such a cute post!! You guys are so cute. Love the quotes :)

  2. Love it. We are also way into kettle corn right now. Weird! We love it haha. At least a bag a day! =)


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