Night Boarding Chronicles

Hello my lovelies.  Sooo...totally about to hit up the slopes.  Yes it may be a blizzard outside, but you know what? We. Don't. Care.  And that- is how you know you really love something.  Plus, they got 20"+ up at Sundance this weekend.  Can't let that go to waste.  Monday night is the best night to go because first of all, it's night so there will be like, a 1/4 of the amount of the usual crowd AND it's Monday so everyone who would be there for night skiing is doing family home evening.  So there is even less.  Night boarding is our family home evening. So anywho, I will continue this post when we get back.  You know, give you an update on how it went.

ok.... so that was last night.  By the time we got home and I got all showered and stuff, I was exhausted.  So yes, I guess I will be telling you about it now...


That is how I feel.  I have never snowboarded in powder before, I really have only ever had crappy snow at my disposal.  I have skied in powder before, but I didn't really enjoy skiing most of the time so I don't think I really appreciated it. But believe you me, those of you who don't snowboard, it's 100% different when the snow is like that.  It was as though I was flying.  It was quiet, there was no scraping and grinding of ice, and it was soft.  I fell a couple times and my goodness it was like I landed on a cloud.  I've been padding myself up with knee pads and wrist guards but last night? I didn't need em.  Still wore them, but they weren't necessary.  And it was snowing pretty hard so nothing was icing over.  It was just staying fresh.  I am convinced we were on the mountain at the most perfect time.  It was pretty crowded for a Monday night, I blame the film festival that's going on, plus I am sure there were people who were just as excited for the new snow and Landon and me.  It wasn't bad though because we started going on some runs that weren't lit.  It wasn't too dark though and we were able to enjoy even better snow because everyone else was staying on the groomers and the lit runs.

I love the hush that falls over the world when it is snowing.  Not a blizzard, but a heavy and constant snowfall.  I don't know how it happens, but it seems so much more quiet.  And I love the way it isn't as dark.  Landon and I were trying to figure out why it's not as dark at night when it snows and we decided it is because the clouds trap the light in and the snow reflects the light through each falling snowflake.  I am a fan of summer, always have been.  But I don't think I have ever felt the peace that I felt last night. Magical, really.


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