So, my spirits are somewhat higher than when I was last here.  Though I won't be totally at ease until I get the news from the doctor tomorrow.  So let's play a game shall we?  Lets play
What Ligament Did Whitney Tear???!!!!
(I typed that in a deep and dragged out game show host voice)
Is is:
A. her ACl
B. her Meniscus
C. her PCL
or D. None of the above
Personally, I am hoping for D.  But go ahead, leave your guess, if you are right, you win a bazillion dollars.   Things have gotten better since I have been bed ridden on Saturday.  When Landon got home he got me out of bed and took me to dinner and we went and saw The Grey.  Which-was fabulous by the way.  And we taught the lesson in Sunday school yesterday.  We were called as the Marriage and Family Relations teachers.  I made cookies which of course as you all know, makes me the cool teacher, ammiright?  And tonight is going to be awesome as well.  Brenden (my broseph), his girly friend Erica, Landon and I are going out to dinner and going back to our apartment to play games.  I am super stoked because I haven't seen Brenden in like, a month.  So we are about to have a blast.  Anyways, everyone wish me luck for tomorrow.  I am seriously scared out of my mind and I kind of cry a little whenever I start thinking about what could be in store for me.  At least no matter what happens, I got this guy takin' care of me.


  1. I totally said that in a game show voice. I'm thinking D. If you're doing better, that should be a good sign, right? And it does make you the best teacher having cookies. Jealous.

    1. you know, I don't know. It still hurts, but yeah I am more mobile than I was this weekend. But I have been reading a lot of stuff online and ligaments can be torn and I would still be able to walk. If they were completely torn in half, then no I wouldn't be able to walk. So it's definitely not the worst possible thing, but it could still be torn which leaves the possibility of surgery on the table.

  2. I vote number D my lord! Number D! Hope the Dr goes well today! love ya:)


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