Almost Good News...

So, we went to the Auto Expo last Saturday for Landino's birthday, right?  And right before we left there was this booth that was like, "WIN YOUR DREAM VACATION!!" And there were all these stoked people around and so Landon and Skyler were all, "Why not?!"  So they enthusiastically filled out the little papers and we went on our way.  So today, in between my classes, I was sitting in the library across the table from this random, albeit very friendly stranger girl when Landon calls me and was like, "Guess what." and I was all, "What." and he was like, "I just won three vacations."  And I'm like, "Shut up... where to?"  And Landon was like, "Florida, the Bahamas and Cancun." And I'm thinking whatever, he is just yankin' my chain, but he was like, "I'm totally serious.  That contest I entered just called me and said I won!"  And now I'm starting to freak out and kind of squeak and make flippy hand motions and not really breathing.. While friendly stranger girl has this look on her face like that ^ only less deformed.  She was stoked for me.  And Landon is going on and on about all the places we get to go and the coolness of it all, meanwhile, I am hyperventilating and trying not to scream in the middle of the library.  After he gets done telling me all this stuff, he's all, "I don't know... It all sounds too good to be true.  I just don't think we should get too excited about it until we know it's for real."  And I'm like, "OF COURSE it's for real!! You are just really lucky!! That's how you ended up with a wife like me!" So, I hang up with Landon and call Kayleigh (BFF) up and gloat about how awesome our trip is going to be, and I call my parents and tell them the good news.  My mom was off her rocker, though Dad was very skeptical.  He, just like Landon, thought it was too good to be true.  So I am on my way home from school when Landon calls me and he is like, "So I just got off the phone with Skyler..."  And I'm like, "yeah....?"  and he goes, "Well, I called him up to brag about winning the vacations and he was all, 'they called you too?'"  And my stomach dropped because he needed to say no more.  We knew we had been dooped.  Landon was like, "When I get home, we'll get online and check it out, but I'm thinking we just got scammed."  Now you're all probably thinking, "Oh my gosh, Whitney.  You guys are so dumb.  You never believe anyone when they call you telling you that you won the dream vacation!" And this is all I have to say to you. I KNOW THAT!!  But the fact that they entered to win it at the Auto Expo where you wouldn't think they would set up a scam booth like that at such a legit event is what made us think otherwise.  We really thought that out of ALL those people somehow we got lucky and won!  At least it made me think that... Landon was more skeptical.  So  anyways, Landon gets home and we look up the website and yes, it's a real thing, but all the fine print we read was what made it completely scandalous. We googled what people thought about it and they're all, "I got sucked into it, I lost all this money, blah blah-blah blah BLAH!  So, we called them up and cancelled it and we aren't stuck in a situation that would have ended up costing us like, $700 or more, but you know what? More than being mad about being sucked into such a stupid scam, I am seriously bummed about not getting to go on the vacation.  I was super stoked about it.

Ah well. At least we are still in the running for HGTV's 2012 Dream House...


  1. If you win the dream house you gotta promise me I can come spend a weekend with you guy's and sit in the hot tub, sit on the patio and enjoy the view and visit of course!!!! :-)

  2. hahah i love this. i love the picture of the girl. you crack me up homie.

  3. Aw man!! That totally sucks! I was waayyy excited for you :( I've done that before too! Stupid scams!! Anyways, that picture of the stranger girl is awesome! You should be an artist ;)


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