Too School for Cool.

We've all been there.  The first day of a new semester and this time you're like, "I'm going to be organized! I'm going to be efficient!  This time, I'm NOT going to wait until the night before a 5 page essay is due to get started!"  You're rejuvinated and ready to begin with a clean slate.  But generally, four months later you are found in a state similiar to this:

Ladies and gentlemen I am currently in the "stoked about school" phase.  I went to my Romantic British Literature class last night and I was all, "Man, this class is going to be AWESOME!! My teacher seems chill, William Blake was part of the Romantic period and I love him...What could go wrong?"  I know for a fact that this semester is filled with wonderful teachers.  I have learned to 100% rely on after having some absolutely wretched experiences with bad professors.  And I kinda want to brag for a sec, if you go here you will find how much people love my dad.  :) He basically is the greatest man alive.  Anyways, my point is, I love rate my professor. And my dad.
I was trying to compile a list of what could possibly steer my mindset down the road to my aforementioned death. What is going to ingnite the fire of procrastination? What would I rather do and where would I rather be than doing homework? What will be the cause of my doom? I came up with this:

1. Facebook and Pinterest
2. The Bachelor
(Still not sure if I want to keep watching though.  So this is only a potential threat)
3. Snowboarding
4. Landon
5. Going to Heber or Layton on weekends
6. Facebook and Pinterest
7. Blogging
8. Naps
9. Baking cookies
10. Facebook and Pinterest

And that's only a rough list and assuming something doesn't happen that suddenly makes me detest the material.  Because if somethings arises that irks me? It's dead to me.  So, now that I have the list, you would think the right thing to do would be just get rid of that stuff for the next four months.  But we all know that isn't even physically possible for me. Like I could get rid of this guy for four months, 
So I guess what I am saying is that those distrations will be inevitable.  I guess all things in moderation is what will keep me from dying.  I really do plan on trying to be more organized and efficient. Hopefully all goes well.  Good luck everyone.  Only 105 more days til summer. :)

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  1. already counting down the days till summer. i like your style.


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