Random Thoughts

We went to Coldstone last night....

I love him.
On a completely separate note, can we all focus on the new word verifications on blogger to "prove we're not robots".... anyone else have to try like, four times to get it right?  It's like sobriety tests.  They're almost impossible to pass even when you're not drunk off your butt.  And then I try to hit the button that reads it to me and I feel like I'm having satanic messages yelled at me from my computer.  Somethings not right.

*end rant*

Going to Sundance here in about an hour.  Stoked.  Gonna try to beat out the "storm of the year" that's headed this way.  I'm skeptical.  I feel as though they're always going on and on about storms that are going to end the world and then we get barely a skiff of snow on our cars.  Prove me wrong Mother Nature.  I dare you.  I dare you to shut UVU down tomorrow.  Cause I don't think you can do it.

Here's A Lot of Pictures...

This weekend Landon and I had quite a bit going on.  On Friday, we got together with an old friend from high school and her husband.  We made SUSHI!! The thought of it was terrifying.  I don't really trust myself with making anything more exotic than spaghetti.  We headed to a little Asian food store down the street and bought all of the necessary supplies and stopped at the grocery story on the way home and bought some pizzas as well. You know...back up plan.  The sushi turned out pretty well.  We were proud of ourselves, that's for sure.  Next time we are going to make it Tempura style.  Tempura is my favorite!  Here are the pictures from the night...
There was a 10 second timer on the camera and apparently I can't hold a normal smile for that long...
 Chris was the sushi roller. Nailed it.
 These two were really the brains behind it all.  Alex and I just took pictures and made Asian faces.
 Here is the finished product.  Almost looks professional, right?
Super fun night.
On Saturday, Landon and I met up with his family on the slopes.  That's right everyone, I'm back on the board.  My knee is still just a tad sore, so I had to have Landon kind of help me out when I would get on and off the ski lift.  Other than that though, I did great.  And it felt awesome to get back out there.  
After we went snowboarding, we went to lunch with Landon's family and went to the Apple store to help Landon's grandma pick out an iPad for her mission.   Then we headed up to Layton to watch my little sister play in her tennis tournament.  Basically, she killed.  I was so proud.
Way to go Riah.  While we were watching the match, my mom showed me this video she took a couple days before.  My brother made a smoke bomb and they set it off in the backyard.  Unfortunately, the bomb was pretty lame, but the video is hilarious.  I love my family.

Yesterday I was feeling particularly artistic and I will show you some of my creations.  At work, it was pretty slow so I made these...
Real craftsmanship right there.
And last night, I was taking my midterm for my Romantic British Literature class and I drew a picture of my teacher.
I had to be sneaky getting a picture of it because you aren't supposed to have your phone out.  The caption under the picture said,
"While I was thinking of what to write, I drew a picture of you with an exotic bird on your shoulder...you're welcome."
But now, I can't decide if my teacher will appreciate it... oh well....too late now.
Anyway... that's about everything that happened this weekend.  It was a good one.  Lots of fun.  Lots of friends.  Loved it.

A memory.

There's something special about memories... It's like a movie in your brain!  That- sounded like some really crappy sales pitch for memories.
My apologies.  
Seriously though, sometimes I get lost in remembering things that have happened in my life, and today I came across one that I seem to think about from time to time.  I have written it in story form for creative writing classes, I've told it around camp fires when sharing embarrassing stories, but today, I am going to tell it in blog form.  Because that is my favorite right now.  
I was back when I was in high school, I was in a extra curricular activity called Key Club.  Key Club is this organization for high school kids to serve.  It's really cool actually, you do a lot for the community and like, old folks and stuff, but when it comes to Key Club International, it's more on an...international perspective.  A lot of focus on UNICEF and March of Dimes and stuff, you know? Real cool.  Well, my junior year, I was elected to be the Lieutenant Governor for Division 2B of the Key Club district. AKA Davis county basically.  I had to go around to the different high schools and try to be... I don't know...a role model?  I'm not going to lie, I was excited about just having the title Lt. Gov. on my jacket and have a cool magnetic badge.
I guess what I am saying is, I ran for this position for absolutely ALL the wrong reasons.  There was the cool trip to Boston too, where I got in trouble for stealing a brick.  That's probably a story for another time, or perhaps never because it's full of repressed anger and teenage angst.  So, basically I threw myself into a position that I don't know if I was totally up for.  I dreaded scheduling meetings with the Presidents from the other clubs, because it was clear that none of us wanted to be there.  I hated being to the go to person for questions that I had no idea the answer for, but I will tell you, I loved the badge. And probably the greatest thing I gained from this job that I shouldn't let the hatred over-shadow were the friends I made.  There were some gems in there.
Left to Right: Emily, some idiot in a box, Benji, and Sam
Seriously, these guys made that job worth every second.  Now the story I am trying to get to involves basically just Emily and me.  The main job of the Lt. Governors was to plan the District Convention.  When that puppy finally came rolling around, one of the fund raisers we had was "WIN A DATE WITH A LT. GOVERNOR!!" Basically, you bought a ticket for a buck and your ticket went in a pouch  with a whole bunch of other tickets and then we drew a ticket on the last night and if you won, your "date" was to be able to sit at the Lt. Governor table with your choice.  Well, I had my eye on this chap from a certain high school, he was tall and his last name was Whitney.  We had flirted throughout the couple days we were there and I won't lie, I loved the idea that IF we were to get married my name would be Whitney Whitney. Pah. IF we got married, how old was I? 16. yeah. Who was I?  Anyway, it was the day before the big date night and Emily and I were curious little cats and wanted to see who had bought tickets for us.
Sure enough, there they were, tickets that had Mr. Whitney's name all over them.  He even bought more that ONE to up his chances.  I was so giddy in my head.  After digging through the manila pouches for a quick ego boost, Emily and I decided to get back to the other Lt. Gov's.  We started walking back to the elevators when I said to Emily, "You know, I think I am really starting to have a thing for that **Identity Protected** Whitney guy."  I said it not in hushed tones either and when we rounded the corner I almost ran smack dab into Mr. Whitney.  Who had a ginormous grin suggesting he had heard my confession.  This is what my face looked like, I'm sure:
Minus the headphones of course.
Emily and I didn't know how to handle the situation except for running away giggling uncontrollably.  Very mature, I know.  We got to the elevators out of breath from laughing and running when I saw all my friends from my school getting into the elevator across the hall.  So I was waving and talking to them as I was walking backwards into our elevator that had just arrived.  Now that I think back, I remember Emily trying to warn me to watch where I was going, but I was too busy chattering away with my buddies when I backed right into a excellently dressed business man.  It scared me and caused me to jump to the side with much force into another business man literally body slamming him into the wall.  And the elevator doors closed.  Emily and I were inside this elevator with these very angry men now and it was one of those moments when I shouldn't have been laughing, but I couldn't help it.  We were so busy trying to stifle our laughter that we somehow forgot to hit the button to our floor, so we are just going up with these dudes.
So, Emily realizes this and hits a random button so we can get out before these men kill us.  The doors open and Emily yells, "Go, go go!!" and starts pushing me out ahead of her.  I break out in a run and we would been out of there if my heel hadn't fallen down in that crack between the elevator and the floor.  As soon as it wedged itself in there my sprint came to an immediate stop and I was slammed to the floor. I just layed there, in tears.  I couldn't help it.  I had been trying not to laugh for the whole ride and then this happens? I was laughing so hard I couldn't move and my legs were still inside the elevator so the doors weren't closing.  The two angry business men just stood there, glaring down at me.  Didn't even break a smile.  I mean come on, that was funny. 

 Emily grabbed my shoe from the crack and tried dragging me out of the elevator.  We layed on the floor on the wrong level for about ten minutes trying to gain composure from all the events that happened in less than three minutes.  From unintentionally professing my love to Mr. Whitney to body slamming a ornery business dude into the elevator wall and then to eating face into the floor.  It was quite possibly the funniest string of events to happen to me in such a small amount of time.  I don't think to this day I have laughed as hard as I did that day.  When Emily and I were able to walk again, we rode the elevator back down to our floor to join the other Lt. Gov's.  When they asked where we had been, we broke down in hysterics.  You know when you are trying to tell a funny story and you can't stop laughing? And the people you are trying to tell it to are agitated because they have no idea what you are saying?  That's what was happening.  It was the best.

Anyway, that is my funny memory for the day.  I hope you enjoyed it.
oh, and Mr. Whitney ended up winning the date with me, though we hardly got a chance to enjoy it because Emily and I were hosting the talent show and were making fools of ourselves onstage the whole time.

Delaying Midterms...

"I'm Not Going to Lie to You...You look like a...giant eagle surrounded by fire, with a...mountain for a face..."  Wow. That was random.  1000 points to Gryffindor to anyone who can name that movie.  I am sitting here in a pile of books and papers and blankets, listening to the only song about a girl with green eyes that I have heard.  Songs that have to do with eye color usually are focused on brown or blue.  Coldplay's "Green Eyes" is the only one I have heard that's about green ones.  If you have heard others, please let me know.  I have green eyes so of course I want more songs about me.
Anyway, I am sitting here trying to write a midterm paper about Ralph Waldo Emerson for my class tomorrow.  I am about half way done and I feel as though I can wrap her up in the morning, so I'm probable going to quit for the night.  That's procrastination for ya.  Landon is next to me playing with his brand new Play Station Vita.  It's his birthday present that wasn't released for a whole month after his birthday, but the kid is happy as a clam over there.  I tried to take a picture of him in secret, but the flash gave me away.  He is so cute. I love that guy.  As you can see his beard is coming in divinely.  I didn't like it at first because it's all scratchy, but now it's luscious and soft.  We are trying to decide what to do with it.  Landon wants to grow it out like Dumbledore or Gandalf.  I on the other hand want him to shave it into the "Monkey's Tail".  Don't know what that is?  Well friend, let me educate you:

This one is my personal favorite.  I'm probably going to force him to make his like this.  And he has to keep it for at least a day.  We'll see if I really wear the pants in this relationship or not. :) I'll keep you posted.
"Welp, see ya later Mountain Face."

Soldier Hollow

I usually don't let this much time pass between my blog posts, but a lot has going on.  Thoughts have been festering my my head for days now- what to blog about, what homework to do, when will I shave my legs and should I go to class.  Well, I have successfully made it to class tonight, I also shaved my legs today.  Now I am finally blogging, but will the homework ever be done? I don't know the answer to that.  Part of my hopes that Landon takes it upon himself to do my homework for me while I am in class, but the notifications that are popping up on facebook saying he has earned a new trophy in Uncharted 3 are telling me that is not going to happen.  Funny story about that game:  Saturday morning I was getting ready for the day and Landon suddenly appears in the doorway of the bathroom.  His head is hung in obvious embarrassment and he looked up at me with heart wrenching puppy dog eyes.  He was all, "I have an admission."  And his body language spoke to me stronger than his words.  I was all, "Yeah, I know."  And he was like, "You do?" I didn't.  "Yep. You bought a video game."  Landon's face turned to shock.  He had been hiding the game so well, I couldn't possibly know he bought it.  "Do you know which game?" he asked.  "Uncharted 3." I said, continuing to straighten my hair.  I didn't look at him, but I could sense that his jaw was on the floor.  "You bought it at the Blockbuster that was closing by your work for $35." "How do you know that??"  "I just know." "You're mad, aren't you?" "I'm not mad.  Do I sound like I'm mad?" "Oh my gosh, you are so mad at me!" "Landon, I haven't even acted the slightest bit mad at you." "I KNOW! That's how I know that you're really mad!"  And then he ran away whimpering.  For the record, I wasn't mad.  I'm still not mad.  I was more impressed with my impeccable guessing skills. I'm pretty sure he thinks I am mad though, which is why he only plays it when I am gone or if it's 5 am.
So on Saturday and yesterday we went tubing up at Soldier Hollow.  Landon's mom had a whole bunch of tickets and needed to use them, so we spent a few hours up there.  Last year when we went it had been raining all day and the snow was terrible.  It was a legit workout to even get your tube down the hill.  Skyler and I would go down together and he would kick my tube and I would pull his and we would inch worm our way down.  It was hilarious, but definitely the world's worst tubing.  However on Saturday, it was warm all day and then the snow froze over before we got there and it was AWESOME!  Everyone thought I was being a little wiener though because I would scream as we were barrelling down the hill.  Not because I was scared, but because I seriously have no control over it.  As soon as my body is moving faster than ten miles an hour and I'm not in a car? I'm screaming.  This is a depiction of my facial expression every time we'd go.
When we went yesterday, it wasn't as fast and right before we left, we got all of us to do a train together.  Aka ten of us grabbed onto each other's ropes and just went for it.  It was so funny, I was laughing so hard.  We got going pretty fast, but Landon started dragging his feet towards the bottom to slow us down so we didn't fly through the fence.  They get mad at you when you do that.  It was funny though, because that wasn't the only reason he did it.  He also thinks its funny when everyone behind him gets sprayed with snow.  We looked like a giant snowball rolling down the mountain.  And when we got to the bottom our faces were frosted over and we looked like a whole bunch of snow men.  All of us except Landon who thought he was very funny.

We Take Pretty Pictures...

We went to Sushi Ya last night with Landon's family.  As you can imagine, I was beyond excited.  I love sushi so much.  They were all going to go to the temple and do some names that Sunny (my mother-in-law) had been working on.  I, unfortunately had class and so I could not go.  Would've skipped it, but I sorta did that on Monday on accident.  I fell asleep waiting for Landon to come home so I could drop him off at the car shop on my way to school.  When he got home, he said, "Hey Whit, wake up!" And then went in the next room to find some things, and came out to find me in the same spot.  Again, he was like, "Whitney, wake up, you need to get ready to go!"  Nothing.  So he began to shake me. Nothing.  By the fourth shake, he was very nervous and was about ready to check for a pulse and call 911.  I remember none of this for the record.  I just remember suddenly jolting awake out of no where to a very concerned look on Landon's face.  I was very incoherent and confused.  Landon was all, "I need to go now because the place is closing right now."  And then he left, and did not get back in time for me to deem it worth going to class. So, that is why I had to go last night.  Though after leaving, I thought to myself, "I totally could have missed class today and it wouldn't have even mattered."  Upon leaving class, Landon called me up saying we were meeting at Sushi Ya.  And yes, I was so happy!  I decided to take some pictures of us there because Landon and I somehow managed to not get a picture together on valentines day.  To our dismay we couldn't seem to get a good one.  We're pretty, just not always...

And that was our evening.  We're fun people.

Another Valentine's Day Post!

Not to brag, but I have THE best Valentine out there.  Ok, I am bragging.  But I definitely have the proof to back it up.  First of all, Mr. Landon Valentine is the sexiest man alive, second he spoiled me with the best gifts ever.  No, there were no flowers and there were no chocolates, well, he gave me a Butterfinger so there was some chocolate, but the best of all was
 The Giraffe Pillow Pet:
His name is Landey Dos.  Original, right?  It is subject to change, I was just so excited that's all I came up with at the moment.  It's a pillow, it's a pet! It's a Pillow Pet!

And the second gift...... A "That's what she said" t-shirt.  Size XXXL. I almost  had to be sedated, I was so excited.

Sorry it's backwards.  He got it so big so when spring skiing comes around I can just wear this "tall tee" (that's what they're called) instead of my coat because it will be too warm.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I have the best Valentine.  He is completely original.  Don't be jealous, I am sure you're Valentine is awesome too, just not as awesome as mine. :)  After he gave me my ridiculously amazing gifts, we cooked dinner.  We made home-made soft pretzels and they were FANTASTIC!!  Here is the process:

They were the BEST pretzels I have ever baked.  Granted the only other pretzels I have made are the frozen ones you can buy at Wal-Mart.  I never buy those for the record.  I have issues with the boulder sized pieces of salt.  Anyways,  they were delicious.  We made two cheddar, two parmesan, two cinnamon and two plain.  We dipped the cinnamon in some home-made frosting and the rest of them in cream cheese.  I am dying for some more right now.  It's very possible I will make another batch tomorrow night and take them to work on Friday.  Depends on what I got going on tomorrow night.  It was such a good Valentine's Day.  The best one yet, I dare say. 

Valentine's Weekend

Where do I even begin with this weekend.  Well ok, first of all, I was stricken down on Friday.  I was so sick and I was quite the sadster, but mister Landon took very good care of me like he always does.  We had a little vacay in Salt Lake for Valentines weekend.  We've been dying to get away for awhile now, but the bank account has not allowed us to, so we went on a trip to the city.  It was so fun.  We stayed in the Little America which smells very strongly of old people and kind of reminds me of the Shining.  Landon went to get us some Chinese while I was sick in bed.  I was just sitting there watching Friends when I decided I wanted some ice. 
 Fun Fact About Whitney #327: I love ice.  I could crunch on it all day long.  So when I go to a hotel, it is essential I fill up the ice bucket and keep it in my arms all night.  So, I go out in my pjs, I look down the creepy hallway and do this half run, half skitter down the hall expecting to see those creepy twins in their blue dresses at any second.  Though I don't think it's fair to pin that fear solely on Little America, I feel like I'm gonna run into those two at any hotel I stay at. What a great movie.
Anyway, on Saturday Landon and I went to Gateway and window shopped around for a bit.  It was so fun to just walk around with him and spend the day together.  We went into his favorite store, which I bet you a thousand dollars you don't know what it is....It's Hot Topic.  He likes the place for their t-shirts.  Which is where we found this beaut.... 

If you are completely lost on what is being portrayed, watch this:

Yes, you are right, that IS genius.  If we weren't just window shopping, I probably would have bought that for myself.  Then, Landon and I ended up in the most magical place in the Gateway: Build-a-Bear.  We couldn't resist and we made ourselves a Valentine baby.  His name is Landey and he is a bunny.  We love him very much.
He is very spoiled too.  Right after we made him we took him to lunch and then to The Vow.  It made Landey cry because it was so good.  And sad.  What a good day, huh?  Mr. Landon is the best Valentine I could ever ask for.  You should have seen me on Saturday.  Absolute cloud 9.  I was SO in love with him it would make me squeak.  I love love.
And Landon.
And Landey.

Blind Accusations.

So last night, Mr. Landon surprised me with a skill of his.  He cooked me dinner.  Not a frozen pizza or a sandwich.  But a real, DEE-LISH, bonafied dinner.  He made fettuccine Alfredo and an amazing salad with garlic chicken.  My whole life knowing this dude I have known his hatred for cooking.  I believe it was his mission that did it for him.  Ever since he came home from his mission, he hated cooking.  So we had this deal when we got married that I would cook if he did laundry and if he helped me do the dishes every now and then.  This system has worked fantastically for us.  I always have clean laundry and he is always fed.  But last night I was finishing up preparing a presentation for class today and he said he would take care of dinner.  And this is what he blew me away with.  I was like, "Dude, your secret is out.  You're probably going to be doing this a lot more often."  What a guy.
Good thing I made him this Valentine out of playdoh yesterday at the trainer....  That is talent right there..

Anyways, nailed my presentation this morning.  It was on Ralphy Waldo Emerson.  I had this little rap written out that I was going to put on my powerpoint, but then I realized that my class doesn't have that great of a sense of humor and I would probably humiliate myself.  So I took that out.
When class was over I was walking out of the library and I saw this blind dude who I see on campus quite often.  He seems like he knows what's up, you know with his little stick and walking around like he owns the place.  Which I really respect.  Go him.  But this one time, he was walking (he walks really fast) and he swung his seeing stick in between this girl's feet who was walking in front of him and she flat up tripped on the stick and fell on her face.  Blind dude didn't even know what happened and kept walking.  At the time, I thought it was possibly one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.  But today, guess who was in front of Blind dude this time?  That is right, me.  And he is kind of all over the place so I can't just move out of his way and I'm kind of freaking out because that stick was getting really close and the last thing I need right now is to fall on my bad knee.  So I am hobbling along as fast as I possibly can with this frightening "schwip, schwip schwip" of his seeing stick RIGHT BEHIND me.  At the last second, I jumped up on a stair when his stick hit it at the same time.  It was a close one, I tell you.  The way he was following me even when I was swerving all over the place made me think that he isn't really blind.  That it's some sick joke of his so he can knock people down and get away with it.  I may have to do more research in the assumption, but for now I think it's a pretty solid hypothesis.

MSHA Training Day

Today instead of going to the lab for work, I went up to Salt Lake to the MSHA refresher class.  MSHA stands for Mine Safety and Health Administration.  It's a pretty big deal for construction companies, this whole safety ordeal.  So this "refresher" course lasted nearly 10 hours.  Landon and I were lucky enough to  go on the same day so I got to ride up there with him and sit next to him through the whole thing.  It's funny how prepared they were for us.  You throw a whole bunch of construction workers in a room for ten hours you wonder what's going to keep them awake or quiet or both... We come in and there are toys all over the desks and all kinds of foods and drinks at our disposal.  Genius.  Worked like a charm. Playdoh, puzzles and paddle boards kept us quiet and occupied our hands while they covered every possible safety hazard over the day.

The introduction to the training had the theme of "What Would You Leave Behind?"  As in: family and friends and people who matter to you.  They had a really sad story about these men who died in a mine when there was a really bad gas leak.  It took them awhile to, well, you know...die.  It was slow, but painless and while they were slowly falling asleep, they wrote letters to their families saying they loved them and that they went peacefully.  So to try to put it in perspective, they had us write "goodbye letters" to our families.  Here is the letter Landon wrote for me:
and here is the one I wrote:
Clearly, Landon is the better spouse.  Though in my defense, it was early and I have this thing where I think I am really funny sometimes.
The day kind of drug on.  A lot of the stuff they talked about was really interesting and we learned a lot of important stuff, but 6:30 to 4:30?  That's a long day, I don't care who you are.  We had to do first aid training for the last 3 hours of the day including CPR training.  This is Landon performing CPR on a dummy:

the whole time it reminded me of this clip from the office.  When Landon and I watched this episode, I had never heard him laugh that hard.  So it automatically turned into my favorite thing.  I love it when he laughs...

Anyway, that was pretty much our day. Not very exciting I know.  But it was long and we are very tired.  I will report more tomorrow.  Night poodles!!

The News

So I just got back from the Doc's office where we read the results of the MRI scans.  Prepare yourself for this news, because I certainly was not.  Turns out, my ACL is fine.  IT'S FINE!! I beat the odds you guys.  You have all witnessed a miracle because my doctor was 97% sure it was torn and thought there was damage to my MCL as well.  He was right about the MCL, it is a grade 2 sprain, it was pretty swollen in the MRI but he said that would heal itself in the next few weeks.  So surgery is OFF the table!  Big shout out to all y'all who sent prayers out for me, I am positive that is why I am ok.  Someone is definitely lookin' out for me. You guys don't even know how happy I was am.  When the doctor was showing me the scans, and he was all, "Meniscus? Good.  ACL? Good.  There's the sprain on your MCL..."  and I'm all, "My ACL is ok? Sooo liiiike, no surgery?"  and he was like, "Not today."  I sat down completely in shock because I had totally ruled out that option.  I was like, "That wasn't even close to what I was expecting to hear..."  the doc was all, "Oh it wasn't?" duh. no. You told me it was torn and that I needed surgery and an MRI to find out if anything else was messed up.  and I was like, "I was expecting, like, amputation at the very least."  to which he didn't laugh at, but I did.  I thought I was funny.  I don't think he was really listening. ha.  Upon leaving the office with the prescription for a couple weeks of physical therapy I broke down in tears.  I was [SO] happy.  When I called my parents in hysterics, they both asked me if I had gotten a sloth for my birthday.  If you don't understand that then watch this video:
Basically that is exactly how I was feeling. haha and I am definitely an 11 on the happy scale.  So I will do some physical therapy and get my range of motion back and help my MCL heal all the way, but according to the doc, I will be back on the slopes in 2-4 weeks.  Best news I have heard in a long time.

It's Tuesday.

And that means in T-minus 4 hours and 10 minutes I go to see what the MRI on my knee says.  I shouldn't be nervous because really, I've gotten all the bad news already, but I am still a little scared.  No one knows why.  It's not like they are going to be sticking me with needles or cutting into my knee today.  Landon might not be able to come with me though and my mom probably can't either.  I just don't like going to these appointments without someone to emotionally support me.  It's funny though, I am much more prone to crying if I have someone with me.  If I have to go by myself I tend to be a lot braver.  Weird logic.  Same thing happened with the initial snowboard crash.  If Landon had been with me I probably would have freaked out, but since I was alone I knew I had to take care of myself and I snowboarded back down the mountain on a torn ACL.  Survival instincts, perhaps?
I didn't get to watch the Bachelor last night because I pittied Mr. Landon.  I didn't want to put him through 2 hours of girl drama.  Plus, when I watch it on hulu it's only an hour and twenty five minutes.  Save myself a whole 35 minutes.  So we just chillaxed for the night.  Landon is a lot better company than Bachelor Ben, anyway.  And he is a kajillion times hotter.

What a Weekend!

YAY FOR HOME!! It was SO good to get back up to L-Town after being away for so long.  I missed my family so much, I didn't even realize how much until I saw them again.  They are great folks, I tell you.  We got up there at about 2 and my dad took us to the Brick Oven up there.  I used to work at the one in Provo and after being there for 10 months, I fell madly in love with their salad bar and cream of broccoli soup.  Seriously, never had better.  So, that's like my favorite place to go for salad and soup.  We chowed down because Sunday was fast Sunday so that would be the last food we'd have til Sunday afternoon.  We got home and Landon and I dropped like flies.  It's almost frightening how much that dude and I love naps.  Especially after eating a big meal like that, you know?  When we woke up we played Sequence for awhile.  I got my butt handed to me.  I usually destroy in that game, don't know what happened that night.  After that, Brenden got home from work and we watched the Source Code, which I was really distraught over the ending.  If anyone reading this understood what the heck happened, please leave an explanation in the comments below.  Thank you.  By the time that was over, it was time for bed, but just like every other time we go home Brenden and Landon have to stay up and watch another movie and demand that I stay awake with them.  I never do.  Sunday morning we went to church and oh my goodness, like I said, it was fast Sunday so it was testimony meeting in church and this little girl no older than 3 goes up to the pulpit and they lowered the stand as far as they could, but you could only see the very top of her head and her little blonde pony tail poking up.  She pulled the mic down to her level and starts singing the 13th Article of Faith.  It was quite possibly the most adorable thing I had ever seen and may or may not have teared up a tad over it.  And for the first time in my marriage, I felt a twinge of baby hunger.  Not enough to act on it yet, but I'm not gonna lie, I kind of wanted to steal her.  After church, we got home and Dad made us steaks the size of our heads.  And they were DEE-LISH.  No one cooks a steak like my dad does.  I was in heaven.  We were in a food coma yet again and took another nap before the big game.
Now, let's talk about this game shall we?  Landon and I wanted the Giants to win only because we think they are the lesser of two evils.  Granted, I'm not a fan of Eli Manning either.  I think he is a wiener.  I heard the stock market was predicted to go up if the AFC won so that is why I wanted the Giants to win.  So we will see if that happens.  But in case you somehow missed it, let's take a look at the World's Funniest Game Winning Touchdown....

This made me laugh very hard and hit my wounded knee in the process, which turned out to be a bad idea.  But come on.  That's funny stuff right there.  I think the only thing funnier was my mom's demonstration of how she uses her Snuggie when her head and ears are cold.  Instead of her putting her arms through her sleeves, she ties them up over her head in a bunny-eared sort of way.
She goes to college.
And now it is Monday night which gives me more reason for excitement BECAAAAUUUSSSE!! The Bachelor is on tonight.  And I do believe it is going to be dramatic.  I am sure my spouse is excited for that. *sarcasm*  I will just let him play video games after or something to make up for it.  And that's how marriage works.

You Remember How I Promised a More Positive Whitney?

Well, she is here now.  I have moved past the mourning phase of my injured knee and have started to embrace what lies ahead of me.  I am not going to lie, I am still hoping for some miracle that when I go back in next week, the doc will show me the MRI scans and be all, "It's a MIRACLE!! Your knee has HEALED! You can go now."  But there is only like a 5% chance of him saying that so I am not expecting anything.  And the thought of surgery still makes me want to puke a little.

Anyways, I have been dwelling on my knee too much for the past couple posts.  Sorry.  It just seems so HUGE to me right now.  But enough of that for now.  I never told you about Monday night with Brenden and Erica.  SO FUN!  We went to Sushi Ya (my favorite) and had ourselves a little appetizer.  Seafood wasn't really Erica's thing so we only had a little bit before we moved on, but while we were there, Brenden was killing me! They bring out those little plates and some dishes of wasabi and ginger.  Now, I usually ignore both of those, but Brended started digging in.  I guess he was hungry.  I don't think you are actually supposnd to eat the ginger, I think you just place it on your tongue for a couple seconds and then take it off.  But Brenden was chowin' down on it.  And his face was PRICELESS! (And I am very impressed with that depiction of him. probably some of my best work right there...)  He looked like he wasn't enjoying it, but he just kept eating. I'm so proud. :)

So, I am at work right now and it's been a slow day.  Bryce and I organized the back room a bit. That's where I found this beaut.  Ironically, I got dust in my eyes when I put it on.  I think that is the opposite of what it is supposed to do for you...  And we got some tables that were cluttering the hallway moved, you know, just trying to pass the time.  But when that stuff gets done we usually turn to youtube.  I'm going to share a video with you that has been cracking us up for weeks now.  It's just a bunch of bloopers from this guy named Bill Dance's old fishing show.  We get laughing so hard.  So, enjoy!
Good one, right? ahmagosh, it gets funnier every time I watch it too.  So Landon and I are going to the temple tonight for date night, pretty dang excited for that.  And tomorrow morning we are going to Layton for the weekend.  I am SO excited.  I haven't been there since Christmas.  I miss my family so so so bad.  I've been wanting my mom pretty bad these past couple days.  Landon has been taking good care of me, but there is just something about mom's that is so comforting.  So I am excited to get up there.  PLUS it's my dad's birthday AND the Superbowl.  It's going to be a rockin' weekend.  AND before we go to Layton, I am having a little breakfast date with my girlies Nancy, Shelise and Jensessa.  They are my old roommates/best friends and I haven't seen them in forever and I am so stoked. :)  This weekend is going to be the best.  See?  I told you I would be more positive.  Kind of hard not to be when you have people like mine.

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