Another Valentine's Day Post!

Not to brag, but I have THE best Valentine out there.  Ok, I am bragging.  But I definitely have the proof to back it up.  First of all, Mr. Landon Valentine is the sexiest man alive, second he spoiled me with the best gifts ever.  No, there were no flowers and there were no chocolates, well, he gave me a Butterfinger so there was some chocolate, but the best of all was
 The Giraffe Pillow Pet:
His name is Landey Dos.  Original, right?  It is subject to change, I was just so excited that's all I came up with at the moment.  It's a pillow, it's a pet! It's a Pillow Pet!

And the second gift...... A "That's what she said" t-shirt.  Size XXXL. I almost  had to be sedated, I was so excited.

Sorry it's backwards.  He got it so big so when spring skiing comes around I can just wear this "tall tee" (that's what they're called) instead of my coat because it will be too warm.  

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I have the best Valentine.  He is completely original.  Don't be jealous, I am sure you're Valentine is awesome too, just not as awesome as mine. :)  After he gave me my ridiculously amazing gifts, we cooked dinner.  We made home-made soft pretzels and they were FANTASTIC!!  Here is the process:

They were the BEST pretzels I have ever baked.  Granted the only other pretzels I have made are the frozen ones you can buy at Wal-Mart.  I never buy those for the record.  I have issues with the boulder sized pieces of salt.  Anyways,  they were delicious.  We made two cheddar, two parmesan, two cinnamon and two plain.  We dipped the cinnamon in some home-made frosting and the rest of them in cream cheese.  I am dying for some more right now.  It's very possible I will make another batch tomorrow night and take them to work on Friday.  Depends on what I got going on tomorrow night.  It was such a good Valentine's Day.  The best one yet, I dare say. 


  1. Yum! Want! You need to bring me some ;-)

    1. That is a definite possiblity. The only hard part will be getting them past Landon. haha


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