Blind Accusations.

So last night, Mr. Landon surprised me with a skill of his.  He cooked me dinner.  Not a frozen pizza or a sandwich.  But a real, DEE-LISH, bonafied dinner.  He made fettuccine Alfredo and an amazing salad with garlic chicken.  My whole life knowing this dude I have known his hatred for cooking.  I believe it was his mission that did it for him.  Ever since he came home from his mission, he hated cooking.  So we had this deal when we got married that I would cook if he did laundry and if he helped me do the dishes every now and then.  This system has worked fantastically for us.  I always have clean laundry and he is always fed.  But last night I was finishing up preparing a presentation for class today and he said he would take care of dinner.  And this is what he blew me away with.  I was like, "Dude, your secret is out.  You're probably going to be doing this a lot more often."  What a guy.
Good thing I made him this Valentine out of playdoh yesterday at the trainer....  That is talent right there..

Anyways, nailed my presentation this morning.  It was on Ralphy Waldo Emerson.  I had this little rap written out that I was going to put on my powerpoint, but then I realized that my class doesn't have that great of a sense of humor and I would probably humiliate myself.  So I took that out.
When class was over I was walking out of the library and I saw this blind dude who I see on campus quite often.  He seems like he knows what's up, you know with his little stick and walking around like he owns the place.  Which I really respect.  Go him.  But this one time, he was walking (he walks really fast) and he swung his seeing stick in between this girl's feet who was walking in front of him and she flat up tripped on the stick and fell on her face.  Blind dude didn't even know what happened and kept walking.  At the time, I thought it was possibly one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.  But today, guess who was in front of Blind dude this time?  That is right, me.  And he is kind of all over the place so I can't just move out of his way and I'm kind of freaking out because that stick was getting really close and the last thing I need right now is to fall on my bad knee.  So I am hobbling along as fast as I possibly can with this frightening "schwip, schwip schwip" of his seeing stick RIGHT BEHIND me.  At the last second, I jumped up on a stair when his stick hit it at the same time.  It was a close one, I tell you.  The way he was following me even when I was swerving all over the place made me think that he isn't really blind.  That it's some sick joke of his so he can knock people down and get away with it.  I may have to do more research in the assumption, but for now I think it's a pretty solid hypothesis.


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