Here's A Lot of Pictures...

This weekend Landon and I had quite a bit going on.  On Friday, we got together with an old friend from high school and her husband.  We made SUSHI!! The thought of it was terrifying.  I don't really trust myself with making anything more exotic than spaghetti.  We headed to a little Asian food store down the street and bought all of the necessary supplies and stopped at the grocery story on the way home and bought some pizzas as well. You know...back up plan.  The sushi turned out pretty well.  We were proud of ourselves, that's for sure.  Next time we are going to make it Tempura style.  Tempura is my favorite!  Here are the pictures from the night...
There was a 10 second timer on the camera and apparently I can't hold a normal smile for that long...
 Chris was the sushi roller. Nailed it.
 These two were really the brains behind it all.  Alex and I just took pictures and made Asian faces.
 Here is the finished product.  Almost looks professional, right?
Super fun night.
On Saturday, Landon and I met up with his family on the slopes.  That's right everyone, I'm back on the board.  My knee is still just a tad sore, so I had to have Landon kind of help me out when I would get on and off the ski lift.  Other than that though, I did great.  And it felt awesome to get back out there.  
After we went snowboarding, we went to lunch with Landon's family and went to the Apple store to help Landon's grandma pick out an iPad for her mission.   Then we headed up to Layton to watch my little sister play in her tennis tournament.  Basically, she killed.  I was so proud.
Way to go Riah.  While we were watching the match, my mom showed me this video she took a couple days before.  My brother made a smoke bomb and they set it off in the backyard.  Unfortunately, the bomb was pretty lame, but the video is hilarious.  I love my family.

Yesterday I was feeling particularly artistic and I will show you some of my creations.  At work, it was pretty slow so I made these...
Real craftsmanship right there.
And last night, I was taking my midterm for my Romantic British Literature class and I drew a picture of my teacher.
I had to be sneaky getting a picture of it because you aren't supposed to have your phone out.  The caption under the picture said,
"While I was thinking of what to write, I drew a picture of you with an exotic bird on your're welcome."
But now, I can't decide if my teacher will appreciate it... oh well....too late now.
Anyway... that's about everything that happened this weekend.  It was a good one.  Lots of fun.  Lots of friends.  Loved it.


  1. I'd appreciate that picture if I was your teacher. Also, the Mariah video was freaking hilarious.

    This is a lame comment. Whatever.

  2. You're forever my hero. Ha ha ha ha! That picture of your professor is brilliant. Also, I love your family! Your moms laugh always makes me happy :)


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