It's Tuesday.

And that means in T-minus 4 hours and 10 minutes I go to see what the MRI on my knee says.  I shouldn't be nervous because really, I've gotten all the bad news already, but I am still a little scared.  No one knows why.  It's not like they are going to be sticking me with needles or cutting into my knee today.  Landon might not be able to come with me though and my mom probably can't either.  I just don't like going to these appointments without someone to emotionally support me.  It's funny though, I am much more prone to crying if I have someone with me.  If I have to go by myself I tend to be a lot braver.  Weird logic.  Same thing happened with the initial snowboard crash.  If Landon had been with me I probably would have freaked out, but since I was alone I knew I had to take care of myself and I snowboarded back down the mountain on a torn ACL.  Survival instincts, perhaps?
I didn't get to watch the Bachelor last night because I pittied Mr. Landon.  I didn't want to put him through 2 hours of girl drama.  Plus, when I watch it on hulu it's only an hour and twenty five minutes.  Save myself a whole 35 minutes.  So we just chillaxed for the night.  Landon is a lot better company than Bachelor Ben, anyway.  And he is a kajillion times hotter.

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