A memory.

There's something special about memories... It's like a movie in your brain!  That- sounded like some really crappy sales pitch for memories.
My apologies.  
Seriously though, sometimes I get lost in remembering things that have happened in my life, and today I came across one that I seem to think about from time to time.  I have written it in story form for creative writing classes, I've told it around camp fires when sharing embarrassing stories, but today, I am going to tell it in blog form.  Because that is my favorite right now.  
I was back when I was in high school, I was in a extra curricular activity called Key Club.  Key Club is this organization for high school kids to serve.  It's really cool actually, you do a lot for the community and like, old folks and stuff, but when it comes to Key Club International, it's more on an...international perspective.  A lot of focus on UNICEF and March of Dimes and stuff, you know? Real cool.  Well, my junior year, I was elected to be the Lieutenant Governor for Division 2B of the Key Club district. AKA Davis county basically.  I had to go around to the different high schools and try to be... I don't know...a role model?  I'm not going to lie, I was excited about just having the title Lt. Gov. on my jacket and have a cool magnetic badge.
I guess what I am saying is, I ran for this position for absolutely ALL the wrong reasons.  There was the cool trip to Boston too, where I got in trouble for stealing a brick.  That's probably a story for another time, or perhaps never because it's full of repressed anger and teenage angst.  So, basically I threw myself into a position that I don't know if I was totally up for.  I dreaded scheduling meetings with the Presidents from the other clubs, because it was clear that none of us wanted to be there.  I hated being to the go to person for questions that I had no idea the answer for, but I will tell you, I loved the badge. And probably the greatest thing I gained from this job that I shouldn't let the hatred over-shadow were the friends I made.  There were some gems in there.
Left to Right: Emily, some idiot in a box, Benji, and Sam
Seriously, these guys made that job worth every second.  Now the story I am trying to get to involves basically just Emily and me.  The main job of the Lt. Governors was to plan the District Convention.  When that puppy finally came rolling around, one of the fund raisers we had was "WIN A DATE WITH A LT. GOVERNOR!!" Basically, you bought a ticket for a buck and your ticket went in a pouch  with a whole bunch of other tickets and then we drew a ticket on the last night and if you won, your "date" was to be able to sit at the Lt. Governor table with your choice.  Well, I had my eye on this chap from a certain high school, he was tall and his last name was Whitney.  We had flirted throughout the couple days we were there and I won't lie, I loved the idea that IF we were to get married my name would be Whitney Whitney. Pah. IF we got married, how old was I? 16. yeah. Who was I?  Anyway, it was the day before the big date night and Emily and I were curious little cats and wanted to see who had bought tickets for us.
Sure enough, there they were, tickets that had Mr. Whitney's name all over them.  He even bought more that ONE to up his chances.  I was so giddy in my head.  After digging through the manila pouches for a quick ego boost, Emily and I decided to get back to the other Lt. Gov's.  We started walking back to the elevators when I said to Emily, "You know, I think I am really starting to have a thing for that **Identity Protected** Whitney guy."  I said it not in hushed tones either and when we rounded the corner I almost ran smack dab into Mr. Whitney.  Who had a ginormous grin suggesting he had heard my confession.  This is what my face looked like, I'm sure:
Minus the headphones of course.
Emily and I didn't know how to handle the situation except for running away giggling uncontrollably.  Very mature, I know.  We got to the elevators out of breath from laughing and running when I saw all my friends from my school getting into the elevator across the hall.  So I was waving and talking to them as I was walking backwards into our elevator that had just arrived.  Now that I think back, I remember Emily trying to warn me to watch where I was going, but I was too busy chattering away with my buddies when I backed right into a excellently dressed business man.  It scared me and caused me to jump to the side with much force into another business man literally body slamming him into the wall.  And the elevator doors closed.  Emily and I were inside this elevator with these very angry men now and it was one of those moments when I shouldn't have been laughing, but I couldn't help it.  We were so busy trying to stifle our laughter that we somehow forgot to hit the button to our floor, so we are just going up with these dudes.
So, Emily realizes this and hits a random button so we can get out before these men kill us.  The doors open and Emily yells, "Go, go go!!" and starts pushing me out ahead of her.  I break out in a run and we would been out of there if my heel hadn't fallen down in that crack between the elevator and the floor.  As soon as it wedged itself in there my sprint came to an immediate stop and I was slammed to the floor. I just layed there, in tears.  I couldn't help it.  I had been trying not to laugh for the whole ride and then this happens? I was laughing so hard I couldn't move and my legs were still inside the elevator so the doors weren't closing.  The two angry business men just stood there, glaring down at me.  Didn't even break a smile.  I mean come on, that was funny. 

 Emily grabbed my shoe from the crack and tried dragging me out of the elevator.  We layed on the floor on the wrong level for about ten minutes trying to gain composure from all the events that happened in less than three minutes.  From unintentionally professing my love to Mr. Whitney to body slamming a ornery business dude into the elevator wall and then to eating face into the floor.  It was quite possibly the funniest string of events to happen to me in such a small amount of time.  I don't think to this day I have laughed as hard as I did that day.  When Emily and I were able to walk again, we rode the elevator back down to our floor to join the other Lt. Gov's.  When they asked where we had been, we broke down in hysterics.  You know when you are trying to tell a funny story and you can't stop laughing? And the people you are trying to tell it to are agitated because they have no idea what you are saying?  That's what was happening.  It was the best.

Anyway, that is my funny memory for the day.  I hope you enjoyed it.
oh, and Mr. Whitney ended up winning the date with me, though we hardly got a chance to enjoy it because Emily and I were hosting the talent show and were making fools of ourselves onstage the whole time.

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