MSHA Training Day

Today instead of going to the lab for work, I went up to Salt Lake to the MSHA refresher class.  MSHA stands for Mine Safety and Health Administration.  It's a pretty big deal for construction companies, this whole safety ordeal.  So this "refresher" course lasted nearly 10 hours.  Landon and I were lucky enough to  go on the same day so I got to ride up there with him and sit next to him through the whole thing.  It's funny how prepared they were for us.  You throw a whole bunch of construction workers in a room for ten hours you wonder what's going to keep them awake or quiet or both... We come in and there are toys all over the desks and all kinds of foods and drinks at our disposal.  Genius.  Worked like a charm. Playdoh, puzzles and paddle boards kept us quiet and occupied our hands while they covered every possible safety hazard over the day.

The introduction to the training had the theme of "What Would You Leave Behind?"  As in: family and friends and people who matter to you.  They had a really sad story about these men who died in a mine when there was a really bad gas leak.  It took them awhile to, well, you know...die.  It was slow, but painless and while they were slowly falling asleep, they wrote letters to their families saying they loved them and that they went peacefully.  So to try to put it in perspective, they had us write "goodbye letters" to our families.  Here is the letter Landon wrote for me:
and here is the one I wrote:
Clearly, Landon is the better spouse.  Though in my defense, it was early and I have this thing where I think I am really funny sometimes.
The day kind of drug on.  A lot of the stuff they talked about was really interesting and we learned a lot of important stuff, but 6:30 to 4:30?  That's a long day, I don't care who you are.  We had to do first aid training for the last 3 hours of the day including CPR training.  This is Landon performing CPR on a dummy:

the whole time it reminded me of this clip from the office.  When Landon and I watched this episode, I had never heard him laugh that hard.  So it automatically turned into my favorite thing.  I love it when he laughs...

Anyway, that was pretty much our day. Not very exciting I know.  But it was long and we are very tired.  I will report more tomorrow.  Night poodles!!


  1. clearly, i laugh out loud at all of your posts. #nevergetsold

  2. ha you and your letter! you seriously crack me up! what a sweet husband you have.Poor guy, you better tell him where that money is soon before you die:)

  3. I wish I had someone to have fun with when I took my MSHA Training. That was a seriously cool note to leave behind.

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