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So I just got back from the Doc's office where we read the results of the MRI scans.  Prepare yourself for this news, because I certainly was not.  Turns out, my ACL is fine.  IT'S FINE!! I beat the odds you guys.  You have all witnessed a miracle because my doctor was 97% sure it was torn and thought there was damage to my MCL as well.  He was right about the MCL, it is a grade 2 sprain, it was pretty swollen in the MRI but he said that would heal itself in the next few weeks.  So surgery is OFF the table!  Big shout out to all y'all who sent prayers out for me, I am positive that is why I am ok.  Someone is definitely lookin' out for me. You guys don't even know how happy I was am.  When the doctor was showing me the scans, and he was all, "Meniscus? Good.  ACL? Good.  There's the sprain on your MCL..."  and I'm all, "My ACL is ok? Sooo liiiike, no surgery?"  and he was like, "Not today."  I sat down completely in shock because I had totally ruled out that option.  I was like, "That wasn't even close to what I was expecting to hear..."  the doc was all, "Oh it wasn't?" duh. no. You told me it was torn and that I needed surgery and an MRI to find out if anything else was messed up.  and I was like, "I was expecting, like, amputation at the very least."  to which he didn't laugh at, but I did.  I thought I was funny.  I don't think he was really listening. ha.  Upon leaving the office with the prescription for a couple weeks of physical therapy I broke down in tears.  I was [SO] happy.  When I called my parents in hysterics, they both asked me if I had gotten a sloth for my birthday.  If you don't understand that then watch this video:
Basically that is exactly how I was feeling. haha and I am definitely an 11 on the happy scale.  So I will do some physical therapy and get my range of motion back and help my MCL heal all the way, but according to the doc, I will be back on the slopes in 2-4 weeks.  Best news I have heard in a long time.


  1. amputation at the least. i would have laughed. in fact, i did just now. humorless doctor.

    1. Thanks Kaes. I was beginning to think is lost my wit. Glad you think I'm funny.

    2. Whit that's a huge blessing! so glad you dont have to get surgery! Oh and when I saw this on Ellen I was laughing so hard! I can see why you cried and why your parents wondered if you had just gotten a sloth, especially if you were at an 11.


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