Soldier Hollow

I usually don't let this much time pass between my blog posts, but a lot has going on.  Thoughts have been festering my my head for days now- what to blog about, what homework to do, when will I shave my legs and should I go to class.  Well, I have successfully made it to class tonight, I also shaved my legs today.  Now I am finally blogging, but will the homework ever be done? I don't know the answer to that.  Part of my hopes that Landon takes it upon himself to do my homework for me while I am in class, but the notifications that are popping up on facebook saying he has earned a new trophy in Uncharted 3 are telling me that is not going to happen.  Funny story about that game:  Saturday morning I was getting ready for the day and Landon suddenly appears in the doorway of the bathroom.  His head is hung in obvious embarrassment and he looked up at me with heart wrenching puppy dog eyes.  He was all, "I have an admission."  And his body language spoke to me stronger than his words.  I was all, "Yeah, I know."  And he was like, "You do?" I didn't.  "Yep. You bought a video game."  Landon's face turned to shock.  He had been hiding the game so well, I couldn't possibly know he bought it.  "Do you know which game?" he asked.  "Uncharted 3." I said, continuing to straighten my hair.  I didn't look at him, but I could sense that his jaw was on the floor.  "You bought it at the Blockbuster that was closing by your work for $35." "How do you know that??"  "I just know." "You're mad, aren't you?" "I'm not mad.  Do I sound like I'm mad?" "Oh my gosh, you are so mad at me!" "Landon, I haven't even acted the slightest bit mad at you." "I KNOW! That's how I know that you're really mad!"  And then he ran away whimpering.  For the record, I wasn't mad.  I'm still not mad.  I was more impressed with my impeccable guessing skills. I'm pretty sure he thinks I am mad though, which is why he only plays it when I am gone or if it's 5 am.
So on Saturday and yesterday we went tubing up at Soldier Hollow.  Landon's mom had a whole bunch of tickets and needed to use them, so we spent a few hours up there.  Last year when we went it had been raining all day and the snow was terrible.  It was a legit workout to even get your tube down the hill.  Skyler and I would go down together and he would kick my tube and I would pull his and we would inch worm our way down.  It was hilarious, but definitely the world's worst tubing.  However on Saturday, it was warm all day and then the snow froze over before we got there and it was AWESOME!  Everyone thought I was being a little wiener though because I would scream as we were barrelling down the hill.  Not because I was scared, but because I seriously have no control over it.  As soon as my body is moving faster than ten miles an hour and I'm not in a car? I'm screaming.  This is a depiction of my facial expression every time we'd go.
When we went yesterday, it wasn't as fast and right before we left, we got all of us to do a train together.  Aka ten of us grabbed onto each other's ropes and just went for it.  It was so funny, I was laughing so hard.  We got going pretty fast, but Landon started dragging his feet towards the bottom to slow us down so we didn't fly through the fence.  They get mad at you when you do that.  It was funny though, because that wasn't the only reason he did it.  He also thinks its funny when everyone behind him gets sprayed with snow.  We looked like a giant snowball rolling down the mountain.  And when we got to the bottom our faces were frosted over and we looked like a whole bunch of snow men.  All of us except Landon who thought he was very funny.


  1. The story of the video games is hysterical! My husband is currently obsessed with Call of Duty and since he knows I get mad when he plays it (because he ignores me for hours at a time), he only plays early in the morning or really late at night. I have been dying to go tubing this winter! Your trip sounds like fun!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Katy! I totally know how you feel! I get super needy and obnoxious when I feel liek the Play Station is getting more attention than me. My husband can atest to that. I think that's the biggest reason he plays when I am gone or asleep, so I won't bug him. haha

  2. oh man. i totally went to soldier hollow this week too. we R 2 skool 4 kool.


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