Valentine's Weekend

Where do I even begin with this weekend.  Well ok, first of all, I was stricken down on Friday.  I was so sick and I was quite the sadster, but mister Landon took very good care of me like he always does.  We had a little vacay in Salt Lake for Valentines weekend.  We've been dying to get away for awhile now, but the bank account has not allowed us to, so we went on a trip to the city.  It was so fun.  We stayed in the Little America which smells very strongly of old people and kind of reminds me of the Shining.  Landon went to get us some Chinese while I was sick in bed.  I was just sitting there watching Friends when I decided I wanted some ice. 
 Fun Fact About Whitney #327: I love ice.  I could crunch on it all day long.  So when I go to a hotel, it is essential I fill up the ice bucket and keep it in my arms all night.  So, I go out in my pjs, I look down the creepy hallway and do this half run, half skitter down the hall expecting to see those creepy twins in their blue dresses at any second.  Though I don't think it's fair to pin that fear solely on Little America, I feel like I'm gonna run into those two at any hotel I stay at. What a great movie.
Anyway, on Saturday Landon and I went to Gateway and window shopped around for a bit.  It was so fun to just walk around with him and spend the day together.  We went into his favorite store, which I bet you a thousand dollars you don't know what it is....It's Hot Topic.  He likes the place for their t-shirts.  Which is where we found this beaut.... 

If you are completely lost on what is being portrayed, watch this:

Yes, you are right, that IS genius.  If we weren't just window shopping, I probably would have bought that for myself.  Then, Landon and I ended up in the most magical place in the Gateway: Build-a-Bear.  We couldn't resist and we made ourselves a Valentine baby.  His name is Landey and he is a bunny.  We love him very much.
He is very spoiled too.  Right after we made him we took him to lunch and then to The Vow.  It made Landey cry because it was so good.  And sad.  What a good day, huh?  Mr. Landon is the best Valentine I could ever ask for.  You should have seen me on Saturday.  Absolute cloud 9.  I was SO in love with him it would make me squeak.  I love love.
And Landon.
And Landey.


  1. Bahahahahaha. I love Landey. And this post. And you. I just texted you. Happy valentimes day. Typo on purpose.

  2. And underneath my comment it said "Reply Delete."
    So I'm replying. It's like it knows!

    Peningly: the blog is peningly sneaky in knowing my nickname is delete.

  3. I'm always scared to walk into hot topic!! you two are brave! happy valentines day :)


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