We Take Pretty Pictures...

We went to Sushi Ya last night with Landon's family.  As you can imagine, I was beyond excited.  I love sushi so much.  They were all going to go to the temple and do some names that Sunny (my mother-in-law) had been working on.  I, unfortunately had class and so I could not go.  Would've skipped it, but I sorta did that on Monday on accident.  I fell asleep waiting for Landon to come home so I could drop him off at the car shop on my way to school.  When he got home, he said, "Hey Whit, wake up!" And then went in the next room to find some things, and came out to find me in the same spot.  Again, he was like, "Whitney, wake up, you need to get ready to go!"  Nothing.  So he began to shake me. Nothing.  By the fourth shake, he was very nervous and was about ready to check for a pulse and call 911.  I remember none of this for the record.  I just remember suddenly jolting awake out of no where to a very concerned look on Landon's face.  I was very incoherent and confused.  Landon was all, "I need to go now because the place is closing right now."  And then he left, and did not get back in time for me to deem it worth going to class. So, that is why I had to go last night.  Though after leaving, I thought to myself, "I totally could have missed class today and it wouldn't have even mattered."  Upon leaving class, Landon called me up saying we were meeting at Sushi Ya.  And yes, I was so happy!  I decided to take some pictures of us there because Landon and I somehow managed to not get a picture together on valentines day.  To our dismay we couldn't seem to get a good one.  We're pretty, just not always...

And that was our evening.  We're fun people.


  1. That's one hairy man you got there! I can't tell you when the last time Chris clean shaved his face. He scratches my face up, but I still kiss him :-) Love sushi, jealous.

    1. haha yeah, he is growing it out because he wants to shave it in a weird way. I am rather looking forward to that. Pictures to come. I hated it for awhile because yeah, it was way scratchy, but now it's pretty soft. and yes, sushi is delish!! can't wait for our adventures in trying to make it! haha that will be fun!


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