What a Weekend!

YAY FOR HOME!! It was SO good to get back up to L-Town after being away for so long.  I missed my family so much, I didn't even realize how much until I saw them again.  They are great folks, I tell you.  We got up there at about 2 and my dad took us to the Brick Oven up there.  I used to work at the one in Provo and after being there for 10 months, I fell madly in love with their salad bar and cream of broccoli soup.  Seriously, never had better.  So, that's like my favorite place to go for salad and soup.  We chowed down because Sunday was fast Sunday so that would be the last food we'd have til Sunday afternoon.  We got home and Landon and I dropped like flies.  It's almost frightening how much that dude and I love naps.  Especially after eating a big meal like that, you know?  When we woke up we played Sequence for awhile.  I got my butt handed to me.  I usually destroy in that game, don't know what happened that night.  After that, Brenden got home from work and we watched the Source Code, which I was really distraught over the ending.  If anyone reading this understood what the heck happened, please leave an explanation in the comments below.  Thank you.  By the time that was over, it was time for bed, but just like every other time we go home Brenden and Landon have to stay up and watch another movie and demand that I stay awake with them.  I never do.  Sunday morning we went to church and oh my goodness, like I said, it was fast Sunday so it was testimony meeting in church and this little girl no older than 3 goes up to the pulpit and they lowered the stand as far as they could, but you could only see the very top of her head and her little blonde pony tail poking up.  She pulled the mic down to her level and starts singing the 13th Article of Faith.  It was quite possibly the most adorable thing I had ever seen and may or may not have teared up a tad over it.  And for the first time in my marriage, I felt a twinge of baby hunger.  Not enough to act on it yet, but I'm not gonna lie, I kind of wanted to steal her.  After church, we got home and Dad made us steaks the size of our heads.  And they were DEE-LISH.  No one cooks a steak like my dad does.  I was in heaven.  We were in a food coma yet again and took another nap before the big game.
Now, let's talk about this game shall we?  Landon and I wanted the Giants to win only because we think they are the lesser of two evils.  Granted, I'm not a fan of Eli Manning either.  I think he is a wiener.  I heard the stock market was predicted to go up if the AFC won so that is why I wanted the Giants to win.  So we will see if that happens.  But in case you somehow missed it, let's take a look at the World's Funniest Game Winning Touchdown....

This made me laugh very hard and hit my wounded knee in the process, which turned out to be a bad idea.  But come on.  That's funny stuff right there.  I think the only thing funnier was my mom's demonstration of how she uses her Snuggie when her head and ears are cold.  Instead of her putting her arms through her sleeves, she ties them up over her head in a bunny-eared sort of way.
She goes to college.
And now it is Monday night which gives me more reason for excitement BECAAAAUUUSSSE!! The Bachelor is on tonight.  And I do believe it is going to be dramatic.  I am sure my spouse is excited for that. *sarcasm*  I will just let him play video games after or something to make up for it.  And that's how marriage works.

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  1. that IS how marriage works. i think tom brady is more of a wiener though. Douchebag. That's why i was glad the giants won.


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