You Remember How I Promised a More Positive Whitney?

Well, she is here now.  I have moved past the mourning phase of my injured knee and have started to embrace what lies ahead of me.  I am not going to lie, I am still hoping for some miracle that when I go back in next week, the doc will show me the MRI scans and be all, "It's a MIRACLE!! Your knee has HEALED! You can go now."  But there is only like a 5% chance of him saying that so I am not expecting anything.  And the thought of surgery still makes me want to puke a little.

Anyways, I have been dwelling on my knee too much for the past couple posts.  Sorry.  It just seems so HUGE to me right now.  But enough of that for now.  I never told you about Monday night with Brenden and Erica.  SO FUN!  We went to Sushi Ya (my favorite) and had ourselves a little appetizer.  Seafood wasn't really Erica's thing so we only had a little bit before we moved on, but while we were there, Brenden was killing me! They bring out those little plates and some dishes of wasabi and ginger.  Now, I usually ignore both of those, but Brended started digging in.  I guess he was hungry.  I don't think you are actually supposnd to eat the ginger, I think you just place it on your tongue for a couple seconds and then take it off.  But Brenden was chowin' down on it.  And his face was PRICELESS! (And I am very impressed with that depiction of him. probably some of my best work right there...)  He looked like he wasn't enjoying it, but he just kept eating. I'm so proud. :)

So, I am at work right now and it's been a slow day.  Bryce and I organized the back room a bit. That's where I found this beaut.  Ironically, I got dust in my eyes when I put it on.  I think that is the opposite of what it is supposed to do for you...  And we got some tables that were cluttering the hallway moved, you know, just trying to pass the time.  But when that stuff gets done we usually turn to youtube.  I'm going to share a video with you that has been cracking us up for weeks now.  It's just a bunch of bloopers from this guy named Bill Dance's old fishing show.  We get laughing so hard.  So, enjoy!
Good one, right? ahmagosh, it gets funnier every time I watch it too.  So Landon and I are going to the temple tonight for date night, pretty dang excited for that.  And tomorrow morning we are going to Layton for the weekend.  I am SO excited.  I haven't been there since Christmas.  I miss my family so so so bad.  I've been wanting my mom pretty bad these past couple days.  Landon has been taking good care of me, but there is just something about mom's that is so comforting.  So I am excited to get up there.  PLUS it's my dad's birthday AND the Superbowl.  It's going to be a rockin' weekend.  AND before we go to Layton, I am having a little breakfast date with my girlies Nancy, Shelise and Jensessa.  They are my old roommates/best friends and I haven't seen them in forever and I am so stoked. :)  This weekend is going to be the best.  See?  I told you I would be more positive.  Kind of hard not to be when you have people like mine.

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