Girl's Night 2.0

I don't drink, but I woke up with what I would imagine feels like a hangover. Minus the headache and nausea... more just the feeling like, "what happened last night?" I looked in the mirror and this is what I got.
yep. My hair is three different colors now.  I slowly began to recall the events of last night.  First of all, it was a girls night because Landon went out with his men, so I called up my girl Jordyn and we decided we'd paint the town red.  Turned out it wasn't the town we painted really, it was more our hair.  We went to dinner first at the Old Spaghetti Factory and got the yummiest pasta in Orem.
The waiter was pretty dang attractive so Jordyn left her number and a poem for him.  After dinner we decided to be obnoxious to the boys.  We knew where they went to dinner so we went over and moved Landon's truck hoping he would think it was stolen.  He said he was freaked out for maybe three seconds and then he knew we did it.  At least we got him for 3 seconds right?  Then we we back to our apartment and died our hair with Koolaid.  Jord did her tips Cherry and I did mine Strawberry and Blue Raspberry.  We'll see how long it stays.  It's only supposed to be in for a couple washes.  
We were pretty stoked with how the color came out, it was definitely a lot brighter than we were expecting.
After we dyed our hair we went to the local comedy club called Comedy Sportz where they do improv.  It is quite possibly the best entertainment in all of Utah Valley.  I am never disappointed with it.  Here is a photo of my favorite actor Travis being a 16 year old who was born with a cyst on his pituitary gland.  Nobody knows what he was wearing, but everything that came out of his mouth was hilarious. (sorry it's blurry.)
We even ran into some of my favorite people, Daniel and his awesome wife Jennifer.  So we all sat next to each other and loved the show.  It got over at midnight which is later than I have stayed up in seriously months.  That's so pathetic, huh?
So when the show was over, Jordyn and I did exactly what any sensible person would do at midnight.  We went on a slurpee run, went home and got in bed together and watched Family Guy.
Soooo, we decided that this was so much fun that we are going to do it every month.  If any of you live in Utah Valley and want to be in on the next girl's night you are more than welcome.  The more the merrier, right? right.

I Have Most Definitely Been Tagged.

The gorgeous Autumn over at "Mrs." in the Making has tagged me in a delightful Q&A to learn my deepest, darkest secrets.  So let's do it, shall we?

The Rules:
*Post these rules
*Answer the 11 questions that the tagger posted for you
*Create 11 questions of your own to ask the people that you're about to tag
*Tag 11 people and link them with your post (and let them know they've been tagged!)

1. Why did you start your blog?
Well, I moved out in 2008 and I thought that maybe my mom would want to know what's going on in my life while I was at school.  But most of the time, she would call me and say that I probably shouldn't put things like that on the internet.  Since then, my blog etiquette has...somewhat improved.  My last blog was put to rest last May when this one was started.  I wasn't very happy with it and I just wanted to start new.  But, it does have all the goods of mine and Landon's dating life so if you ever want to jump into that you can check it out.  it's
2. What is your most embarrassing moment of all time?
pff. Like embarrassing moments aren't an hourly occurrence for me.  I would say the one of ALL time, was the time I accidentally professed my love to a boy I barely knew, body slammed a middle aged man into an elevator wall and face planted hard core in my attempt to get out all in a time span of about 3 minutes.  If you want that full story, you're in luck, I just did a post about that a couple weeks ago....right HERE.
3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

This is the Blackwood ranch in Bozeman Montana and I wish I had newer pictures to put up.  those are from when I was like, 12... The ranch was my Great Grandpa Blackwood's and you ask anyone in the Border family, that's where we all want to live.  It's the most beautiful place in the world.  
4. Who is your celebrity crush?
it will always be Travis Pastrana.  Though I am completely fine with the fact that we are both happily married.  Some of you may ask, who's that.  He is only the BEST freestyle dirt bike rider of all time.  First to do the double back flip on a dirt bike and many other ridiculously sexy tricks. And he just signed with Nationwide for a Nascar contract.  That's cool even though I'm not a Nascar fan....yet.....

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I hope with every fiber of my being that I am graduated by then. My five year plan is: If I'm not done with school by then, I'm quitting.
6. What is your day job?
I love answering this question.  I am a lab tech for a company called Garco.  I run tests on asphalt designs that the guys make there, and I run many other test on many other aggregates. In short, I wash dirt.
7. What is one thing about you that may surprise people?
Well, that one is probably that I am six feet tall and I didn't play sports in high school.  Apparently the world thinks I wasted my height.
8. What is your favorite clothing store?
That would have to be The Buckle (for their tall girl jeans) and Urban Wear for their fantastic color and their scarves.  I'm a sucker for a scarf.
9. What words would you use to describe your (clothing) style?
.......I don't know that I have a style.  I like lots of colors and am dying to get my hands on some colored jeans.  I don't tend to do the high wasted stuff.  I wish I could but the problem with going high on my waste usually means that the rest of my legs don't get covered. #tallgirlproblems.  (fyi, that was my very first hashtag.)
10. What is your favorite television show?
oh, you mean favorites? Ok, here they are: How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Modern Family and of course, The Bachelor(ette).
11. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Drivers.  Yes, drivers are my biggest pet peeve.  I have road rage. And anyone around me driving that is stupid is my pet peeve.

Alright! Time for me to do some tagging....
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Now ladies, here are your questions:
1. Who has your heart?
2. If you could commit any crime and completely get away with it (even God didn't see it) what would you do?
3. What is the weirdest thing that you love?
4. What would you do if you won a billion dollars?
5. If you could have any mode of transportation, what would it be?
6. What is your dream job?
7. What celebrity would you like hang out with for 24 hours?
8. What human trait do you find obnoxious?
9. Where do you work?
10. What characteristic do you wish you had?
11. Who would win in a fight between a grilled cheese and a...taco...?

wow, that was so fun! You should all join in on the awesomeness.


I considered my self to be a "stand your ground" kinda gal.  I'm only easily persuaded to do something when I really want to do it I just don't want to admit it up front.  But there are two things that I just can't say no to.
The stupid Bachelor and Bachelorette reality tv show and those stupid Cadbury Mini Eggs.  They're both stupid.  And I'm stupid for not being able to resist them.  I was doing so good this year.  I was all, "No Whitney, you don't need a whole bag of Mini Eggs for yourself. Just wait until Easter, I'm sure the Easter Bunny will leave some in your Easter Eggs."  But then I thought, "What if he doesn't though?! I'm going to be at Landon's house this year and what if the Heber Easter Bunny doesn't know how much I love those eggs!"  And that was my justification.  So I'm standing there in line at Wal-Mart with my lone bag of Mini Eggs and nothing else when I see that stupid magazine with the stupid Bachelorettes on the cover. (I don't think Emily is stupid.  I've always loved her even if they say she is greedy.) and by the time I noticed it I was next in line to pay and had no time to read the article and put it back so I wouldn't have to buy it.  So I had to fork out $2.99 for something that's probably not true. and this is what we call, "First World Problems."

On a less pathetic note, last night went to watch Skyler play in his intramural football game.  It's the play offs and his team has the number one seed.  Of course they dominated and it was a lot of fun to watch.  Sky is the quarterback and he was killing.  Also there was a kid who was wearing a sweater vest on their team and I didn't know his name but he was AMAZING, so I would just go,
We had a lot of fun.  Can't wait to watch them in the next game, I'll wear pink next time to be a supportive sister-in-law.

One of Those Days...

It's one of those days where I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep for the rest of the night.  But, I can't.  Because I still have a thousand things to do before I can even start thinking about my fuzzy warm pajamas and watching Hey Arnold on Netflix til I zonk out.
School is taking it's toll on me.  I've been trying to decide whether to post the happenings of yesterday's study for midterm/laundry folding session and I decided, "ah what the heck. You guys deserve it. You read all my other crap, why not give you something juicy and something mildly embarrassing."  Plus, after reading Courtney's poop story  I decided then that I could post this.

Just for the record, I never intended this for anyone else to ever see it.  I am just at a loss of something to blog about.  Had to put something up....

100th POST!!

It's official, this is my 100th blog post and I know that is minuscule compared to most blogs these days, but it's kind of a huge accomplishment for me.  In the four years I had my other blog, I didn't even break 95.  So, yay for this bloggy. :)  I'm probably going to reward myself with something.  Maybe a new phone battery or a haircut...  I am in desperate need of a style, but I don't like having my bangs down at work because they bug me. So my bangs are ridiculously long right now and I don't think they are considered bangs anymore.  Though I am getting very creative with my french braiding techniques.

So, I'm sitting at my desk with 30 secs before class is supposed to start and I get a phone call from the hubs.  Usually when he calls me in the middle of the day it is because he has to ask me something, but this time our conversation went like this:

Me: *whispers* hey.
Landon: *whispers back* what are you doing?
Me: *whispers* I'm in class.
Landon: *whispers back* why did you answer your phone if you're in class?
Me: *whispers* it hasn't started yet.
Landon: *whispers back* oh.
Me: *whispers* Did you need to tell me something?
Landon: *whispers back* I just wanted to say,
*not whispering anymore* 'I looooooooooove yoooooooou!!'
Girl next to me: *smiles* aw.

I'm positive I have the most amazing husband.
and the sexiest. check out that tan line.

I'm Not Ashamed to Admit...

That I am absolutely stoked to go see The Titanic 3D.  Honestly, I could take or leave the 3D, I am just excited to go see it on the big screen.  Ever since my high school did Titanic: The Musical I have had somewhat of an obsession over the Titanic tragedy.  And ladies, let's be honest who DIDN'T have a mad crush on Leo after this movie came out.  That's right.  None of us.  We all loved him.  And at some point in our lives we have all exclaimed the famous words, "I'm flying, Jack! I'm flying!"  And now after years and years and YEARS I get to see it on a twenty foot screen with my own personal Jack.

On a completely different subject, my knee was acting up all day because of Mother Nature's mood swings today.  I can't say it isn't anything unexpected.  Anyone who lives in Utah knows not to expect spring weather until deep into July.  And even then snow isn't totally unheard of.  Found this on Pinterest it's funny because it's true.  This literally happened today, and I'm not even saying "literally" figuratively.
It was about 60 degrees as I pulled into work this morning, the radio predicted little rain storms here and there throughout the day.  Suddenly my knee started throbbing while I was just sitting there and not even 15 minutes later it was torrential downpour.  Lightning and thunder everywhere...You know, the good stuff.  Then, winds kicked up probably about 50 mph and hail started falling.  No, falling is the wrong word. It was like machine guns were shooting it at us.  Not ten minutes later, snow snow snow was here.  And for about the next two hours it snowed.  Noon comes rolling around and the sun is out and the sky is blue.  And that is Utah for you. Never gets old. 

Best Saturday Ever.

Yesterday started early in the AMs and ending late into the night.  Well, 11 pm.  I guess that's not that late, but for Landon and me, anything past 10 is late for us.  We got up and hit up Sundance, probably for the last time this season.  Snowboarding has definitely made this winter so much more bearable than any other winter I've spent in Utah.
I'm so sad that the resort is closing it's gates for summer, but then I remember that it's going to be summer and I get happy again.
We only did a half day because we decided late Friday night that we would go to the Festival of Colors. It's a Hindu celebration of spring.  Everyone throws colored chalk in the air and nobody can breathe and you all start out spattered with pretty neon colors but when it's all over, you just look brown.  We didn't go last year, but we had gone the two before and it's always been really fun. This year was still cool, but it wasn't as fun as it used to be.  You see, it has gotten so popular that they have to do throwings of the chalk every two hours so they could try to give everyone a chance.  By doing this, they didn't do the other things that made it so fun.  It was all focused on getting chalk everywhere.  But we still had a good time.
We got home and managed to get most of the chalk off of us.  The only place I am stained is underneath my wedding ring.  
I can't get it off no matter how hard I scrub.  Landon is the same but with his forehead where his hat was he had a big pink stain.  It's hilarious.  After we were all cleaned up, we wanted to go see the Hunger Games. How stupid we were for thinking we could get into the Hunger Games at 6:00 on a Saturday night in Utah County the day after it opened.  Every show was sold out until ten o'clock! So we went to dinner at the Macaroni Grill and ate our entire weight in Italian food.  It was amazing and while we were all sitting there trying to digest our food babies we all decided it would be a good idea to go laser tagging.  But first, we wanted to go play in the most magical place in the Riverwoods Mall: Blickenstaffs.  It's the greatest toy store I have been to in a long time.
Landon and I took pictures in the photo booth and we tried on all the greatest hats they had.  Landon battled a ferocious crocodile head with Emily and I played with the most legit hand puppets and rode the giraffes.  We were in heaven.  After about a half hour of playing around, Landon's friends called us and told us they were at Nickel City ready to get their Laser Tag on.  So off we were, even though we could barely move from eating so much at Macaroni Grill.
Now you have to understand something about Landon.  There are two things that he takes very seriously.  That is BYU football and Laser Tag.  He prides himself in being the best laser tagger in all of Happy Valley.  And I can vouch for that.  He is amazing. 
I on the other hand average about 6th place.  Not in Happy Valley, but in the games we played last night.  But like I said, I could barely move my legs.  It was still so much fun though.  It is a rare occasion these days for Landon and me to hang out with friends these days.  We are boring hermits.
After laser tag, Landon and I drove around town, yet again trying to find a show of the Hunger Games that wasn't sold out and we failed.  I guess we will see it one day.  So we went to the park behind our apartment and threw a light-up frisbee around that Landon bought at Blickenstaffs.  It was amazing.  I haven't played with a frisbee since high school when there used to be an Ultimate Frisbee Club.  Such good times.  It was the perfect temperature outside and we threw it around for about an hour and then we layed on the grass and enjoyed the perfect night air talking about C.S. Lewis and the Cheshire Cat.  It was magical, really.

And now we are sitting on the couch while Landon eats some snickers brownies I made while watching Spongebob.  This has been the best weekend ever.

This is What Happened Tonight...

We moseyed our way up to Heber tonight and met up with Landon's mom and brother for some dinner at Dickey's BBQ Grill.  One of their perks there is they have free ice-cream.  So we ate all our food and I went over to get a little ice cream cone when I saw one of those huge jars with the giant pickles in them and I got stoked because I have always wanted one of those things, but I never want to fork out a buck.  I'm that cheap.  There is totally a dollar's worth of pickle there.  And then some.  So when I saw they had pickles for free too I had to have one.  So I had a big pickle in one hand and got a little cone in the other.  I was eating my pickle and it was so pickle-ey that I had to try to neutralize it by taking a few licks of ice-cream here and there.  I was doing it absent-mindedly at first when Landon's mom pointed out that that is the number one weird thing that pregnant ladies combine.  I said, "Sunny, you're pulling my leg, I'm not pregnant and it's not that weird.  So Sunny tapped the lady behind her and asked her what the weirdest things pregnant ladies like to combine and sure enough, "Pickles and ice-cream." She said.  So now I'm all freaked out that I'm preggers.
Look at Landon, he is perfectly fine with being a dad.  I'm the one freaking out.  We got back and I immediately got into my BYU sweats and $7.00 Wal-Mart sweatshirt (because I don't think I love any item of clothing more) when Sunny pulled out the new shoes she had just bought off Victoria's Secret.  She had me try on these beauts...
That's about a five inch heel right there ladies and gentlemen and I am right smack dab at six feet without shoes on, so can you imagine me in these babies?  If you can't, don't worry, I got a picture of it.  (It's blurry, sorry.)
classay, ammiright? Towering over my 6'4 hubby in the five inchers and my comfy albeit completely unflattering sweats.  Also, I couldn't stay upright without holding onto the walls, I was a piece of work, let me tell you.
Now I am playing with my new computer, Jezebel.  I love her SO much!  And I did what anyone does when they get a new mac.  I had to play with the photo booth.  I'll let you in on the fun, but I'm warning you now, it's not gonna be pretty...

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update.  It's going to be the most epic day we've had in a long time.
Festival of Colors
Hunger Games
You name it, we'll do it.
night poodles.

Dead Beat

It's Friday and I am soooo happy!  That means I don't have to do any homework until Sunday at 9pm. I work better under pressure anyway.  Speaking of school, as I was leaving UVU yesterday I saw a dead lady on the grass outside the library.  She looked like she just dropped in the middle of walking.  Pity.
I would have stopped to see if she was ok, you know, but then I was kind of afraid that it might be one of those tricks like when you see a baby seat on the side of the freeway.  Don't stop or the skin walkers will getcha.

My new computer came today, I am probably going to go play around with that for a bit.  I will update you on how much I love her already.  I can tell you her name is Jezebel.  She was expensive, but totally worth it. :)

Enter at You Own Risk

I am following this darling gal named Jes and she just did a post for Peep Please by dumping out the contents of her purse and invited me to do the same.  I warned her that it might not be pretty.  I haven't used my purse in awhile because I go to school and I just throw all my crap in my backpack.  And you know how people are like, "My life is in my purse!"? Well, I am just the opposite.  I have a bunch of junk.  Anyway, I am caving and I am going to dump out my purse to see what's in there because I am kind of curious as well...

I will go from left to right and explain the contents...
1. A switchblade.  It's not mine it's Landon's. My dad gave it to him for his birthday, it's like initiation into Manhood or something.  Don't know why I have it...
2. Not one, but TWO empty wallets.  The one that has the goods in it is in my car.
3. An iPod that only works if it is plugged into a dock.
4. Aruba lotion from Bath and Body Works I got in my stocking and a comb.
5. More B&BW lotion, I think that one is Sensual Amber and Brant bought it for me years ago...
6. Lifesavers, Dove Chocolate, and Five Gum.  Just in case I get stranded or held up in a bank robbery, I'll have something to suck on besides my thumb.
7. One of those compatible brushes with a mirror.  One of the most useful things I have ever owned.
8. A deck of cards that hasn't been opened, probably for the bank robbery again.  I hear those can get pretty boring.
9. Two Nicholas Sparks books I have been meaning to read.  Don't accuse me of not reading deeper literature because you know what, that is what my whole semester is, sometimes I need to drown myself in sappy romantic novels that have no deeper meanings, ok?!
10. Chap stick, Lip Gloss and lots of dimes.  And I can never find them when I need them....
11.  Pens and markers of which probably two work.
12. My old cell phone, sometimes I need to dig around in my contacts to find a number I don't have in my current phone.
13. A Valentine Landon made for me. :)
14. A wrap for when I sprained my MCL.  Had those things everywhere.

And there you have it world, the entire contents of my purse.  Half of the stuff doesn't work and the other half could be used in a bank robbery.  That switch blade might come in handy as well...  If you want to join in, please do!!  If you do it, click this button and link up with all of us! It's so much fun!!

Two Smuppies
Now, here is the moment you all have been waiting for.....................
After two months of growing and pruning the beard, Landon FINALLY shaved the Monkey's Tail.  
Beautiful, isn't it.


Sometimes, I really have no idea what to blog about, but I still feel obligated to blog.  I was googling some prompts so maybe I could write something that wouldn't bore you to death.  And what did I find?

"Write about your most boring evening ever"

Thanks a lot internet.  That's the exact opposite of what I was looking for.  If I followed through with that prompt it would probably go along the lines of this:

Last night I sat on the couch and watched Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami for literally 3 1/2 hours and ate 7 of those little clementine oranges.  And then I went to bed.

The next prompt on the list was:

"Write about a mistake you made and how it affected you."

Well, a mistake I made recently was blogging about my most boring evening ever.... and I practically HEARD all the viewers click away from my blog after that...

"Write about the worst television show you've ever watched."

Ironically, it's NOT Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami... it's probably Jersey Shore. *shutters*

"Host a carnival."

....For a blog post?

"Write something you're ashamed of."

That I am still writing these prompts.

"Apologize to your mom."

Mom- if you are reading this, I am really sorry.  You deserve better than this.

"Add pictures to your blog post."

Finally, something good.  

That's probably going to be it for the prompts.

Tuesday Rambles

Last night I made Landon another fake Reuben and this is what he told me:

"Baby, if you keep making me dinners like this, I'll buy you all the computers you want."
But of course I won't make him buy me a new laptop every time I make him a delicious dinner because let's be honest, that's every night. 
So, I am sitting here in the hall at school waiting for my next class and right behind my head is an announcement board. I wish I would have chosen a different seat because people keep coming up and standing right in front of me and it freaks me out because I feel like they are staring at me.  And then I leaned back too much and managed to catch my pony tail on a tack and in attempt to free myself I tried to discreetly pull my head forward which resulted in pulling out the pin out and a bunch of posters to falling on top of me. People WERE staring at me after that. I think I need to move.

That was earlier today.  now I am sitting on my couch with my hair in an asian bun on the top of my head waiting, waiting, waiting for Landon to get home from class.  I still have about a 45 minutes til he is home. :(  I have cleaned... sort of.  I keep going into different rooms and cleaning for like 5 minutes and then going to another one and cleaning in there for a couple minutes and then I come out and play Draw Something for a couple minutes, check fb to see if anything changed then I go back and clean again.  You would think I would be more entertained than I am.  But hey, at least I'm not at school. ha!  
Funny story:  today in my Stuart British Literature class this girl was talking about the new thing rich people are into is hiring models to paint their entire bodies and pose around the house as furniture.  Some are chairs others are tables, you get the idea.  So this girl seems all freaked out when she is talking about it and she is all, "I mean, who would want to eat food off a naked model?!" And from the back of the class you hear a boy go, "well....." and the entire class erupted into laughter.  I looked back at this kid and he was so red.  He looked like your typical Peter Priesthood kinda guy, you know? Super innocent and reserved and I think he spoke before he thought based on how bad he was blushing.  It was pretty hilarious.  I was glad I wasn't zoned out at that point in class so I could join in on the fun.  And that ladies and gentlemen was about as exciting as my day got.  That- and I found 20 bucks in my back pack that I didn't know I had.  I was pretty stoked about that.  Night poodles.

You'll Thank Me Later

I am currently sitting in the library at school still all dirty and in my work clothes. Class doesn't start for 40 so you are probably wondering why I am here so early.  Everyone knows I would rather be about anywhere else than school.  Well friends, it's because I managed to forget the keys to my apartment this morning and I was locked out.  So I am a mess and I am not even slightly prepared for my class.  I don't have my books or notebooks or lap top or anything.  AKA I am going to have to actually listen to what is going on.  I was super bummed though because I really wanted to get into comfy clothes and eat a nectarine. Alas....
On a brighter note, talked to the hubs and it turns out he bought me the laptop today.  I am pretty stoked about that.  He bought it off Amazon so it won't be here til next week, but I am extremely excited to get it.  He got a pink case for me and everything.  My husband spoils me.
well, that's about all I got for now, I guess I can gather my things and start walking very slowly to class.  I'll probably still get there twenty minutes early. blah.  Let me leave you with some of my favorite pins from pinterest.

 If you didn't laugh at those, you have no sense of humor.
I said good day!


Spring break officially ends in an hour and a half.  So sad.
Landon and I have spent the day lounging about and eating home made Reuben sandwiches that aren't technically ruebens.  I couldn't find any corned beef at wal-mart, so I bought pastrami and we don't put thousand island dressing on it and we used sour dough bread instead of rye. But everything else is the same. ha  Then we took a nice long nap.

It has been an excellent day.

Home Sweet Home

Oh my goodness I cannot tell you guys how happy I am to be home with Landon.  We had such a good day today.  We didn't end up going snowboarding, though we considered it for the better half of the morning.  Once we finally got up and got going we went to this yummy little Chinese food restaurant down the street from us.  Landon's bro discovered it a couple months ago and we love it.  It's super cheap and you get a ton of food.
After that, we headed down to Payson to Rocky Mountain ATV where Landon bought himself some new riding gear because he messed his up pretty bad in a crash this weekend.  He got a really awesome deal on a clearance package for pants, gloves and a jersey.  We got back to Orem and went to the Mac store to look at some computers.  We didn't buy one and eventually I am sure I will get over the money that's burning a hole in my pocket.  Then we met up with Landon's mom and shopped around Costco for a bit and then we went to get a small dinner at Wing Nutz and then we went and saw the new Disney movie John Carter.  Take it from me, that movie was AMAZING and I went into it thinking it was going to be really dumb.  The story was written one hundred years ago this year so Disney finally got it on the big screen.  Then we went and got some ice cream at Farrs and then to Wal-Mart to get some food for tomorrow.  I ended up getting an awesome sweat shirt that I KNOW my sister would be so jealous of and we bought some fleece sheets to get us through the rest of the winter.  Our heater in our apartment is broken and for some reason only comes on at 4 am.  So the rest of the time it's freezing in here.  It's been such a good day with Landon and it was much needed.
OH!! And check out this super awesome sleep mask I won off a blog give away.  It's a unicorn and it's hand made. I'm stoked to use it.

It was such a great day.  I am so glad to be home.


I am so so so excited to be wrapping it up here in St. George.  I have had a good time, but I am pretty homesick.  I can't wait to see my baby and give him a big hug and kiss.
I took a picture of my nails and how they look inside and when it gets a little brighter, I will go outside and get a picture of them when the sun changes the color.  I am pretty excited.
I am hoping we will hit the slopes tomorrow, but I might be super tired in the morning.  I was talking to my mom and she said something about spring break, and I was like, "Oh, is it spring break? I hadn't noticed..."  So I am going to be able to finally get to sleep past 6 am this before spring break is over.  Also, it is supposed to snow up north in the next few days so I am thinking we might want to wait for snow that is actually worth riding on.  I hear it's not doing so great with the warm temperatures.
EEK! I keep thinking about how in 12 hours I will be walking in the door to Landon. haha I am so giddy.  It's like my birthday! Oh! The sun just came out! I am going to test out my nail polish.  Be right back!!  Oh my gosh, it's so cool!! I am buying myself this stuff!
I like the sunny color the most.

Last Night in St. George

I am clean and I am painting my fingernails with Del Sol nail polish that changes color when you go in the sun.  I was just going to paint one finger and test it out tomorrow, but who am I kidding? You can't just paint one nail. The only time you paint one nail is when you are in the store trying to decide if you are actually going to buy it.  And then you have to try to wipe it off on something if you don't like it, because if you try it you buy it.  No one knows why I'm even bothering though, my hands have been taking a beating this week. All the polish will be destroyed within the next 24 hours or so.  Ah well.  After that, I will be home and I will just paint them again. AND I will be with Landon!! Oh my gosh I cannot wait!! I miss him so much.  If you can't tell. haha
Well, I went out on a little ride in the side by side with Cara today before it got dark.  It was so fun we went down in the river bed and rode through the sand.  We started going on some trails up on the bank and sort of exploring when suddenly the trail was all but gone.  We were getting whacked in the faces with really big sticks and thorns.  We were pretty much past the point of no return and just had to keep going.  By the time we got out of the mini jungle we were covered in burs and I had been laughing so my mouth was all full of weeds.  It was so funny, but we made sure we didn't go back that way.  After we got back we went to Krave.  It's this delicious ice cream place down here and we love it.  I treated since Dale and Cara have been amazing for letting me stay with them for the entire week.  I have had a lot of fun down here with these guys and I have learned a lot working at the lab, but I can definitely say that I am so excited to get back to Provo. 

I don't feel like giving this post a title.

Best thing about today? I get to see Landon tomorrow.
I tried calling him last night so I could say goodnight to him, but he didn't answer.  I was mad, but then he apologized.
...yep... that's pretty much how it, that is not a pretty picture.
It's been pretty slow today.  I've only done a few tests and only have a couple left, we are hoping for a busier day tomorrow. Or, at least I am.  The time definitely goes by faster.
I am pretty excited for tonight, I am going to ice cream with the in-laws at our favorite joint down here.  After that, I am packing up and going to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a long one because I don't get to just drive 30 minutes back home, I'll probably roll in around ten.  I hope.  And who knows, maybe we'll break out the snowboards on Saturday for one of the last rides of the winter.  Looks like spring is decided to show it's face.  

Pi Day. This Post is Completely Unrelated to Pie.

I am just sitting here waiting for the phone call to go grab my samples of asphault on this lovely day in St. George.  It is day three without Landy and you would think it's getting easier as the days go by, but it's not.  So here is my list of things I miss:
2. My bed
3. My Walker lab peeps
4. Snowboarding

And here is a list of things I am extremely happy about:
1. I get to see Landon in two and a half days
2. I get to stay with amazing family who are so great and takes such good care of me instead of staying in a cold, gross, cockroach infested, armpit of a hotel room all by myself.
3. I was gone when the dead pheasant was discovered.
4. It's warm enough to ride dirt bikes down here and maybe I will get one more little ride in before I leave.

And here is a list of people I hate:
1. Ben Flajnick.

Now, you may say that is unfair to judge him just by what I saw of him on t.v. and base my opinion on stuff that could be completely edited.  And I have this to say to you.  Of course I will judge him for what was on t.v. and this is why- I could maybe understand that they edited him to look like a doofus on the last season of the Bachelorette because he was 100% inferior to the dude who won and they wanted you to like the other guy.  BUT when you are cast as THE Bachelor, they are not going to edit you to look like a moron.  They want every woman in America to be in love with him, so they are going to put all of the best of him on air.  So with that being said, assuming we got the best of Ben Flajnick on the Bachelor this season, I think it's fair to say that he sucks as a human being.  And his hair is disgusting.  Their is no way editing that fact of life out. 

Glad I got that off my chest.
Here is day three picture of Landon and me together even though we are apart.

The top two pictures are of us going crazy from being apart and the bottom two are how we defend ourselves in the face of danger.

Just Your Typical March 13th.

Day two without my husband. I miss him SOOOO much!!  Here is our picture together today...
You don't have to tell us, we know we are pretty.
Only three more days til I get to give him a big kiss.  Can't wait.  Today was a long one.  Not as long as yesterday, but definitely a lot more busy.  And tomorrow I will be flying solo in the lab so I will be even more busy.  It's been a fun experience, but I was missing everyone up at the Walker lab.  That is until I got a text with this picture...
That- dear readers, is a dead pheasant.  And I was told it is waiting for me at the lab when I get back. 
And then I decided I would be staying down here.  haha only kidding, I don't think they could handle keeping that thing around until next week. Who knows what kind of decomposing mess we would all come back to on Monday.
Annnyways, if anyone is looking for an awesome new favorite song, I got one for ya.  It's a little hipster, so if you can handle that, you will probably enjoy as much as I do.  I got it for free off itunes a couple weeks ago and now I listen to it about eight times a day.
you're welcome.
Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go finish watching the season finale of the Bachelor on hulu.
I said Good Day.


I'm hanging out at the lab here in Snowfield waiting for some asphalt samples to come my way.  St. George people are excited that the paving is finally happening.  We even made the front page of The Spectrum! And also, apparently Romney is facing skepticism from people. Clearly not as important as the final paving though.

I realize I didn't give much info about how much fun this weekend was for us!  The weather seriously couldn't have been more perfect for us to take the bikes out.  We went on a 40 mile ride up to the bat caves and continued up into the mountains.  It was gorgeous.  We stopped and had some sandwiches and soaked in the sunshine.
We went for another ride on Sunday too, just putted around through the hills and played in the washes.  It was fun, but it was a little bit warmer than Saturday so we didn't stay out nearly as long. 

Last night, Landon dropped me off at my grandma and grandpa's house to go visit them.  My dad is down here for a couple days because he has a conference thing he is speaking at tomorrow.  We hung out with my everyone for about an hour and did what we Borders do best, we whipped out the instruments and had ourselves a little concert. I got to enjoy the show and videoed a little bit of it.  It's so funny, I love my family!

How great are they?  My great grandma on the drum is 93 years old and still rocking out.
My dad took me out to dinner after that, had ourselves a little daddy-daughter date, it was such a good time and way fun to just sit there and talk.  We don't get to do that as much anymore ever since I moved out and got married and stuff. 
After dinner, my dad dropped me off at the in-laws and we watched the Apprentice for a little bit before I headed to bed.  And as I crawled under the covers I had a painful reality check that I wouldn't be seeing Landon for a whole week and I got so sad.  Up until this weekend we haven't been apart for more than 24 hours since we've been married. So I am going through serious husband with drawls.  I almost don't know what to do with myself.  AND today is our two year anniversary from when he asked me to be his girlfriend. So I am double sad I don't get to go out and celebrate it with him tonight.  But I sent him a picture of me and he sent me one back so technically we have seen each other today. :)
I am so majorly in love with this guy.
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